Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Evolution of Packing

Pin It I wrote this post back when we were in the middle of packing, but I couldn't upload my pictures, so I'm inflicting it on you now. (Because one thing I know people can never quite get enough of is bloggers who whine about packing.) (Yes, that was sarcasm.) You're welcome.

(DISCLAIMER: It is possible that back when these conversations took place, they involved more swearing. And possibly they involved throwing newspaper at each other. And then again with the swearing.)

(BONUS DISCLAIMER: That is, unless you are reading this and you are a) my mother, b) my next door neighbor, or c) someone I know from church. Because if you are one of those groups of people, you know that I NEVER SWEAR.)

Packing, Day One:

"Hon, come take a look at this."


I show him my box. "My system. I think it's gonna help us stay organized when we move into the new house."

He looks at me skeptically. "I don't think we need a system."

"But this is a good one. Let me explain it to you. See, first I write the name of the room it goes in, and then I write what's in the box."

He snorts. "That's not a system. That's just - writing down what's in the box."

I stare at him. "Well, I write it on every side of the box. And I write the name of the room it goes in."

"Still not a system."

"It's sort of a system."

"It's not a system."

"It is."

"O.k. But it's a dumb system."

I throw something at him.

Packing, Day Three:

My husband points to a box. "What's this? There's nothing written on it."

I grab my marker and label it. "Happy now?"

Packing, Day Five:

"We forgot to pack the underwear that was sitting in the dryer."

"We're out of boxes. Toss it."

"The kids kind of need underwear."

"FINE." I grab a garbage bag and hand it to him, mumbling under my breath. "Do we have to take EVERYTHING?"

"That's sort of the idea behind moving." He looks at the bag. "How are we gonna know which bag is which?"

I shoot him an incredulous look. "We AREN'T. Does it MATTER? What are you - the labeling police?"

He backs out of the room slowly.

Packing, Day Seven:

My husband wanders into the room. "Where's the tape?

"We're out of tape."

"Where are the markers?"

"Awww... It's so cute that you think I might know."

"So I'm gathering the system is --"

"It wasn't really a system."



  1. Oh man, you kill me. And I'm SHOCKED to hear that you swear. I would have never thought. You think you know someone...

  2. Oh, I'm there with you. Isn't packing wonderful. I could do it ALL day.
    And I was looking to see... and not a swear word to be found, or even.....ahem..... a stray swear thought. See, I knew that you were a good, virtuous, sweet, loving packer.

  3. Aren't you glad that part is over?
    When we moved here 3 years ago, I started out packing with a system also, but when moving day came, it sorta all fell apart. It was really hard to concentrate on being organized when I was having all those labor pains.
    We currently have several boxes of that "random crap" sitting in our storage room. They have never been opened.

  4. "Random CRAP"

    I love that! Packing and moving will bring out the beast in people.

    This post was a hoot!

  5. It always astonishes me how many boxes of random crap we actually have. Like, enough to fill a 10x10 room with. And most of it is still sitting there from the move last year.

    Labels? You don't need no stinkin' labels!

  6. Well, I try to keep the swearing mildish. But packing really, really, really makes me crazy.

  7. Very funny, Sue. How can one NOT swear whilst packing? I abhor packing.

  8. Sometimes husbands are too clever for their own good. Waaaaay too clever.


  9. Anonymous8:38 AM

    Ha! Labeling is for wimps. When you get to the new house, it's much more fun to open mystery boxes and see what's inside. It's almost like Christmas all over again! ;)

  10. I know your move is tough on you and your fam, but I'm laughing so much about it, I kinda feel bad!

  11. *lol* The only problem with it is that you gave him validation....BUT it sounds like me when I moved!! I had a system...yeah...still have boxes in the garage without any clue what's in them.

  12. Anonymous9:03 AM

    Aw packing -- the art of throwing everything into the car and saying "we'll figure it all out later. Let's just get it over there! Man!"

    Yeah, that's fun stuff. Sounds like you had more fun than we did. :-)

  13. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Ha ha! At least you can laugh about it now that it's behind you. That is, until you go looking for something particular...

    By the way, your "system" for packing sounds like my "system" for organizing. I suppose that explains the state of my house, which I'm pretty sure would inspire FEMA to take immediate action if they were here to behold it.

  14. mostly, I just love the disclaimer.

    P.S. I hate packing.

  15. Hey! You stole my system! I mean the "random Crap" system. Everything that is not random crappines and worthy of a box is worthy of DI. Let them sort all that junk out!
    Oh and moving = swearing. I think it falls under ox-in-the-mire.

  16. Too Funny! Love this post :)

  17. Oh the joys of moving!

  18. Whenever we move, for the next year or two we use the word Izzyabs. It's really spelled "Isiiabs". It means "I Saw It In A Box Somewhere". It is the answer to everything that you can't find. My daughter now uses it also. You can too. I give you permission.

