Monday, March 09, 2009

Blogging Under the Influence

Pin It I am taking hormones. (Have I mentioned that? Because I am.)

The hormones are a good thing, since they keep me pregnant. My personal view is that this is much better than not-pregnant, despite my nervousness and anxiety about the baby’s arrival and all things exploding uterus.

When they did my initial lab work, my levels didn’t look good. They were indicative of a failing pregnancy and impending miscarriage, a road I’ve been down before and didn’t particularly want to revisit. So the doctor prescribed hormones – the same hormones I’ve taken with all three of my kids.

At my last appointment the nurse had a hard time finding a heartbeat. She was about to give up and call the doctor in to use the ultra-sound machine when she finally found it. I don’t know if I can describe the relief I felt, hearing that reassuring little 'shoop-shoop-shoop.'

So the hormones, overall, are a very good thing. UNLESS you happen to live with me, or run into me in the neighborhood, or interact with me online. Then they are - more alarming.

On Thursday night I got into a huge fight with my husband (who has been tensely chanting “hormones, hormones, hormones” like a mantra (a remember-not-to-kill-her mantra) ever since the day he picked up the prescription - he’s familiar with the level of crazy that usually attends my interaction with this particular hormone).

I can’t remember exactly why we started arguing, (probably something about who ate the last Peep) (HIM) but I DO remember that it ended when I poured a bottle of coke over his head.


Did I mention I’m taking some hormones?


Luckily, my husband is the forgiving sort. (Otherwise he would’ve been REALLY mad after that whole thing where I locked him out after he went outside to cool off.)

The OB in Vegas who handled three of my pregnancies liked to point out that mood swings weren't a typical side effect of the hormone, and he suggested a few times that maybe it was the placebo effect - I was allowing myself to feel crazy because I believed I had an excuse.

I didn't like following his train of thought - this out-of-control feeling was nothing more than emotional self-indulgence run amuck. If he was right, then why could I feel The Crazy ramping up each night after I took my pill? And on the days I forgot to take it, why was I so eerily calm? (I think the calm was more disturbing to my husband than the not-calm. Like waiting for a volcano to explode.)

I felt so vindicated when my new OB told me they've now found that mood swings are a common side effect, and that some women have very heightened emotional reactions. The hormone calms most women down and makes them sleepy, but other women respond differently.

Don't get me wrong - my Vegas OB was a good one. He put me on a hormone therapy that wasn't commonly used at the time - saving those pregnancies and safely ushering my kids into the world. I love him for that.

He sure made me feel stupid though.

It's good to know that I might be irrational, but I have a legitimate, chemically induced reason for it. (At least until I stop taking them in a week or so. After that, it's aaaaaall me.)

Still, I'm swearing off of coke for a while. (I promised my husband.)

I have more to say, but I have to go take my hormones now, and I've made a pact with myself not to blog under the influence.

PS: I don't think I'm going to do Very Funny Friday anymore. I gave it a shot, but it just wasn't working out because:
  1. I'm not reliable enough to remember to put up a VFF post on the right day.
  2. The graphic annoys me, even though it is exactly what I asked for. I see it and I get annoyed.
  3. I don't like having to check to see if people are following the carnival rules, because WHO CARES. But some people do care. I know this because they email me. "Poster #14 didn't follow the rules - you have to delete her post!" But... I don't care. Not enough to delete a post. I don't like being all Carnival Rule Enforcement Officer. It makes me feel twitchy.
  4. It's hard to come up with a funny post on a specific day - for me and for everyone else too, I think. The funny comes when it comes. I think if I had a 'Mildly Depressing and Cynical Saturday' carnival there would probably be a lot more participation. (Somebody! Run with that! You'll have the biggest blog carnival EVER!)
The End.


  1. I just wanted to tell you that I've been praying for you and your little hatchling-to-be.

    And that I had to take hormones when I was on bed rest with Jane and I was a freaking LUNATIC for twenty freaking weeks. I STILL have the twitch. At the time, I blamed it on the stress of the idea that I might lose the baby but now I know the truth.

    Of course, now I am DIETING and ALSO insane and I want to drive back to Austin from New York and kick my OB in the shins.

  2. I took Clomid (a fertility drug) and had wild mood swings that made me, umm, a teensy bit irrational. I also gained 75 pounds. My OB kept saying that neither was a side effect of the drug.

