Wednesday, March 05, 2008

For Sale

Pin It We put our house back on the market. We figure we might as well give it one last ditch effort, now that it's spring and the Utah market is starting to actually do something.

Hey! Maybe one of you would like to buy it, do ya think? Yes? Yes?


Oh. Well, I'll show it to you anyway, since any internet stalkers lurking out there won't be able to track us down anyway - what with the whole MOVING thing. (DANG it.)

It's a lovely 4700 square foot home on a quarter acre with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a lovely hickory and alder kitchen with a travertine backsplash, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances... (Don't I sound JUST like a real estate flyer? It would make sense, since I've been trying to sell this flippin' house for the last YEAR.) (Um, sorry, did that sound bitter? I didn't really mean it to sound bitter. I'm not bitter at all. No siree. Not me.) (Stop looking at me like that.)

The house comes with a really fun backyard with a playset and lots of built-in friends for your children. (See the last few posts if you have any questions about my feelings on that topic.)

The home has beautiful finish work and custom paint (paint the homeowner picked out herself, because she was under the impression she would be LIVING there for the rest of her life and - - - - OOPS, sorry, having a moment there).
So anyway... Nice room.

The family room adjoins the kitchen and has a lovely stacked stone fireplace and alder mantle. I love the fireplace SO MUCH. (ACK, excuse me while I choke on the bile in my throat. Ahem. Sorry, I'm better now.)

There's other cool stuff, like a big playroom with a built-in window seat and a spacious basement for all of your random stuff, but I'll spare you the pictures.


Honestly, it's just a house. A house is a house is a house. And as much as I don't really want to leave,

I'm praying REALLY HARD that it sells. Quickly. Super quickly. Miraculously quickly even. Like, before the bank comes calling. Selling it won't solve our problems, but it would be nice to not completely destroy the property values for the folks who are still gonna live here after we leave.

But if we DO have to give it to the bank instead of selling it, would I be completely out of line to dismantle the fireplace rock by rock and take it with me to Las Vegas, do ya think?

Yeah, I thought so.


  1. Sorry. I don't want it. It's freakin' gorgeous though. I have to sell my house in SLC in May.

    I want that to sell miraculously quickly too. There's no limit on miracles, right? RIGHT?

    The good news for me is that I am no longer emotionally attached to that house, I really love my house here, so I won't be personally offended anymore when people reject it. NOT THAT THEY WILL. THEY WILL ALL LOVE IT ON SIGHT.

    Here's to a bidding war on your beautiful home. May it sell quickly and for lots-lots-o-cash.

  2. Oh my word. That house is GORGEOUS! I would LOVE to live in it. Too bad it would only be in my dreams. Doesn't being poor just totally SUCK?

  3. Drooling copiously over your kitchen. I'd buy it, but it would seriously lengthen my husband's commute. Aw, heck, I'll buy it anyway. So what if he has to hop a red-eye every night to get to work?

  4. If I didn't live on the other side of the darn country, I'd make you an offer. Your house is be-YOO-tiful. I offer my sympathies for you having to leave it.

    If you are Catholic, I'd suggest planting St. Joseph in the front yard. It sounds like something illegal, but supposedly if you do it, you sell your house in a snap.

  5. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Wow. Beautiful. The red room? I want to live in that one room.

  6. I'm drooooling...I'd be so sad to have to leave that house too! Good luck and go ahead with that St. Joseph thing - couldn't hurt to try!

  7. Shoot, even if you're not Catholic...

    I hope your house sells in a jiffy, Sue. Like, tomorrow. I'd buy it but I can't live in places where the sun shines all the time. I might melt or something.

    Good luck girl!

  8. Your house is so pretty... I love the kitchen and the red room, and your backyard is amazing too.

  9. I wish... I need someone to buy my flippin house. (in Arizona... any takers?)

    Anyways, it's a beautiful house! Hope it sells really really fast. Like, right now, even.

