Friday, September 28, 2007

Five Things

Pin It 1. I had to edit out the "before" picture in my last post. Every time I pulled my blog up, there was my big old smiley face staring back at me and it was freaking me out a little.

2. Yesterday was our 11th anniversary. My mom babysat so we could go out to dinner, and when we got back, Carter was throwing up. We spent a very romantic anniversary night with our three year old sprawled between us. My husband, who reads as many blogs if not more than I do, (but will not comment, because that would not be manly) looked at me meaningfully and said, "The Hotfessional posted a really nice note to her husband on HER blog." Sorry honey. Here you go: Happy Anniversary, you sexy, sexy beast.

3. Abby is better. Completely over the croup. Of course, now Carter has it. He started sounding suspiciously frog-like yesterday afternoon, and last night around 9PM he got feverish and started wheezing and throwing up phlegm. We spent most of the night in either the steamy bathroom or outside in the cool night air, trying to help him breathe. He woke up ready for the day at 5:45 AM. Today is gonna be AWESOME. I'm sure this post will reflect how amusing I find the whole situation (which is to say - NOT), and how delightfully energetic and creative I feel at this moment.

4. This is me:

This is Abby:


(Abby, I apologize in advance for your short, short legs. Your father tried to give you more of a genetic advantage, he really did.)

5. I bought a pregnancy test, since I am still tearing up over everything. Yesterday I read Horton Hears a Who to my son, which I've read a BILLION times, and it made me cry, (because, you know, a person's a person, no matter how small). I'm fairly sure this is not a normal response. I took the test. It was broken - the control line did not appear. I am not amused. I AM NOT AMUSED.

Edited to Add: We just got back from the ER where Carter had a breathing treatment and steriods after his lips started turning blue from lack of oxygen. I have a feeling we'll be back there tonight. If you can spare a prayer or good thoughts for a miserable croupy kid tonight, we'll take 'em...


  1. Definitely a case of be careful what you wish for. Love you.

  2. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Happy anniversary!

    You and your daughter look as much alike as Eliza and me. I'm always talking about that, but I think I need to get motivated and figure out our new scanner so I can do one of those creepy face-melding things of two pictures of us, except it won't be creepy at all because it'll be the SAME face.

    As for Horton, I am all Fort Knox-ed up around here as far as pregnancy, and yet I am always crying at children's books, and not just because I had to read them for the 234876th time. I mean, The Lorax? Oh My Oh My Oh Dinosaurs? Really? And I can't even LOOK at the Velveteen Rabbit.

  3. take back the test, i know its like the ultimate in gross, but they'll take it back. How do I know? Of course I have taken a peed on stick back, only I think I was just sick of negative tests and wasn't about to pay for another one. whats wrong with me?

  4. Chanel, that is SO gross, yet so frugal, so you are today's hero.

    Sue, if that book is making you cry, STAY AWAY from "Oh the Places You'll Go" and "You Are Special". Seriously. Danger.

    Emma does look remarkably like you. Hope Jake gets better. Maybe you should send Megan away for a few days to avoid another round of this.

  5. What a list. It is really hard to be all weepy with sick kids and husbands who obviously need too much attention :-) I hope that this weekend helps things back on the right track. BTW- I cry at just about anything these days, the milk commercial, US magazine... ridiculous. There is no WAY that I am pregnant, so that just makes me a little pathetic. I've got to find better things to get weepy about. (Why quit crying?)

  6. Ok first of all Lee, we ALL know you are reading these so from now on we all EXPECT to see comments on ALL our blogs! ;) Secondly, Emma looks JUST like you! Too cute! And then last, but not least........oh no!!! I was totally KIDDING in my last comment....I swear! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you....for whichever way you are leaning! hee hee

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  8. It doubled up my last comment, but I forgot

  9. Both you and your daughter are DARLING! She's lucky.
    And as for the weepy thing, I blame the haircut. That kind of Post Traumatic Stress can go for weeks.

  10. Happy Anniversary and may all your children get well so you can enjoy it.
    My first thought seeing you and your daughter? Oh how cute, and they look so much alike and the curls!
    My second thought? Geez they are white!
    I am always kind of suprised when I see really, really blonde people.

  11. We will send lots of good thoughts and prayers your way. Nothing feels scarier than a sick kid, and croupe is really rotten.
    Hang in there.

  12. Poor Jake! I hope the steroids kick in quick. We will definitly be praying for him tonight
    Having to take him to the ER is scary. On the bright side, at least the ER there is very nice, and very empty.

    Happy Anniversary! glad you got a date in before you had a crappy night.

    Emma looks JUST like you!! Cute!!!

  13. Poor Jake and poor mommy and daddy. I am so sorry to hear that he is so sick. He will definitely be in our prayers.

    Those pictures of you and Emma are darling.

    Happy Anniversary!

  14. His lips turned blue? Oh my gosh! Prayers certainly.

  15. OH NO!

    I'll be thinking of you tonight -
    I've had many of those nights...NOT FUN.

  16. Anonymous6:14 PM

    Sue, not only does Emma look like you, she behaves so much like you did...dancing, singing, wanting to be a princess.... we just didn't have all the elaborate princess gowns unless you count the D.I.-scavanged fancy nightgowns. Watching her is like watching you all over again.
    I'm sorry Jake ended up in the E.R. I hope he is doing better.

  17. Ah holy HANNAH! I so VERY know this drill, and I am sorry... will pray for y'all.

  18. Happy one-one you guys!

    And Lee, you better believe we're callin' you out. Just sign all posts "Sexy Sexy Beast".

    Jake - get better real soon so Mommy can go pee on another stick.

  19. Oooh, yeah - we do the croup thing, too. Hang in there! The steamy shower never, ever works - you need frigid, dry air. Which is fine in the wintertime, right? Otherwise, have you tried holding them up in front of the open freezer? Seriously? Sometimes that is all that is needed to get the swelling down enough so that they can breathe.