    (Magically it all stopped when I stopped the drugs).

    Later I talked to a different OB (when I finally got pregnant 7 years later) and he said that those were the MOST COMMON side effects of the drug.

    You and your fetus (and apparently now your husband!) will be in my prayers.

    (Also, I'm pretty impressed you dumped coke over his head.)


  3. If someone ate my last PEEP, and there was a coke nearby, watch it! And I'm not taking hormones.

    I love me some PEEPS. fluffy sugar...mmmmmmm.

    Prayers for you and that tiny one. (sometimes I ask God to protect those around you, I guess that's good.) (:

  4. ROFL! You are still funny even when under the influence. I had a twin pregnancy and that was a fun lot of hormones for all in the vicinity, so I can relate.
    And while I liked the Very Funny Friday graphic, a lot actually, I too would never do a carnival because I wouldn't be able to summon the energy to care if someone did it wrong. Some people have real problems, and I would rather be concerned about Darfur than worry about a carnival post. So good for you! I was often cynical and depressed on Friday so I only managed to participate once. But maybe, if you're occasionally feeling especially funny, you could run it. Keep us guessing, you know. Like your husband is now around coke bottles ;)
    Gosh this is a long comment. Sorry.

  5. My sister-in-law - pregnant for the first time, and NOT taking hormones - came up at Christmas and instead of being her normal, mousy self, was actually hilariously bitchy. So I can imagine what it would be like to be pregnant AND on hormones, too.

    I've been praying for you.xoxoxo

  6. Great news about the hormones. I'm always thrilled to learn that I can blame my bad behavior on outside forces (hormones, the weather, the recession).

    I just recently gave up on my "days" as well. Materialistic Monday? I'm always kind of things oriented - so it's not really a "Monday" thing per se. And Friday Confession? I feel like everything I write is a confession on some level or another.

    Seriously though - I'm glad to hear that things are going well with the baby. Hearing the heartbeat is always so reassuring.

  7. you are so stinkin' funny! and i think your las vegas doctor should have a coke poured over his head for even suggesting that it was all in your head.

  8. Eh, I just linked back to a funny post from a day other than Friday, usually. LOL!

    Good luck with your pregnancy. Those little ones seem to find a way to get into the world, whether we're ready for them or not. :)

  9. I'm glad that you have the hormones to help you keep this little one but I feel for you on having to take the hormones. I don't like mood swings and if I had those extremes I would go insane.

  10. Sorry you're crazy. Can I come over and crazy with you?

    And just to help out your already stellar mood, I dreamed last night that you had twins. And they were ginormous. Like 18 pounds each.

    Good luck with that.

  11. hip hip and hooray for hormonees!

    i took mine at night right before i went to bed to sleep off most of the crazy. i'm not so sure it worked. hub would argue for that point seeing as how i'm STILL insane and not even taking them anymore.

    i just got vomited on, down the back of my entire shirt and onto the couch. this is your future and it is GLORIOUS to behold!

  12. I hereby witness that artificial hormones can definitely make a person crazy.

    No doubt!

  13. I did the hormone thing with all of my pregnancies. Luckily, I stayed away from the Coke, but my husband still has emotional scars from the whole hormone-induced craziness. Ah, good times.

  14. Pregnancy during and after I felt like I was on some EMOTIONAL rollercoaster...yet I was the observer.

    I would see myself reacting out of control, but couldn't stop myself.

    Very eery!

  15. Just keep breathing. Deep breaths have been the difference between life and bloody dismemberment for my husband dear. Best of Luck holding everything together.

  16. I don't think I'd Coke my husband for a Peep. But if he ate the last of my chocolate covered donuts, my one pregnancy necessity, I'd maybe Coke him. Or take the kids and leave.

    Wait, no. I wouldn't take the kids. I'd just leave.

  17. So sorry for you :( And I'll miss Funny Fridays. We should have a wake for it or something.

  18. And here I was thinking it was just coincidence that my husband turned into a jerk right after we had a new baby, and had nothing to do with my postpartum hormones.

    (I can make that joke now because he's finally done the three little things I asked him to do, and couldn't do myself (because I'm recovering from labor/nursing a new baby,) simple things that he kept putting off for days and days and days even after he said he'd do them, but like I said, he finally got around to them, so now he's just a guy who WAS being a jerk and now is my nice husband again.)