  19. Seriously you must have been hanging out in my house last month!

  20. Loved your disclaimers, lol. This post is soooo true!

    We start off with high expectations (you know, like being able to actually find the crock pot and cleaning supplies when we get to the next house), but in the end, we're just happy to get all our crap to the other house any which way we can.

  21. I'm sure "the system" has been very helpful with the unpacking. And I'll never mention it again.

  22. Anonymous12:37 PM

    That's hilarious. I hope your children were able to find their underwear.

  23. Aw, who needs underwear anyway?
    I last moved 4+ years ago. We unpacked the last box a month ago. Everyone beats me.

  24. I start packing the same way with this system, but by the end we have MANY boxes of random crap. Most of the random crap boxes are still in the garage. I tell my hubby he can go through them it he'd like to park his car in there.

  25. is it okay to laugh and be sympathetic at the same time???

    and it's NOT okay to throw newspapers? Sheesh, you learn something new everyday... *grin* (I mean, if he really deserved it...)

  26. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Hahaha! I totally label my boxes like that. Once I would label them A-1, A-2, etc. Then I had a master list telling exactly what was in A-1 so I could find C batteries immediately if necessary. LOL

  27. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hey darlin. I know I've been a bad blogging buddy, but I want you to know that I'm glad y'all are getting settled - and things will get better. They really will.

    I love the packing story though. It's!

  28. lol! this is hilarious. isn't packing fun? :P

  29. My system? I refuse to move unless my husband is taking a job with a company who will pay for movers as part of the relo package. (Although we still ended up with random crap.)

  30. Swearing? You call that swearing?

    You certainly need lessons!

    shhesh! Lightweights.

  31. Packing is JUST grand. Snort.
    Actually when we moved, some boxes got labeled with what was in them, like books. But other boxes, that had a mix of stuff, I put WHERE I got the stuff from.
    Front hall closet. I knew that it had extension cords in it, the tennis rackets, and the pool stuff because that is where I kept it. I was very proud of my system and it worked great. I would think, I need this, where was in the old house and then just find the right box.
    Sorry your system fell apart.

  32. Mercy! Sounds like our conversation only we added swearing just to further scar our children. ;)

  33. Anonymous10:06 AM

    The hardest part for me is getting to the new place and realizing that I should have left the "Random Crap" behind. I never want to move again.

  34. and I know that can't be your only box of skirts & dresses

  35. I'm laughing out loud over here!

    And secretly glad to know that we're not the only couple that functions pretty normally EXCEPT when there's a major task at hand, in which case, we have very similar exchanges - with similar amounts of swearing.

    I've often fantasized about going on The Amazing Race just to see if we'd survive each other under such circumstances.

  36. That man is lucky to be alive. That's all I'm going to say.

  37. That was beautifully delightfully hilarious and FYI, CRAP is not a swear word.

  38. I'm loving the "Random Crap" also. I think that will be my system when I move since all I have is random crap. You're a genius!

  39. This sounds so much like my attempts at being organized (when moving or in general!). I start off with such good intentions, but soon say "forget it!" I go through the "random crap" thing when dealing with socks in the laundry. I just want to throw them all out and buy new ones instead of sorting them and getting them to their rightful owner. That would be so nice...

    I loved this post!!

  40. That was so funny.

    The first time we moved, we put the name of the room on the box, as well as a number.

    Every room had its own page in a notebook. We wrote the number of the box on the room's page, and what was in the box.

    It sure made a difference when we arrived at our new place.

    I just wish it had been searchable. ;)

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. This sounds like me! When I first started packing to move everything was nicely labeled and organized. But, if I remember correctly, my last box was full of category-less odds and ends and labeled, "I have WAY too much stuff!!"

  43. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Isn't packing delightful? I think your system was great. And, just as expected, the closer moving day got, the more the system fell apart. Perfect!

  44. Heh. I have been there. I find that moving drives even the most abstemious soul to seriously consider substance abuse.

    Good luck.

  45. oh yeah, we pack up our place all in boxes...

    until we run out.

    then it's on to the garbage bags...

    until we run out of those too.

    then we just throw things into the truck and then close it quickly so it all doesn't fall out...

    (and kim's comment...really? a notebook? I'm fascinated...)

  46. Heeheehee. Moving just sucks, doesn't it? Hope round 2 was better than round 1. Sorry my hubs wasn't up there as planned.

  47. Packing is the only reason I think I won't move again. Well that, and unpacking.

    Where's a genie when you need her?

  48. I'm dying here. It sound like just the kind of conversation Joe and I would have!

  49. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Please Ma'am, may I read a new post? Just one more? Please? (read in little english boy accent)


  50. Anonymous5:53 PM

    See, you should have let people help you! Packing is the worst. And I have never heard you swear, so I'm sure it never happens. :)

  51. So cute that you think I might know....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love this!

  52. I'm working my way through your house posts. I pause to comment on this one.

    MAGNIFICENT! You, my dear, have a gift. I shall post a poem in your honor this week.

    (Not that you'll ever know what with the old post and the move and the bizillions of people leaving comments every day. BUT STILL you deserve a poem!)