Monday, July 02, 2007

Crime and Punishment

Pin It After two hours of trying to get the girls in bed, I lost my patience last night. I told them to pick a punishment, or I would. This is something we do occasionally that usually works pretty well - then it's less of an "I'm mad at you thing," and more of a "You broke our rule, you have to have a punishment" thing.

Last night they came up with a number of suggestions for punishments they thought would fit the bill. A few were a little harsh, I thought, including this one:


There were a few others we rejected, for a variety of reasons...

Abby: "No more doughnuts, EVER"
Sarah: "Send Abby to live next door"
Abby: "No wearing skirts ever, ever, EVER"
Sarah: "Sleep in the basement alone"
Abby: "No more fruity pebbles, EVER"

I knew we had a winner after Abby suggested that I put their "special blankies" away for the night, and they made these faces:


  1. Holy freaking crap... kids are funny... I love how everything that Emma said ended in EVER!

  2. Oh my goodness! That is the funniest thing I've seen in a long time. I am so glad you got that recorded. The picture of their reaction to the "special blankies" being taken away, is priceless. Loved this!
    p.s. What a great idea in letting them pick a punishment! I might have to use that.

  3. That is hilarious? Orphans? I guess reading all that Charles Dickens is getting to Megan! (Yeah, everyone, Megan has read Charles Dickens! And jane Austen! Genius, much?)

    Can't stop giggling. EVER.

  4. Anonymous1:13 PM

    Is that a suggestion or a threat? I'd suggest you watch your back for a while. What a laugh.

  5. Megan is reading Charles Dickens and Jane Austen? Wow, I am way impressed. She is so smart!

  6. Your children are adorable. Hilarious!

  7. Hmmmm... Well, I think she's pretty smart, but actually, NO, Megan is NOT reading Jane Austen or Charles Dickens... She reads chapter books, but more like The Boxcar Children, Magic Treehouse, and the Rainbow Fairies... I'm not sure where Wendy heard that, but whoever said it must have been pulling her leg... Hee

  8. Ok so you are my hero of the week! Holly talks about her SILs all the time and I confess I get you all mixed up, actually maybe just you and another one, I think I have the rest figured out... ANYWAY... Your girls are HILARIOUS!! No doubt form their mom's good sense of humor. I love that you're ok with your body, nothin wrong with a little junk in the trunk, especially when the junk has been enjoyed calorie for calorie- Life is too Short to diet (and Im not just reading that off a bumper sticker). I also really really really enjoyed your 100 list and want to worship you for #84-90!!!!!!
    This is Chanel actually, my husband was MESSING with my blog accounts last night, hope you don't mind me reading- please don't mind- you are seriously too wonderful and funny!!!

  9. Sue, are you trying to elevate your child into an honoray Mensa membership????

  10. Chanel, you are so cute! I will have to go check out YOUR blog now!!!

  11. OH my gosh.......that is flippin' funny! (yes I just used the word flippin'...couldn't think of anything else to put just there). Maybe her thought is that if she doesn't have parents, she won't have to go to bed every night?! hmmmm....