  10. Holy stink. (My most extreme form of exclamation.) I love it. If I were in the area, I'd buy it in a heartbeat -- even though that would mean we'd then own three abodes. (We're trying to sell a gorgeous house too. In the meantime, we live in our cozy and more affordable townhouse.)

    Good luck, Sue!

  11. Go ahead, be bitter, be angry, be sad, you have a right to be. The whole thing stinks. Especially the part about you leaving Utah. I am sorry, really sorry.

  12. Anonymous5:17 PM

    I'm praying you sell it fast.

    Would renting it out be an option, until the market turns around and then selling it? That's what we have had to do.

  13. Beautiful home! If I were moving to Utah I'd so buy it. Good luck! I hope is sells for you quickly too.

  14. What a beautiful house! No wonder you'll miss that fireplace.

  15. Man, I wish! We are planning on moving to Utah in a year. Wish I could buy it now so I knew where we were going then. Just rent it out for a year and then I will buy.

  16. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Wow. Your house is my dream house. New. With finished rooms and no fish stenciled on the walls. I bet your oven wasn't made in 1960 by General Motors like mine. Hope things work out with the sale...who wouldn't want that house?

  17. Thanks guys. I would rent it out, but we owe the bank approximately ONE BILLION DOLLARS in back payments, and rent, unfortunately won't make that up. Plbbbbbttt.

  18. That house is beautiful! If I lived in Utah or had any plans to ever live in Utah, I'd buy it.

    I think, on the St. Joseph thing, that you're supposed to bury him upside down, but I have no idea why.

  19. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Aw Darlin, it's beautiful. I'm so sorry you have to leave your fireplace, but probably not necessary in Las Vegas, right? Think how miserably hot you'd be. Yea, think about that. Rationalization cures all.

    I hope your housing market is hot though!

  20. I will have to get myself a St. Joseph...

    We actually "almost" sold it a couple of times. We had a signed offer at one point, but the people didn't qualify for their loan. Flippin' credit crisis. Exacerbated by people like - oh crap - people like me. Crappity crap crap.

    JJ - YES.

  21. Wow, it really is a beautiful home. My son would flip out over the back yard. Too bad we aren't in the market for moving to Utah.

    I'll be hoping for a miracle for you too. They happen every day you know.

  22. Sue,
    If you don't already have a contract with a realtor, go to and click on real estate ELP (endorsed local provider). He is a financial advisor and requires everyone he endorses to be really good. We used one of those in Atlanta and he sold our house in 3 months.
    I wish you the best of luck!

  23. OH I hope it sells. Oh and the fireplace, sure you can take it, just put up a little drywall, I bet no one will even notice it's gone.

  24. You know, I'm not REALLY praying that it sells, not really. My faith is kind of an up and down thing actually, but I sort of hope that God has better things to do with His time than make sure my house sells. I mean, people are dying in Darfur and - well, have you read the stuff over at Rocks in My Dryer lately? THOSE kids need His help, not me.

    Even if it doesn't sell, we give it to the bank, we move to Vegas, we start over and we'll be fine (she says with watery eyes). I work in IT, my husband has a good job - and even though it feels like the end of the world, it isn't (despite my incessant whining).

    I just - I'm not sure I can believe in a God who cares all that much about how big my house is, you know? He might be concerned about how the whole thing affects me spiritually, or about how I let it affect my soul or whatever, but I don't think that getting to keep a possession I like is really a big crisis in His mind. You know? Does that make sense?

    I don't know why I'm rambling so much tonight, I just don't want anyone to think that I really, truly, expect a housing related miracle. I'm hoping for some good luck, but not a miracle. I'd rather let God reserve His miracles for more important stuff.

    Aaaaaaaand - now I sound like a jerk. Because I really appreciate all of the good wishes and thoughts and even prayers. SO MUCH.

  25. That's the thing with miracles, and God, though. There really isn't a LIMIT. It's not like "Oh I'll help these kids but that means Sue is SCREWED...or "If I help Sue, that means these people won't eat for a month..." Those are human limitations, not Godly ones.

    But I will agree with you that his perspective is very different.

