Saturday, November 10, 2007


Pin It Carter, on the tramp with me, shreaking with delight, "You bounce me SO high - you SO big Mom!"

Carter, after wandering into the bathroom when I'm getting out of the tub (yes, we're all relaxed like that), and seeing the water level go down when I get out, "Wow, that - that lotto water Mom! You so big! Wow!"

Abby, giving me a big hug and a kiss: "You're such a nice old fat mama. I love you my big fat mama."

Abby, watching me get on my bike: "What if you pop the tires?"

Sarah, looking at us side by side in the mirror: "I'm thin." Looks me up and down. "You're more.... Thick."

My husband, making me want to whap him upside the head, "Gosh, I've lost so much weight. None of my pants will stay up anymore. What am I gonna do?" (Yeah. This is me, not caring about your "problem.")


This is me, the jolly version:

This was probably not a good fashion choice. (No, I am not pregnant, why do you ask?)

Yeah. So...

That whole healthy eating and exercise thing?



  1. First let me say that you look like my goal weight which I hope to attain in six or nine months.

    But it's my belief that photos, being two dimensional, broaden a person's body because the stuff BEHIND you has to go out to the sides. You know, because the photo is flat.

    That's my theory and I told it to my sweetie who said to me, after I bitched and moaned upon seeing myself in a photo that was put up on our corporate Web site after our summer picnic, he said, "but they already know how fat you are!" Yes, and now we know how stupid you are. I thought that. Didn't say it exactly. But he does now believe in my theory...

  2. You go. I'm trying to get on board, too. We'll cheer each other on.

    But. Today is dear son's birthday party and there's a cake in the house and I'm weak when it comes to fending off birthday cake, thick with that white icing...

    Crap. Never should have brought it up. It's right in the next room, you know, all tempting and such.

  3. Oh, I feel your pain. My kids were watching the Biggest Loser once (why? Who knows!) and my youngest son, Max, said, "Hey Mommy, you should go on this show!" It's so depressing sometimes!

    And my husband, also a Lee, has the same "problem". He can just think of losing weight and it comes off. It's just not fair!

  4. ::::rubbing hands together::::::
    Okie dokie, I expect some planning for a get together walking/exercise thingy then!

  5. There must be something in the air. I just came to the same conclusion - and blogged about the same thing yesterday at! I'm back on weight watchers. And I'd love to keep encouraging you if you're wanting motivation!

  6. By the way, I think that'a a really cute outfit, and I love your hair, too.

  7. Oh, those crazy kids, huh? Gotta love 'em. 'Cause you know, if you didn't they'd be out the door. OH wait, maybe that's just me....
    I recently had a wake-up call, too.
    maybe we can cheer each other on!

  8. Oh, kids say things so innocently, don't they?

    Actually, I think you look great - adorable outfit and cute hair!

    I think it's the weather. I'm also feeling the 'need' to get out there and start working out. It seems like summer always has us outside and moving, winter? not so much.

    Don't let it get you down - use it as a motivator. At least that's what I try to do!

  9. Yeah, "You gots a baby in there?" was one of my big motivators. 45 down, 25 to go. Woot! Behind you 100%. Email me if you want to be innundated with advice, 'kay?

    Also? This is the all time best weight loss blog I've ever stumbled across. She likens weight loss issues to the gospel and it's so incredibly inspiring. Definitely worth diving into her archives:

  10. Cari - the thing is, my husband has always tended toward the fluffy side himself. We were very mutually happy couch potatoes. So now I see this person who runs every night and does push-ups in the family room and I'm happy for him, and trying to be supportive, but also kinda WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY HUSBAND?

    Really though, I'm just jealous, because he seems to have found his stride. I'm also very happy for him, but feeling kinda gross in comparison. Sometimes I am very tempted to try to derail him with cheesecake. I'm not gonna do it, but my evil side sorta wants to.

    Hey, I said it was my EVIL side.

  11. Thanks you guys! I now have to go check out the links you gave me. (I am SO behind on reading blogs. I just sort of gave up this week. It was read posts or, you know, bathe.)

    Moanna - I think that is an awesome theory. If you could please just explain the VIDEO CAMERA to me now, I'd be all set. Your husband's comment made me LOL.

    Jo, you would SO smoke me, you SF hill walkin' woman. I am afraid.

