Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Hedgehog Returns

Pin It So first order of business - my long-time, LONG-LONG time blog pal, Caroline B (aka MomBabe from the Bingham Diaries and MMB) just made over my blog for me.

She offered to help me out a long time ago (way back when I had that lovely cloud header on my blog for the longest time) but I have issues.  I'll just quote an old post and explain how I "work" when talking to blog designers:
Here is the thing about having me work with a blog designer. The process goes kind of like this:

"So, Sue, what would you like your blog to look like?"

"I don't know."

"What colors do you like?"

"All of them."

"Do you want a cartoon person at the top?"

"Yes. No. Probably no. I don't know. Maybe yes. No."

"OK, I'm not really getting a sense of what you want here."


"Help me out here, Sue."

"Read my archives, then it will probably just come to you. Like in a vision."


"When could you have that done by, do you think?"
So yeah.  It took a while.

On Thursday I came crawling back to Caroline, begging for forgiveness and mercy and cute sidebars and she whipped up my blog make-over in something like fifteen point five seconds flat.  It was astonishing.

Come see my blog now, I look like a Real Blogger. She's like the Blue Fairy of blog-land. Go see her and take a peek at her portfolio. (She's not paying/bribing/blackmailing me into saying this, I'm just VERY VERY EXCITED.)   (I even have a blog button.)  (I don't even know what to think about that.)   


I got a package in the mail yesterday from my sister Diana, opened it up, and found this t-shirt:

(If you don't get the reference, go read the 1st P.S. on this post.)

How much do I love it? 

Oh, so very much.

(I'm full of love for inanimate objects this week.)

(And sisters.)

I wore it when I ran walked stumbled around on the treadmill last night.  It motivated me to keep going instead of lying down on the bedroom floor, weeping.  My "running skills" have pretty much evaporated over the last week, but I'll get it back.  I'LL GET IT BACK. I'm going to start running outside, I think. But only in the dark.  I'm not quite ready to take this bouncing, jiggling show on the road in broad daylight.

I sort of miss my crazy diet, with it's daily losses and it's reassuring routine of daily starvation.  It's much harder to have to choose what to eat.  I end up wandering around the kitchen, feeling confused and unable to decide and thinking about carbs. Yesterday I ate three hard boiled eggs and then finally broke down at 9PM and choked down some chicken. I'm not doing it on purpose, it just turns out that eating is just not as much fun without sugar.

But even though I MISS sugar, I am not craving it.  It's so bizarre.  Seriously, there is a cupcake on the counter right now, and you guys, for all I care it could be BROCCOLI.  This is quite the change, because during the first three days of the diet all I could think about was sugar.

I kept buying my husband and kids treats in an effort to live vicariously through them.  I made brownies for my kids and then sat and watched them eat and asked questions like:

"Is that good?"
"Do you like it?"
"Tell me about it."

I kept feeding my husband candy bars and then trying to make out with him just to get a calorie-free taste, but he said it made him feel cheap and used, so I had to quit it.

Party pooper.

I haven't had breakfast yet so I think I'm going to go wander around the kitchen staring at things for a while.

Happy Saturday everyone.

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  1. Lovin' the new look. Kinda miss the drop o' blood, but this is better. I just might snag your button. (I only take buttons of people I really REALLY like.)

    I just have generic backgrounds that I change according to my whimsy. They're kinda scrapbooky and shabby, but whatev. I like it. I'm a scrappy and shabby girl, so it works.

  2. {I think this is the 2nd time in a row I've been a the first commenter. Either I'm getting fast or everyone else has a LIFE on Saturday.}

  3. I don't have a life on Saturday, either. Wait, no I mean--it's just that my husband and oldest are on a Scout winter campout and I don't feel like being productive on my own (other than keeping the kids fed and alive, which I guess is not optional).

    I love your new shirt. I was just looking for a hedgehog to buy for my daughter--she's been saving her money for one forever (they're very pricey) but after we promised her one it turned out they're hard to come by. I've heard they do like to run on a wheel, so your shirt should bring good luck.

    I also love this shirt. (In fact it's pretty much my favorite of all time.)

  4. New look very nice. Simple, clean, easy to read, and its YELLOW!!

  5. Love the tee and love the new design! Still trying to wrap my head around not craving sugar. Perhaps someday I'll understand...

  6. I'm new to craving sugar. I'll eat things and tell you how much I love it if you want. but I'm not going to make out with you.

  7. I'm not sure how I feel about the lack of cow, but it's pretty!

  8. Tell your hubster I'll eat the candy for him. I love it when I feel cheap and used.

  9. I think I need one of those shirts. And your button.

    I have not braved running in daylight yet - my lack of coordination is embarrassing. I'm afraid someone would pull up next to me and say "You're doing it wrong."

  10. BWAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok, I had to read the part about making out with a candy bar (er...husband) to get a "calorie free taste." Even HE laughed at that one. ;-)

  11. Hahahaha. Love the chocolate bar trick. I might have to try that one.

    I was feeling a little like a determined something or other today, myself. Way to go!

  12. I'll admit... it's cute!

  13. I'd like to have seen your kids' faces as you interrogated them about their chocolate brownie experience.

  14. Congratulations on the new look. It feels as good as getting a new pair of shoes, doesn't it?

  15. Nice new look. Go Hedgehog, go! Would say so many more encouraging things but I have to finish my talk on...temperance. Yeah, the 300 pound woman preaching temperance. AND the second speaker cancelled.

  16. Sue, this new look is so CHEERFUL!!
    It such an upbeat, optimistic look.
    (Are you sure the designer knows the real you?)

  17. That Diana, she's a good one. and I think you've successfully summed up how I've been feeling about food lately, too. I'm supposed to eat stuff and even WANT stuff- you know, for the baby- but food has largely lost its appeal lately. Even when I'm ridiculously hungry (always), nothing sounds good. I just stare at stuff and then end up eating another peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Kind of disappointing, honestly. Although I don't know that I could ever feel that way about cupcakes- it's like you have superpowers.

  18. I love that shirt. Love it.