Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Change of Heart

Pin It Guys, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I had to delete my last post. I suddenly realized - if any of my friends/neighbors saw my whining about packing, they might decide to drop by and help me pack. And that would be incredibly embarrassing.

"Hey Sue, where's the trash?"

"Right here - Oh. Um. That's my strainer."

"But it's all smashed and broken and --"

"Yeah. Well it still works pretty well."

"Oh. I see."


"Uh.... What about this - melted old spoon?"

"Oh. Well. We still like to use that sometimes."



Awesome friend smiles awkwardly as she tries to figure out what is trash and what is actual stuff.





P.S. When I find my camera I will have to post a whole series of mushiness about leaving, and my wonderful friends, and the kids, and the whole - moving THING. (I know, you are biting your fingernails in anticipation, aren't you? I can tell.)


  1. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Are you packing my kitchen?

  2. You're just in serious avoidance mode. I know it well.

  3. You could tell them, "Don't look at anything, just put it all in a box."

    If it was my house, they'd also notice that there's crumbs in the silverware drawer and I have a large collection of twist-ties, and then they'd slowly back out of the house.

  4. I'm not avoiding ANYTHING Wiz. I'm undistractable. Focused.

    I WILL FINISH PACKING TONIGHT (right after I surf the internet for a while). Probably.


  5. I strongly dislike packing. I don't envy you one bit.
    The last time we moved, I was 9 months pregnant, and not allowed to lift anything. Our wonderful neighbors who helped us move just put EVERYTHING in the boxes, then moved them to the new house.
    Someone had packed two bags of actual garbage.
    It was fun sorting through all that stuff several weeks later :0P

    Good luck with the packing.

  6. When I was pregnant with number 4, the Young Women and a leader came to clean my playroom/pit of despair for me. She just started tossing everything in the trash. I just closed my eyes and left the room. I'm sure she still thinks disgustedly about the junk we were stockpiling in that room. Aah, a dose of humility.
    And I've now commented in the first 10 instead of #57. Woohoo.

  7. I feel like I have to apologize BIG TIME to you. I have been reading your blog for a while now (without leaving comments, mind you) and just noticed your sidebar statement about just this sort of thing.

    I feel like I am responsible for about 500 missing pieces of your soul.

    Boy am I red in the face. MY BAD.

    I hope the move goes better than expected.

  8. Are you taking that dog with you to Vegas?

  9. Anonymous9:34 PM

    You're sure you don't need help? I think the hardest part is packing all the stuff that is left after the big stuff is on the truck. Crayon pieces, dust bunnies, silverware crumbs, broken barrettes, all those little things that make a house a home.

  10. Pflower, I have been feeling so strangely weak lately and I FINALLY KNOW WHY! Close call.

    Molly - THE HUMANITY. That is my worst nightmare - having someone come to clean my house as a service project. The gossip! The judgment! No thank you!

    Jo - Yes, unfortunately. The kids love him. They've lost enough, you know?

    Mom - I'm trying to clean as I go. Lift up the mattresses, vaccuum underneath. That's probably why this is taking SO DARN LONG.

    Angela - if they wonder about your twist-ties, they are gonna have serious questions about the massive amount of bobby-pins we seem to be stockpiling. I don't know where they are coming from. I'm guessing outer space. Or something.

    Jill - I will not even act shocked about the garbage. Right now, I can totally see it. I'm just blindly putting stuff in boxes at this point. Or rather, I would be if I wasn't blogging.

  11. I need it all.

    Except that I am learning to be brutal because I don't think I can bear the idea of moving SO MUCH CRAP.

    It's CRAP! All I own is CRAP!

  12. Anonymous10:37 PM

    Guh, packing sucks. Last time we moved? My HUSBAND actually brought 2 bags of garbage with us. That was pathetic. We got in the new house and I opened the bags and was like, "what the heck?"

    At least it was just old broken stuff and not real garbage. That could have been bad.

