Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wildflower Hike to Secret Lake

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Oh you guys.  The wildflowers!  This is such an easy, gorgeous hike.  Technically the hike goes to a (rather underwhelming) (greenish) lake, but you really take this hike for the wildflowers.  We went in August and everything was in full bloom and SO GORGEOUS.   It's one of our family favorites.

The hike is only about a mile long.  It gets a little steep near the end where you hike up to the actual lake view, but honestly, you don't even need to go that far.  This would be a fantastic place for family pictures.  I need to bribe someone to take our pictures here, it has been years and years and years.  (Seriously, we don't even have a family pic with Josh in it. PARENT FAIL.)

You can find directions here:

Albion Basin Little Cottonwood Secret Lake (Cecret Lake) Wildflower Hike
Easy Utah Wildflower Hikes


  1. I LOVE these photos! So pretty. Why can't there be anything this pretty near Vegas?! Why?!

  2. Red Rock Canyon near Vegas is very pretty! :)

  3. Good grief, it's like the Sound of Freakin' Music where you live! Stunning.

  4. Ta-Da! Huzzah! A picture with YOU in it as a subject.

    "You look mahhhhhvelous dahhling!" (you're old enough for that reference, right?)

  5. My five year old daughter wrote a book that has a page that says, "I love this day." These posts remind me of that book, like days you would say, "I love this day!" I am looking forward to days like that as soon as my husband finishes graduate school in 7 and a half weeks. But who's counting?

  6. Just found this on pinterest! I'm a local photographer could definitely be persuaded to take pics here! :) Great find!