Thursday, December 11, 2008

The List

Pin It The bloggers who made it into the blogger book to benefit NieNie are shown below. Congratulations guys! I really want to thank everyone for submitting. There were hundreds of entries, and it was impossible to respond individually, but I loved reading the posts. Please don't feel badly if your entry wasn't picked. There were a lot of really great, funny posts that we couldn't include for space or theme reasons. (The higher the page count, the higher the publishing cost.)

The title I chose was Something Cleverish. It just felt right. Probably because I'm the one who said it. (HA! HAHAHAHA! Kidding. Sort of.) It was Green Jello's idea to use it, so - Green Jello? Here's your first link of the week. Everyone go visit her!

Here are the bloggers who are in the book:

Abby, Delusions of Grandeur
Adhis B., A Little Bit Adhis, A Little Bit A-That

Alice Bradley, Finslippy
Amy Lawson, The Lawsons Do Dallas
Annie, Regarding Annie
B., I Gotta B
Barb Cooper, So The Thing Is
Bev, Firelight Academy
Dalene, Compulsive Writer
Carina, The Jet Set
Crash Test Dummy, Crash Test Dummy Diaries
Emily Foley, Something
Eric D. Snider, Eric D. Snider
Erica England, Paper Buttons
Heidi, Hadleyesque
Heidi Ashworth, Dunhaven Place
J., Formerly Phread
Jami, Superfluous Miscellany
Jennie W., Beehive And Birds’ Nest
Jill, Thou Shalt Not Whine
Kate Hood, The Big Piece Of Cake
Kathryn, Daring Young Mom
Kristy Steele, Rabbit in the Headlights
LisaJane, She Talks
Marci Heugly, Heugly News
Mary, Becoming Mary Poppins
ME, Navel Gazing At Its Finest
Melanie, Big Mama
Nemesis, Voice Of Reason
Pam McEwen, McEwens
Randi, Is It Just Me?
Shannon, Rocks In My Dryer
Shellie Kendrick, Seriously Shellie
Sheriece Morris, More Morris Madness
Stacey, Tree, Root and Twig
Stephanie Walker, Laughing At Life’s Little Wedgies
Stephanie, Diapers And Divinity
TAMN, Seriously So Blessed
Tamra, It All Started With A Kiss
Topher Clark, The Jolly Porter
Tracey Gaughran-Perez, Sweetney
Wendy, Nothing Clever Comes To Mind
Whitney Ingram, Rookie-Cookie

If you were selected, PLEASE don't tell your readers which post you submitted, if at all possible. We want them to have to BUY THE BOOK in order to find out - so that we can make as much money for the family as possible.

I want to thank my blogger friends for helping me to push through the last batch of posts, and for helping me make selections. I want to thank the non-contest folks too - the bloggers I emailed begging for a post, because I knew they were funny and their star power would help us to sell more books and raise more money for the family.

And thanks to my husband, who I've been neglecting for the last two weeks solid, typing up a storm every night after the kids were in bed, barely acknowledging his presence. Love ya hon. Thanks for putting up with all of this stuff - the blogger book, the MSHR manuscript, and all of my related stressing. You're a rock.

I'm waiting on book proofs, and need to coordinate with the family on a few things, and then this thing'll finally be a go. Stay tuned - and warm up your debit cards.


  1. I've already done my Christmas Shopping (please nobody hate me - it gives me hives) but I am so buying a dozen copies anyway.

  2. And here I was getting all ready to draft my comment for the "don't worry, I'm not mad at you for not putting me in the book and I will still read your blog anyway because I like you too much" response, but you put me in! Now what do I do? Oh, right. Get my credit card ready. Luckily, I know the number by heart.

  3. i was picked? a true christmas miracle!

    you've got really great contributors on that list. can't wait to read it!

    and, let us know the details about the book so we can post purchase info on our blogs.

  4. Anonymous3:22 PM

    Yay for the book - I can't wait to buy one! And I'm also excited for all those new links to blogs I haven't read! And I'm going to stop using exclamation points! Right! Now.

    Yeesh. Now I'm tired. ;)


  5. I am so glad this albatross has dropped off your neck, lady. Looking forward to some good reading.

  6. Wow! I can't believe I got picked.

    I can't wait to buy some books. I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, now I know what to get everyone in my family.

  7. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Some of those links are dysfunctional. Mine, for example, which is why I bring it up.

  8. Thanks for letting me know Eric. I think they're all fixed now.

  9. I made the list!!! (No that wasnt an earthquake just me jumping up and down!)

    Well, this couldnt have happened without you and many others behind the scene working many hours to help this family. Glad I could be a small part!

    My CC is ready!

  10. Well, slap the dawg and spit in the fire!!!

  11. Good title! It sounds like you...

  12. Anonymous7:14 PM

    That's a rock-star team of writers. I can't wait to read the book.

    Hey, would you consider a subscription version of MSHR? I just don't know that I can wait for a published form. Wait, forget I said that, I'll try to leave you alone and let you have a nice Christmas like normal people. (By "normal people," I mean people who didn't start a fictional blog that got me hooked.)

  13. Hey Sue....

    Not to be picky, but when the book comes out, can you change the spelling of my name so it is correct? It is McEwen EN not AN.


  14. Pam - Done. I had it right in the book and wrong on the blog.

  15. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I can't WAIT to get it!

  16. I am SO excited!! Kinda makes me feel better about having absolutely NO Christmas shopping done. This oughta make things easy.

  17. Thanks for doing this Sue--I think it will be a kick!

    compulsive writer.

