Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Sippin Cideee Idee-Ider Through A Straw, Tweedlee Dee Ha Ha (Girls Camp Up In The House Y'ALL)

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What else would be located right smack in the middle of Ogden but a 152 acre non-profit nature preserve with trails, picnic areas, treehouses, and lakes?


We had no idea it was there either.

We had a great time exploring.  It was freezing when we went, and the trails to the treehouses were closed/washed out at the time, but we still manged to find a ton of entertaining stuff to do.

They have educational exhibits and programs designed to get kids involved with nature, and exhibits with wounded birds they are taking care of.  I've heard they have summer daycamp and overnight camp programs, but I have no idea how spendy they are and I was too lazy to look it up on their website.  I KNOW they have a family campout night with a picnic dinner, group singalong, and marshmallow roast, and I am just nerdy enough to think that sounds really fun. 

Costs $2-4 to get in, depending on age.

You can visit their website here:

Ogden Nature Center

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  1. THREE -- count 'em -- THREE pictures with your smiling face. LOVE it!

    Really, I'm not some deranged stalker (don't send your goons after me). I'm just a lonnngtime reader and have wondered if you would start including yourself in the pictures as you've become more comfortable with your appearance. I want you to know you look great (because my opinion is all that matters, of course) and commend you for how far you've come.