    I've been thinking of you and praying for you. You wrote your pregnant post when I was at the hospital right after my baby was born, but it had finally occurred to me that a pregnancy might be your shocking news the day before, when I was heading for the hospital and thought of you and then thought, "Duh, I bet Sue's news is that she's pregnant." (Then I was trying to remember whether, when you were answering the questions about yourself and one of them was whether you wanted more kids and you said HA HA HA HA HA HA, whether that had been before or after you'd known you were pregnant, and I was pretty sure it was after. So I guess you were having an inside joke with yourself.)

    I'm so happy that the hormones are doing what they need to, and the baby has a good heartbeat. And I was glad to read all the (many) comments on your pregnant post, especially the ones from women who've been through what you're going through and come out safe and sound with a baby to show for it, because not having any experience with that sort of thing (potentially-rupturing-uteruses) it sounded awfully scary to me.

    And I could SO do mildly depressing and cynical Saturday. I know women who claim to love Saturdays, and I just. do. not. understand.

  19. Wow, those are some SERIOUSLY insane hormones. I could just see you pouring the coke on his head--like a scene from a movie.

  20. Sorry about the crazy, but at least it's the kind with a pay-off (as opposed to my crazy which happens for no good reason). And I love that you're still funny even when playing with teh crazy.

    I'm thinking I could probably pull off a Mildy Depressing/Cynical Monday posting.

  21. And when you say "swearing off coke"...
    I'm thinking that could explain a LOT.

    Or maybe not.

  22. Sounds like these hormones have the same effect on you that birth control has on me. It's unfortunate that for the first year or so of my marriage (back when I took the BC) I didn't know that it was the HORMONES making me crazy and irrational and absurdly emotional, and not the husband. (Like that? How I totally didn't even entertain the possibility that maybe I had some responsibility?) Poor guy.

    I hope the mood swings level out for you. Because feeling out of control sucks. But, they do maintain the entertainment on your blog. (and really? You POURED A COKE ON HIS HEAD? HEEHEEHEE! That's awesome. ... Don't tell him I said that.)

  23. He ate your last peep?

    That is most definitely an offense worthy of getting coke dumped on his head.

    Never come between a pregnant woman and her peeps.

  24. You know, it's totally not fair for you to make me laugh and giggle when I'm wanting to express sympathy and whatnot. Oi.

    Seriously...sorry for all the craziness.

  25. *speaking through bullhorn*

    "Put the coke down and step away from the husband."

    You are so honest. I love that about your blog.

    I would love to smack your Vegas doctor with the whole bottle of coke. OF COURSE that made you feel stupid when he poo pooed your symptoms. You knew how you were feeling! (grumbling about know it all men)

    Please give your new doctor a big kiss for me. HE is wonderful.

    You've been in my prayers!

  26. That LV OB had a lot of guts challenging the rationality of a hormonal pregnant woman ON HORMONES! What amazing stupidity! I'll assume you took care of him?!?
    And I'm with Wendy on the birth control -- complete insanity with those hormones for the first year of our marriage,too -- til the hub and I both decided it was NOT worth it and I went off. I'm all about the localized hormones now! No side effects on me at all.
    I'll be praying for you, too - pregnancy is general upheaval in any woman, even without the complications. I had a friend in the same sit as you and she delivered (C-section) a 10 lb baby in July (her 3rd). They told her she shouldn't have any more after her 2nd. Sometimes God just has different ideas;)

  27. You mean to say that you have to post the post you wrote on that particular day? Oops! (Just call me poster #14) Hey, sorry you are feeling so bad. Just for the record, any hormone makes me crazy, sadly, esp. the ones I produce on my own.

  28. One blessing of "old age" is having the baby trauma over with; but the hormone issues still carry onward.
    When I get on the 'other side," I am definitely planning to have a Hormone discussion with the Powers That Be . But I do like your hubby too much to excuse showering him with coke! What a patient man!!

  29. Well, Mom - in my defense, it was a very small bottle. And it made his hair very shiny and lustrous.

    So I think in a way it was almost like I was doing him a favor. Sort of. Maybe.

  30. Oh Sue, I'm so sorry! I'm freaking insane when I'm pregnant (there's no controlling that crazy!) and I don't even take hormones! Stay away from my Peeps man! (I wish I could say something terribly funny, but I'm still reeling from the coke over his head, and your absolute hilariousness) :) I'm thinking of you though!