  18. Anonymous11:17 PM


    I think that's my name on that list! Holey mackerel, that's exciting! Thank you for the honor. I will be hawking this book like a Girl Scout with Thin Mints. Bring it on! :) the time since my submission, I went through a little bloggy identity crisis and changed the blog name (not the url, though) to Tree, Root, and Twig (as opposed to Happy Are We). Hoping, for consistency's sake, to have my listing appear with the new blog name in the book.


  19. Hey Sue, I fixed that little mistake on my part! Thanks for reminding me!

  20. did i miss this?! wish i could have contributed, but will settle for actually knowing someone in real life who got picked. congrats rookie-cookie!

  21. Hey Sue,

    j/k You thought that was McEwan again, huh? I mean McEwen.

    I meant to say Hey Missy,

    hee hee

    YAY! I made the book with that cute little pink chick with heart. I like her. And Tamn and AWOL Jami and Miss Heidi! I'm so honored!

    Can't wait to support the cause!

  22. Just had to be the 22nd comment because it's my 2nd favorite number.

  23. I didn't make it, but I see MAAAAAAANY favourites who did! Congrats everyone! Good work Sue and helpers!

    My credit card is standing by...

  24. I'm in shock. You rock.
    (at least it rhymes)

    ~it started with a kiss

  25. Wow. Totally excited. Can't wait for the book to come out.

  26. I love your last post (this one ain't too shabby, either, even though I was REJECTED). I have to fight off my feelings of needing to censor myself every time I sit down to write. I always wonder if my mom will read it, or if my husband's family (by some strange technological miracle) will happen upon it, or any of the girls from my neighborhood (see, right there I deleted an adjective in the off-chance anyone ever reads this), etc, etc. I mean, I only have 12 readers, but I still worry. I wish I could just let-loose and really say what I mean, but I can' least not completely...yet.

    And by the way, I am so glad you don't feel bad about MSHR, because I'm afraid I would lose a smidge of respect for you if you did.

    That's all.

  27. YEY!
    Don't worry about me leaking which post made it into the book because I have no clue. I was one of those who sent almost everything I have ever written, abstaining only when considering reports I wrote in 5th grade.

  28. hooray, I feel so excited since I'm so "small potatoes" and all. Just wanted to know that some of us are experiencing a little joy at the news, so we APPRECIATE all you have sacrificed in the production. Thank you.

  29. That was supposed to say, "Just wanted YOU to know..." Geesh, good thing YOU'RE editing the book and not me!

  30. I can't actually remember what I wrote about so I won't be spilling any beans.

    Now all my blog stalkers will know my last name. Great, now my kids are going to get kidnapped.

  31. You picked some great writers! Good luck with everything!

  32. Heh. I'll take your last name off Jennie.

  33. My official blog name is Jennie W. so let's go with that. Because every Jennie/Jenny/Jennifer is used to ALWAYS having to use a last name initial.

    Which explains why I gave all my kids unusual names.

    My sister has already called wailing about how I made it into the book and she didn't. But she has a flat stomach and I don't so now I guess we're even. (But I'd rather have a flat stomach. Sorry Sue.)

  34. Thank-you! I'm honored to be included with all the youngsters!

  35. Ooh I want a copy. That's quite a list. Good luck getting it all done!

  36. Sue: Here's a quick question (or four)? Will the book be suitable for non-LDS people? Will the book be suitable for super sweet incredibly conservative LDS people?

    Also do you think we can get it by Christmas Eve? Or is that going to be pushing it?

  37. Did you ever get someone to do the cover? or will it just say "something cleverish" in Arial bold?

  38. Helvetica.

    Please let it be Helvetica, not Arial.

  39. Congrats to my friend Adhis! So, when does this book come out???

  40. I'm hoping it will be available for sale next week - it's kind of out of my hands right now. I'll let you know as soon as I have a firm date. I'd rate it PG.

    We do have cover art - I"ll let you all know about that later :>

  41. YAY! I am REALLY excited about this! I'm totally making everyone I know call me an author from now on.

    Them: This is my friend Wendy.
    Me: Ahem.
    Them: I mean, this is my AUTHOR friend Wendy.
    Me: OH, so sweet of you to mention that.

  42. I had completely forgotten about this, and while monitoring my site meter today, I saw several links from your blog. And now I'm SO EXCITED. Thanks for including me.

  43. The credit card is anxiously awaiting the debut. Hope it's soon.

  44. Funny, Funny Azucar!

  45. Congratulations, Jennie! You deserve it!

  46. Whoa-- I'm so far behind in reading blogs, I just saw this.

    My cleverish idea actually worked, did it? :)

    Of course, I stole from the best... :)

  47. I cant wait to buy the book! And PS - I really think you are an amazing writer and blogger and I wish I knew you personally so I could bribe you to teach me a thing or two! Thanks for being so good at what you do! :)

  48. Oh. My. Gosh. The shock has yet to wear off. I'm taping my cc to the side of the monitor so I'll be ready. OMG! How awesome! Thank you bunches!

  49. Hi. I'm a random reader (and that was an alliteration. And so was that.) of your blog. I'm quite a fan. I'm not sure this has come to your knowledge or not (it most likely has), but seeing as your blog is titled, "Navel gazing at its finest," I think you should know of the word Omphiloskepsis - The act of contemplating one's navel. There! And now my life is complete - well, at least my task of telling you something you may or may not already know. Have a nice day!

  50. Whoa, I didn't even know I was selected!! Where do I go and what do I do to get a copy?