Monday, October 01, 2007


Pin It This was our Saturday:

He is doing much better now. He is able to breathe most of the time, but he still sounds a lot like a seal. He thought the hospital was an AMAZING place, what with the free stuffed animal, and the cookies, and the soda, and the coloring books, and the non-stop TV. The hospital (which I love) is a bit sleepy, and the nurses and staff fussed over him quite a bit.

Abby is the only healthy family member right now - Sarah is starting to get sick, and my husband and I both have fevers and sore throats. I always thought adults couldn't get croup, so I have no idea what that's about. Maybe it's sympathetic croup or something. Is there such a thing?

The awesome folks in our neighborhood somehow found out about our trip to the ER and we have been bombarded with rice krispy treats and offers of casserole. I was lying around in bed last night after the kids went to sleep, moaning and feeling sorry for myself because my head was exploding. I heard my husband talking and wondered if he'd gone delirious and started talking to himself, so I ventured out of my room to check on him. He was at the front door, talking to some neighbors who were dropping off treats. I tried to hide, but they saw me, and I was forced to come to the door with my hair sticking straight up in the air, wearing my five year old gap t-shirt (my comfort t-shirt that I can't get rid of) with the hole in the front, and my pink sweat pants. Nice. Not embarrassing at all. Nope.

I am trying to retain my sense of humor about it, but nothing seems all that funny today. It's not as though anything horrendously serious has happened. I'm sure every kid in the world gets croup two or three times. I am just extremely melodramatic (in case you haven't noticed). Thanks for all of your kind wishes...


  1. Anonymous10:33 AM

    Oh, poor little guy. I hope he feels better really soon and that the rest of you only get it in the mildest possible form.

  2. I hope Jake is doing better. I hate it when kids (regardless of age) end up in the ER. Sorry that this bug has hit your entire family. Hopefully, it will run a short course and be on it's way somewhere else.

  3. Yeahhhh... no.

    Not all kids go through this, and YOU are sick on top of it all, add in other sick family members? Oh brother! As a veteran of the "baby in the hospital" schtick, I feel I should inform you that you are entitled to feel as sorry for yourself as you desire. For at least a week.


    Any chocolate calories consumed in the quest to raise your spirits do not count. Even on Weight Watchers. The nurses at Primary Children's told me so, and they are professionals.

  4. I want to move to your neighborhood! We spent a WEEK there last year and no one offered food or even called.
    So glad to hear he is doing better, hopefully it will be the most exciting to happen for a LONG time.

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  6. awwwww!

    Yep, kids getting sick is a drag. Especially when hospitals are involved.

    Taking care of all this business when both mom and dad are sick. Double drag.

    Take care sweetie. I'll keep youall in my prayers.

  7. Anonymous8:22 PM

    Having a child sick enough to be in the hospital is the worst thing for a mom. Do you remember that you and Holly both had your tonsils out at the same time? I was an absolute basket case. You just wanted to get down and play with the little ride-on giraffe and seemed to think the whole experience was pretty fun! I hope you all feel better soon and that your germs are not very contagious.

  8. Maybe you can blame the croup on the dog?

    (I think it might be time to mount a PR campaign. Swift-boating for dogs.)

  9. I sure hope you guys get better fast! That sucks so bad for everyone to be sick.

    On a side note, I have a comfort T-shirt too. It's one of those family reunion ones from like 2001, and has a couple of pink hearts on it (with a name like Hart, I guess it's too hard to resist) and it has many little holes and no shape. But I love it. It feels like home, and it doesn't care how much I weigh or if I went running that morning. It likes to sleep with me, or watch movies, or clean, or hug kids. It is my default pajama top for traveling (because who wears pajamas at home?)

    Don't be ashamed of your T. Your T loves you no matter what.

  10. I feel for you - and I hope everyone is back to normal soon...

  11. Oh, my gosh. I feel for you and your family!! Here's to a quick return of "normalcy" (whatever that is).

  12. Wow. That totally stinks when the whole family is sick. I hope everyone feels better soon. Aren't good neighbors the best?

  13. Blame it on the dog, HA! That made me laugh.

    What a trooper he is sitting there with the mask actually ON HIS FACE! Glad he is better. Sorry about the rest of you!!

  14. Totally empathize with you on that one, croup is absolutely NO fun at all! Hope you all feel better soon! That picture is heartbreaking!

  15. Did you make sure it wasn't a blood clot?

  16. What a sad picture! I love that they gave him a free stuffed animal though - it's little things like that can help so much with the emotional trauma of sickness. I'm so glad you were able to recognize the signs (blue lip) and get him to the hospital on time! Have a great recovery - pink sweat pants sound just about right.

  17. Hi. I'm Heidi. My son, now 16, had croup, often, for the first eight years of his life. I always thought it was under-developed large muscle tissues.. they told me the whole thing.. but I did get it.. twice.

    So, yes, adults get it. I think they called it something different, though.

    I hope you are all feeling better soon. I never thought my younger two would grow out of it, like they all said.. but he did...

    best of luck to you..

  18. Sue,

    email me!

  19. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Croup can be so scary--hope the little guy is doing better.

  20. You were sick and hadn't slept in how many nights? Of course it's hard to maintain the sense of humor at times like those...

    Once my husband had to take our then-3-year-old boy to the ER for croup. He got to watch TV, etc., while they gave him some treatment. As Larry put him back in the car later that night, he said, "Thanks, Daddy, that was fun!"