  31. Glad to hear all's okay (I mean, aside from the Coke dumping...) - I was worried!

  32. Dear Sue, I am praying for you and the tiny new addition to your family.

  33. I'd be quite relieve, too, if I found out my crazy was ligitimate. Congrats. (Serious congrats on hearing the heartbeat, too.)

    And now I will publish the funny when it comes, instead of saving it for Fridays. (p.s. I was thinking about Cordy today. Do you feel the need to finish her story? How's your manuscript coming? Just thinking and wondering...)

  34. Any and every hormone I've ever been on (including the ones in the Mirena IUD which supposedly don't go into your blood stream) has affected me the same way.

    Although I've never dumped coke on my husband.

    I'll have to tell him that story. That way he won't be so mad next time I explode. hahahaha.

    I am sorry you're going through that roller coaster. It is horrid. Hoping the hormones help the pregnancy stay where it's supposed to...

  35. OOOOOOoooooo I HATE when Dr.s are all, "Oh no, this is all in your head, you're not actually having a reaction to hormones." Stupid doctors.

    And you.

    I'm so trotting out this story when my husband's all, "You're crazy when you're pregnant."

  36. Wow, I so relate to this. I didn't have to take hormones when pregnant (oddly I always feel better when I'm pregnant) but I am taking mego-doses of hormones now because if I don't I have insanely heavy periods that last for weeks (like 6 to 7 weeks.) I'm a complete lune on these pills. And I didn't pour coke over my husband. What I did was slightly worse because it involved a minor. After having it up to HERE with my 10 year old son who may or may not have inherited my penchant for drama, I poured a glass of ice water that was conveniently in my hand over his head. Then he told his teacher. Which didn't help my anger issue.

  37. The coke!

    How did it feel?

  38. I'm impressed with your husband! The last time I pulled a stunt like that on my husband he put egg shells in the dishwasher. Though I wasn't pregnant... Is there another situation where you can pull a stunt like that with minimal reaction?

  39. I amy or may not have poured milk on my nephew's head while I was babysitting. Just saying. He was 2. And a twin. And destructive. And it was very early in the morning. But I'm not admitting to anything.

    Of course, I felt REALLY bad after the hypothetical pouring.

  40. I shall have to remember to drink non-sticky drinks and non-red drinks when I'm pregnant. I'm already a monthly mess on non-pregnant hormones.

    Isn't it amazing what medicine can do these days? I hope your husband brought you more Peeps.

  41. When I was pregnant with #8, Hubby made some rude remark about my just washed hair dripping on him when I walked past him to get into bed. I went back down stairs, chopped off my waist length hair to barely touching my shoulders and threw the wet hair at him. I think I said something about he wouldn't have to worry about it dripping on him anymore. He remarked that I was very touchy when I was pregnant. It took 8 children for him to discover this?

  42. I'm glad that you haven't been blogging under the influence. I feel that a slight typo might cause a very sorry keyboard to be exploded in the backyard using coke and pop rocks.


    However, I'm praying that these hormones are just what you need to make sure that that baby stays put!

    My sister in law went through the same thing ... she was miserable ... but now we have my beautiful nephew!

    And we all know that husbands forget about the irrational when they see that baby move!

    So sorry about the loss of the Friday Carnival ... maybe another time :)

  43. I don't care how technically competent an OB (or for that matter, any doctor) is, if he's gonna make me feel like a jerk, he's not the doctor for me. I've never been pregnant, but my gynecologist cares for every woman in my family (which is a little weird, but anywho...), and he's never been anything but completely awesome with any of us, especially my sister, who had 3 miscarriages and a stillbirth.

  44. Perhaps I should talk to my mid-wifey nursey people and see if they can prescribe me some hormones. At least, then I'd have some explanation for myself. Wow. What would that be like?

    You really locked him out? Really?

    Oh, teeheehheeee

  45. Once again, you have made me laugh out loud. I hate it when someone eats the last Peep, especially when you have plans for it to get slightly hardened and dipped in a nice hot cup of cocoa. You go to the cupboard and all that is left is the empty carton with sprinkles of colored sugar. The yelling begins and then the late night trip to the store just to start the process all over again and wait for that last one to get slightly hardened. I think I need some hormones.