    When I was on bed rest/recovering from my C section and the nice church ladies were asking my husband what they could do to help us out, he kept telling them to come over and help us clean our house. EXCUSE ME WHILE I DIE OF MORTIFICATION. I had been unable to clean it well for 6 months...oh man. Thankfully I was able to head that one off at the pass. Yikes.

    My husband gets in trouble a lot.

  13. Good luck on packing...maybe if you put a flattened box under your pillow and sleep on it, you will wake up to find everything all packed!

    ....or...not...but one can dream?


  14. I'm going to comiserate and just say that I loathe moving. Despise it. Hate it.

    I can't remember where I read this tidbit of wisdom, but "If you haven't used or worn it in the last year, GET RID OF IT!" That was pretty much the best moving advice ever!

    Because I was still recovering from a c-section (months later, but whatever) I was merciless. I ended up getting rid of an entire garage stall worth of stuff that fit this category.

    We first held a garage sale for the usable stuff. What didn't 'go' there we set out at the curb for the rest of the day with a big sign, "FREE" (I couldn't believe how fast that pile dwindled). That night, we loaded our pick-up with what was left over, and took it to the dump the next morning. One load.

    After the great purging, the only thing I missed when we moved? A can opener and a box of hangers. Cost me about $12 to replace all that. And best of made much less to have to pack, move and unpack again.

    Good luck, Sue!

  15. I can help you unpack:) Can't wait to see you guys!

  16. Anonymous12:02 AM

    I'm sorry I missed that post but I feel you with the stuff other people think is junk.
    And the howling.

  17. I'm so glad you're on my rss feed so that I could read the last post before you deleted it. Tsk tsk.

    Moving's the one time when I think every grown-up should get to throw a big ugly tantrum. Go ahead, kick your feet and scream about how much you you don't want to do it. Just close the blinds. ;)

  18. I just read your deleted post on my google reader. Yes, I did. And I'm on the next flight over to help you pack and clean. So THERE!


    PS: Because what better way to become close friends before Hawaii than helping each other move, right?

  19. Packing and unpacking are two of my least favorite things to do. I hate it. So I feel for you. I have to move the first of June and I'm already dreading the packing.

  20. Anonymous8:09 AM

    I have moved maaaaaany times. Every time, I have repeatedly asked myself why I chose to be related to/friends with/married to the person or persons "helping". It's not the embarrassment so much, it's that everyone always thinks they know a better way to do everything.

    If anyone offers to help, you should just tell them you value their friendship too much.

    Good luck with all the packing. At least the children are safely in their boxes, right? :)

  21. Oh, hon. I'll be thinking of you. Also? I, too, keep odd and random objects. Is okay.

  22. I'm getting a dumpster, throwing out about 80% of everything and starting over when I move. Serious. If I have to live six months before I get a be it.

  23. My moving mantra "Purge, purge, purge". Don't pack junk or garbage!

    Sounds like you have things under control.

  24. Awww, What a good mommy you are. And look what mommy guilt did to you! You are taking the hated beast with you. Please put in a crate. I can't even imagine dealing with dog crap in the car.


  26. Can't you kill the dog and have it stuffed? Kids can have their fond memories that will last forever and then you won't feel bad when you kick it.

    We had to move our stuff as well as my folks stuff so I'm having sympathy convulsions for you.

  27. Happy packing! Glad to know we aren't the only ones still using "not so great" utensils. LOL!!!

  28. oh sue, i would happily pack up trashy spoons for you.

  29. okay you are such an awesome person. I knew I'd be addicted to reading your blog in .02 seconds or reading the first post. I'm copying your "leave a comment" thing for my blog. Hope you don't mind :)

  30. Oh how very, very well I understand! Our R.S. President keeps threatening to come over and help. I wouldn't let her help me pack and now she wants to help clean.

    Ah ha ha ha.


  31. Seriously, you're the funniest person ever! I love reading your blog! Thanks for the daily laughs and smiles!

    P.S. Keep the old spoon- you NEVER know when you'll need it!

  32. hhee hee! this sounds like my home!!