    Kimberly - You are motivating me, stop it. (Kidding) Seriously, your posts on Weightloss Wednesday really do motivate me. I'm like your bizarro universe twin - I lost 45 pounds over a year ago. But I have regained 15, unlike you. Grrrr.... The thing is, I KNOW what to do, there are just a lot of times when I don't want to do it. I'd rather have the brownie, or the bread. (BREAD - YUM.) Or the time sitting on the couch.

  12. Also, please don't judge me by this photo. I don't really have scary devil eyes.

  13. I love Moanna's theory on the 2D photo!
    I love that Cari's kid wanted her to go on the Biggest Loser show. That is hysterical!!
    My kids love to grab the flab (affectionately) and say "Mommy, your so squishy." Yep, just what I always wanted to be...squishy. Lovely.

  14. I, too, am 100 percent behind (no pun intended) moanna's fat picture theory. Denial can be a very nice place to be, you know. And I sympathize with the 2 steps forward, one step back - I lost 25 pounds with Weight Watchers in 2006, and now I'm going to have to drag my fat a** back in there and do it all again. But why even try until after the holidays (I rationalize)?

    And, remember, just because your husband is getting all toned and all, you are still supposed to be the curvy, voluptuous one. Start hanging up posters of those old-style pin-up girls - you know, the ones with some meat on them. And then practice posing that way.

    And tell me if it works.

  15. yeah it was real nice about 3 months ago when my 6 year old nephew came up to me and said "are you pregnant again?" I said no, then he said "well you look like it".

    Thanks you 6 year old crusher of my SOUL.

    I'm all about the weight loss challenge. When I stepped on the scale last week I almost choked. I just keep telling myself "it's okay as long as you weigh less than your husband". But I'm only about 30 pounds short of him right now and there's no way in hell I'm crossing that line!

    I'm with you Sue, we can do it together!!!

  16. oh, and I always stand sideways in photos, and I put my hands on my hips. Helps accentuate the thin, I hope.

  17. You go girl.

    (That's not my normal voice.) Really.

    But I really am supportive of your efforts especially because I need to do the same thing.

    The thing about working out, (for me anyway) is that the first two weeks getting back into the groove makes me really tired and fatigued. I just have to keep focussed and remember that eventually it does start to feel good. Perhaps you don't have that tired struggle when you begin again, but since we're sharing here, there you have my two cents....

  18. I have good intentions. Really. I do. I start in the morning but somewhere during the middle of the day I forget that I'm supposed to be eating right and totally blow it.

    You would think that my uniform pants digging into my fat waist would tell me SOMETHING!!!!!

    My daughter will hug me and tell me that she "loves me no matter what I look like".....gee honey I love you too. Now where did I put those freakin' donuts?

  19. As long as it's your kids making the comments and not some lady in Wal-mart, (not that I would know anything about that) you're doing OK. As for your hubby and his jeans, that's when you shrink em next time you do laundry. We're talking REALLY hot water!

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    I hate when my kids say stuff like that. You know they're being honest! It's too bad we can't tell them how annoying they are... ;)

    One day when I was sitting on my son's bed he patted my tummy and said, "You have a fat bum, mom". So rude.

    I'm going to push The Fat Flush again Sue. I've lost 27 pounds and I'm still losing! It's hard but soooo worth it.

  21. OK, this time I am really gonna look it up Nicki, thanks for the tip.

    HG, my husband says to tell you that "my wife doesn't do the laundry so your sneaky plan will not work." Bah.

    Oh man, the comments - some of the stuff kids say is just - owwwww. Darn kids and their honesty. It's really annoying sometimes.

  22. Kids are too honest. Ahhh!

    Everytime I take a picture, I inhale, place my right hand on my hip, and place my left leg forward. And you know what.... still doesn't work.

    So if you have a plan, let us know. I will jump on board. We have a family vacation requiring swim wear in Jan.

  23. Out of the mouthes of babes... I'm fluffier than I should be... But I also enjoy being lazy... it's a tough decision.

  24. Good luck! I'm currently down by 20-25, 15-20 to go. But I'm taking a break. Counting points was driving me crazy. Maybe I'll start again at the new year (you know, after I've gained another 30). :-P

  25. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my previous posts! I cannot say this on my own blog but I can say it here---the reason that my hubby is more upset by that person who let us down is because it's his MOTHER. It wasn't a friend as I may have made it sound. Horribly disappointing for me, but worse for him. Ugh.
    Thanks for visiting! It's amazing how blogging has become a source of support for me. There's so many awesome women out there---you very much included!