  26. It's a beautiful house Sue - I will keep you in my prayers that it sells quickly and you get what you need for it!

    Hey - Thanks for the prayers for our baby - we appreciate it! See you soon. Kellan

  27. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I'm still hoping for the happy ending here (that you sell the house), but if not I'll be there right with you pulling down that rock.

  28. Good luck, Sue!

    With that lovely house, you shouldn't need St. Francis, should you?

  29. It's a beautiful house.

  30. You truly have a lovely home. I know I've been inside. I spend WAY to much time watching "Designed to Sell", "My House Is Worth What?" (HGTV). You have all the bells and whistles that people seem to be looking for.

    Only one suggestion - as much as you love the red in your living room (I like it too), you might want to consider painting it the same color as the other walls on the main floor. Red is a really personal color and may turn off an otherwise interested buyer who has no vision and can't see past a color on the wall.

    Also, leave the fireplace, sweetie. It's a major selling point! Be sure to have a fire going when you show the house.

    I hope that a qualified buyer makes a good offer.

    Love Ya!

  31. Holy moly! 4700sq ft??
    Wow, the house is gorgeous. I'm having solid surface countertop envy.
    Sorry we can't buy your house, but after we moved into this house, we decided that we are NEVER MOVING AGAIN! We just have too much crap. And I don't want to move it.

    I would, however buy the fireplace. Would you deliver it?

    Good luck Sue!

  32. Anonymous11:28 PM

    I'll take it! I'll even pay top dollar and IN CASH.

    (insert laugh)

    Sue...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It is so nice to be able to read your blog because you express all your/my thoughts perfectly like it was my own blog. We just got that "Awesome, Awesome" letter from our own bank telling us they are taking it back TODAY. Yah, it's been a pretty crappy day (lol). Your house is BEAUTIFUL, your allowed to be bitter. I am all about bitterness. Check my are so much better at finding humor in our situation than me...I stink. Our ward/neighbors found out from my blog too so now I totally go to church and sit in Sacrament and feel like I need to carry my own sign saying..."yes,it's true...we are losers".

    As much as I joke with you...I really do hope your house sells...and hope things do work out for you. It's sucks and is really sad. You do have a beautiful family, and a house is a house is a house...just a house.

  33. WOW! Love your home. Totally you. Its gorgeous. I was telling the husband that our decor...paint color, cabinet color, cabnet knobs, counter tops, flooring, even the back yard kid play area are all the same. Except the trampoline (he didn't want to dig the BIG hole for it).

    But thats pretty funny huh? We haven't seen each other in a while, especially each others homes. I guess we are still alot alike:)

  34. Two serious questions-
    where and how much? (I'm actually looking for a house in Utah at this moment).


    Buy a statue--I did, and from this site (although I'm frankly a non-believer in anyone's religion). My realtor scoffed, my boyfriend rolled his eyes, but we had a good contract (this was a year ago, so things were a bit better though) in 24 hours. And the house sale went through. BF believed it was the new carpet and new paint and his hours of detailing; realtor believed it was his own glorious business sense, but I don't know... In any case, the deal is that you dig a little hole near the front door/real estate sign and you bury him upside down (he comes in his own plastic bag) and that when the house sells, you dig him up and put him in a prominent place in your new home. We were ten minutes late for closing because we stopped off to dig him up. And he's now on our mantel even if he is a white little plastic statue. So I don't know. Can't hurt...

  36. Anonymous7:51 AM

    Could you arrange to move it to Oklahoma? I LOVE that kitchen and everything else I see.

    Praying that your house sells quickly!

  37. Wow! It is beautiful! Where is the vicinity of where you live in Utah?? It looks really familiar- is it North of Salt Lake yet south of Ogden?? My sister lives in a similar neighborhood.

  38. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I've been in love with your house for some time (what I could see of it in the background when you posted photos). It saddens me that you have to say goodbye to it and shocks me that it wasn't snatched up instantly.

