Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Every Single Free Splash Pad In Utah

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Sometimes we like to get wet, but sometimes I'm not up to the whole and-now-I-must-keep-four-kids-from-drowning deal, so instead of heading to the pool we like to hit up splash pads.  And we mostly like to do it for free.  Because I'm cheap.

BEHOLD.  A list of all of the free splash pads along the Wasatch Front that I'm aware of, starting with...

Highland City Library Splash pad and "creek" (info here) (awesome)


(More splash pad info after the jump)

(Highland again)

Highland Utah Splash Pad

Foxboro (North Salt Lake) splash pad (info here)

Foxboro Fox Hollow North Salt Lake Utah Splash Pad

Gateway Fountains (info here)

Gateway Utah Splash Pad

South Ogden Splash Pad (info here)

South Ogden Utah Splash Pad

Aaaaand, now I'm tired of uploading pictures, so you just get a list of the rest. 

There are other splash pads (like at the Scera pool in Orem and at Red Butte Gardens), but I think these are the only free ones.  Let me know if you know of any others.


  1. STOP! just STOP it with all of this fun-having nonsense.

    I want to congratulate you on making me jealous of YOU! I live on the East Coast and sure I can head in to some free monuments or museums in D.C., but oh what I wouldn't give for some mountains and a decent playground. My closest playground is 40 minutes away! Sometimes my kid is sick of all of the amazing history and just wants to play with some nice kids at a playground.

    Woooooooe is me...

  2. There are 2 i think in Riverton that are free...maybe 3.

  3. There are 2 i think in Riverton that are free...maybe 3.

  4. Old Farm Splash Pad in Riverton and the new Cottonwood heights one on 7800 S and like 1300 E

  5. Old Farm Splash Pad in Riverton!They also just built one in the Cottonwood Heights area

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