  26. Leave it to kids to call us out. For some reason my two year old has gotten obsessed about fat/thin and exercise. I feel bad because I think she's heard me talking about my body issues so much. Whenever we go anywhere outside she insists on RUNNING the whole time so she'll get exercise and not be "fat." I really hope I don't mess her up with my bad body image.

  27. Hi there, new reader. I was referred over by Sarah of Hollywood Flakes. Fantastically funny post. "...nice old fat mama" almost made me pee my pants.

  28. I heard a rumor that if you exercise in your hubby's G's, you burn twice the calories.

    Hey, that's just what I heard.

  29. Azucar, I just woke up my daughter laughing at your comment. Nice.

    Welcome Colleen!

    Sarah, you are awesome. I find it hilarious though that you linked me on the day I posted my fat pictures.

    JS - thank you so much!

    Hmmmm.... An actual PLAN for weight loss. I'm gonna go with not eating so much. Probably no more bags of miniature candybars. To start.

  30. Don't feel too bad Sue. A month or so ago I hid Julianne's "Baby" under my shirt and when I asked her where it had gone she didn't know... I had to point out that the thing was under my shirt even though it was extending my stomach even further than it normally goes... then today she comes up to me lifts my shirt and start playing my stomach like a drum... so I ask her if Papa is fat and she says, "Yeeeesss"... not a quick little "yes"... it was a nice long dragged out yes. But that is why you have to love kids... thye don't mind telling the truth!

  31. Having worked in film and video I'd like to let moanna know that there is some truth to her comment. Make-up, the right lighting and charcoal can make a serious difference in how a person looks in a photo, but generally the shot needs to be close up... being further away seems to lessen the affect. It also has do with colors and stripes... some are good and others are not!

  32. Ack - those rascally little kids. How dare they say the things that zing right to the core of our being?! You and I are pretty much in the same place. I know exactly how to turn my head when someone takes a photograph so that I don't look like I have the double chin that I've been cultivating for awhile now.
    I promise, after the Dells, its healthy eating and exercise.
    If you need a support group, I'll be yours?! :-)

  33. Ok, I'm not gonna lie. I think you look really beautiful!
    But I can see why all of those wise little comments get to you.
    Good luck in your get-in-shape pursuit!

    Oh, and I outweigh my husband,too. Ugh

  34. My husband mumbles things about his belt being too loose, and him having to make a new hole in it.

    ...and your point is?!

    It's one of those things - once you get going, it's not that hard, but it's getting *started* that's the killer. I need to stop eating all that chocolate they have here. I know I do, but I just cannot. It screams at me. Screams I tell you. Sigh. I'm working on it! Let me know how you do...


  35. I, too, will be on the weight loss quest once again (after the holiday's of course!).

    My daughter recently saw a picture of me from high school in one of my dance recital outfits and said "Oh my gawwwwwwwwd mom, you were so thin" As in wayyyyyyy to much SHOCK for my taste or for it to be cute or funny! (she is 9 and a bean pole)

  36. Heya... I am officially inviting you to do the Nutcracker 5k in Orem on Dec 1st. It'll be my first ever such thing and I am walking it... but I'm gonna DO it! The fact that everyone who participates must wear a tutu... well that just makes it a little more friendly to my thinking.

  37. You are darling!

    Mrs. Dub ( has a seriously awesome and inspiring weight loss story from a little way back. Check it here:

  38. About two years ago Kevin and I tried an exercise program together and he was losing weight so fast while I was MAYBE dropping a pound a week. Very frustrating! You can't tell now that we ever did that program. (I know right now I have the pregnant belly and everything else, but before I was pregnant you couldn't tell. :) )

    I think your hair and outfit look great!

  39. I think you look cute. I love your hair.

  40. You are awesome! I am trying to lose some weight and get on the healthy bandwagon again... and it is soooo... hard!!! Sleep is sooo... precious...but I have to say- when I get my butt out of bed in the morning and get going it feels really good. The eating is another story... I would love to be a part of a support group (for one another) with tips and all... Weight Watchers is really great... doing it with a friend is even better.

  41. Don't you just hate it when the little sh!tz keep you honest? And by you, I mean me.

  42. Anonymous2:06 PM

    My sister suggested I read your blog, and I think you're hilarious! I had to stop lurking just long enough to let you know that while I was pregnant our family went paddle boating. My two year old didn't think I should go along because she thought I would make the boat sink. Thanks a bunch kid.

  43. I saw the picture and was thinking how cute the top was and wondering where you got it....and then I read further, so umm, nevermind.;)