    I think you have a great perspective (as usual). I have faith that everything will work out according to HIS plan in the end (though it would be nice if he'd let us peek at the blueprints now and then, wouldn't it?).

    And totally unrelated, could you share some of those paint colours with the class? It's so pretty, and I'm such a decorating dunce.

  39. What a beautiful home. I love the backyard. I would tolerate the Utah winters for a backyard and neighborhood like that. I'm so sorry you're going through this. We're facing the same thing. The bank is giving us till May, but there's no way we can afford to live here. Funny what you said about the paint...that's exactly what I thought too!

  40. I really admire your faith and sense of perspective during such a tough time. I'm still praying for a miracle, though.

  41. A house is not just a house. It's part of your family. It's where so many things, both great and small, occur and it's the background of your life.

    I'm sorry you have to move.

  42. It's beautiful! I hope it does sell quickly for you!

    Best of luck in your new adventure!

  43. Anonymous11:45 AM

    If faith can move mountains, why not a house. Maybe you should just pray for your house to take flight directly to Las Vegas, neighbors and all.

  44. please email me the city and the listing price...I'm curious. (And I actually live in utah!)


  45. WISH I could buy your house, it's beautiful!

  46. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What a beautiful home! Sorry you have to leave it, but hope there is something waiting for your that you'll love! Best of luck to you selling the house! :)

  47. Wow! It's lovely! And clean! Did you say you have three children? Really? Where do you store them?

    We just looked at some model homes here in town. (Lake Elsinore! Hot but not as hot as Vegas. Come.) 4900 sq ft. Gorgeous! Cute little bedroom/bath just off the kitchen. For the maid, I said, because darned if I'm cleaning a house that size.

  48. THAT HOUSE IS AMAZING!!! I'm hanging my head down in embarrassment over the house I get to live in. HATE IT. Hated it the day we bought it, but got pushed into it by my future IL's (who owned it previously) and they sort of gave us a deal we couldn't refuse. But 8 years later it still hasn't grown on me. sigh...

    well, I should shut up, I guess.

    Good luck selling it; I'm shocked it hasn't sold already. It's a beautiful house...


  49. Sue, I'm trying not to cry on how painful this has got to be for you. Don't apologize for being bitter. House is lovely and sorry you're going through this. But you will get through it.

  50. Oh hun...I'm so sorry. I don't think I could leave it without severe bitterness and choking up too. Possibly a little rage...

  51. I'll help you tear down the fireplace!

    I'm so sorry. I wish I could help. But as we just did a little filing of our own, I'm pretty sure no bank would let us take it off your hands. Makes me sad though, it's beautiful.

    You never know what miracles God is willing to work. I can understand your point though.

  52. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Oh Sue, your house is my dream house in my dream location (AF-ish, right?) I wish I could buy it for $100,000 over your asking price! But we just moved here to the land of Sucky Suckdom and I can't move out for at least a year :(

    I will help you dismantle the fireplace, though.

  53. Anonymous10:34 AM

    That's a beautiful house. I'm sorry you have to sell it. :( But I hope it sells quickly, too.

  54. I cried when we sold our old home. We hadn't lived there in years, it was old, faling to pieces, and we REALLY needed the money. I still cry sometimes. :(

  55. Wow, great house! You have a talent for decorating. Not me. I prefer to keep the walls the same boring "primer white" and hang absolutely nothing on them. Oh wait, that's not me...that's my husband.

  56. awe, your house is beautiful! Good luck selling it and one day, you will have that again. I am sure of it!

  57. Anonymous3:03 PM

    ummm I WANT IT! whats your asking price?
    We live in a nearby town and are looking to buy.

  58. your house does look perfect. I want to know where it is too (except that if it is in the D.C. area, and I did show it to my husband, he would seriously want it and I don't want to move!) Good luck Sue. It'll all work out, seriously.

  59. Your home is beautiful! no wonder you don't want to leave!

  60. Oh, Sue, I'm so sorry to hear about all this horrible stuff you're going through. I hope your house sells and you somehow come in to gobs of money.

    Hugs to you.