Friday, August 03, 2007

The Flower Girl Gig

Pin It My daughters were invited to be flower girls at my cousin's wedding a few weeks ago. They were VERY excited. FLOWER GIRLS. At a WEDDING. For a PRINCESS. I explained a few times that she was not really a princess, but rather my cousin. Abby was quite scornful of my explanation - she felt I was obviously a very silly woman who knew nothing at all about weddings or princesses. We then read Lilly's Big Day approximately 642 times prior to the wedding.

The whole thing caused much romantic fluttering about by both of the girls, including this conversation Abby had with our five year old neighbor:

Abby: (posing Nate up on a log) Stand there, just like that. You are the prince.
Nate: I'm not the prince, I'm me.
Abby: YOU ARE THE PRINCE. I am the lovely princess.
Nate: (stares)
Abby: (singing) Oh lovely prince, I love you so, Because you are so handsome, And you have a really nice crown...
Nate: (slowly backs away)
Abby: (singing loudly after him) I LOOOOOOOVE YOU lovely lovely lovely prince marry me foreeeeeeeeeeeever
Nate: (runs into his house)

At the actual wedding, after dealing with an unfortunate curler mishap that turned Sarah's hair a bit whack-a-doo, the girls were ready for action. We took lots of pictures, but most of them turned out like this:

(That's my sister Wendy again, on the right side of the picture. Probably contemplating some kind of puppet theatre.) We did manage to snap this picture:

Sarah shyly threw a petal or two on the carpet as she walked along, but Abby joyfully stopped every two or three feet to give everyone a big grin and throw a handful of petals into the air like confetti. Later, she decided the wedding ceremony was a good time for a bit of a song and dance performance and she waltzed around in front of the bride and groom, smiled for her "audience" and generally ignored all attempts to restrain her. Apparently she could not feel the force of the freezing death rays I was shooting from my eyeballs, because she sashayed around until the ceremony was over. Arg.