Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Stay Away From Hobo Huts, THIS MEANS YOU

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We loved Kelly's Grove, a park just a tad into Hobble Creek Canyon (near Springville).  A shallow river to wade in, wilder places to explore, pavillions to eat at, old school swingsets, baseball/kickball fields - we loved it.  We went in the fall and it was SO PRETTY.  SO GORGEOUS.  In fact, I just wandered around for a while repeating myself about how beautiful everything was.  KIND OF LIKE I'M DOING RIGHT NOW.

We went on a hike off in the reeds and found some kind of structure that it looked like hobos had been using.  The kids thought that was pretty awesome but my probation officer husband thought it was Dangerous Because He Knows All About What These Kids Today Use Hobo Huts For.

You can find directions and info here:

Kelly's Grove Park Hobble Creek Canyon Springville Utah


  1. Our ward always used to go up there for - I don't know what. The annual ward going up there. But I don't remember much about it. I think being somewhere with a mass of people, including children who you are sure are going to drown themselves, doesn't make for much taking in of the atmosphere. Maybe I'll have to go up there withOUT them.

  2. One afternoon my mom took us on an adventure that resulted in an impromptu self-guided tour of SaltAir (sp?).

    My younger sister (maybe 7 or 8) kept picking up bits and pieces of broken crap, asking if she could keep them. Finally she held up a small glass vase and my mom sighed and said "yes, that you can keep." Only my sister was anticipating a "no" and her fingers released the vase to shatter on the hard floor. It was then that my mom took the time to look around and realize that we were essentially standing in the middle of a transient's, uh, "nest" (how's that for PC?). She gasped, grabbed my sister by the hand and practically ran us out of the building. It was when we reached the locked front doors that she noticed the "No Tresspassing" signs. We'd entered through the back.

    That was at least 20 years ago. Thank you so much for your hobo hut post and it reminding me of the time my mom led her five daughters on a tresspassing spree that resulted in the destruction of possibly the only thing of value in a hobo's possession. Good times.

  3. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Hey, I got married in Hobble Creek Canyon!! :-)

    - swizzly, yer old friend