  46. I have to shake my head at the fact that your (male) doctor wouldn't think taking the hormones would account for your "mood swings". He's an OB, right? Has he not heard of PMS??? Seems like a no brainer to me. Thankfully our new OB has confirmed what you felt all along. Feels good to know you're not crazy, huh? :)

  47. I feel for ya, lady.

  48. Holy cow.

    First: Your Vegas doctor, great though he may have been about getting the kids into the world, deserves at least a SMALL Coke to the head. But just a small one. We'll spare him the 2-liter bottle because you DO have gorgeous kids.

    Second: Sorry about the hormones. (I'm starting to think I'll skip the whole pregnancy thing and just adopt. ;D)

    Third: Do you have saints in the Mormon church? Because I kind of think your husband should be nominated. Come on, a Coke AND a lockout? He's a saint. (Does he have a brother? Who's single? That last part's important. Ha!)

    Love and prayers to you.

  49. Ever read Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy? Funny book. Twice the author discovered she was pregnant because she 1) threw something at her husband and 2) tried to tear the steering wheel out of his hand. So you don't have to be on hormones to be crazy angry while pregnant, though it helps.

    If you wanna start a fake rant war with each other to relieve tension, I am up for it.

  50. When I was all jacked up on hormones trying to get pregnant (which never worked) I would tell hubs that it wasn't personal, it was hormonal. Before I threw something at his head.

  51. Yeah I've been having trouble coming up with something funny when all I want to do is rock in the corner and cry. I don't have the baby on board excuse it's just all me all the time. Wheee.

    The funny - she comes when she wants to and you can't force her no matter how much chocolate you offer.

  52. This is what I love about blogging. Namely, that we can vent about our issues, be honest about our problems, and we become inevitably surrounded by people who can relate so we feel less horrible about ourselves. Add to that the ability to make it funny and that's why your blog is so successful. Happy Gestating! I'm working on a pin that says that.

  53. I am glad that your hubby loves you. I would have been mad at myself for wasting the Coke!

    I am glad the baby is doing well and hope that you get to go off the juice sooN!!

  54. No, it totally wouldn't work on Saturday. Nobody blogs on Saturday.

    I really hope the baby appreciates the hormones, cause it sounds rough over there.

    But Peeps are serious business. And hey, if people leave, they get locked out sometimes. Is a risk you take.

  55. All I can say is hang in there --not very original is it. BUT I love that you poured some coke on hubby's head. I am in menopause, and my hormones run amuk too-----sometimes I feel positively EVIL (kinda like it)

  56. Ahhh! You were back for one day. And now you are gone. I missed it. The one day out of the last couple of weeks that you are feeling up to posting and I see it days late. Oh well. Even late, it was still funny. Insane and funny. A good mix.

    Praying for you and the wee little one who is causing all of this (welcome) chaos in your life. :)


    PS My husband's going to kill me for commenting on a hormonal woman's blog under his google accnt. Again. I guess I should start my new blog someday....

  57. All you and a little thing called pregnancy.

    Sorry I didn't comment last time I read this. (Yeah, I'm that lame. I read your posts more than once sometimes. Mostly when I'm just missing you.)

    Anyhow...your Coke dumping reminds me of a fight my husband and I had during my first pregnancy which ended when I nailed him with a container of Obsession-scented body power. His response is the reason we're still married. He calmly said, "Wow. I smell pretty. I think I'll take a little walk." And then he took a nice long walk. Wise man. Very wise.

  58. I love the doctors who make you feel stupid. When I am on birth control pills, I HATE my husband. No one else. My children are fine, my friends...whatever, but every single thing that comes out of my husband's mouth is irritating. I have never mentioned it to a doctor because I know they would tell me I'm nuts, but I know I'm not. The second I stop taking them all is miraculously right with the world. Hormones are evil.
    -Catherine (a blog stalker with no blog)

  59. When you said you poured a bottle of coke over your hubby's head, I laughed out loud. I'm so sorry you've got tough problems with these hormones, but this post was hysterical. I'm sure your family may feel slightly different.

    Best wishes on your pregnancy.

  60. Hey! I'm gone for a bit and you go get yourself pregnant?

    Hormones are crazy things. Ask your husband to try to remember how he felt at fifteen - that should get some sympathy.

    Keep on gestating!

  61. Um, hello. I do believe that hormone is progesterone and I have lived it twice. I won't say anything about your Coke incident if you won't hear about my doorknob throwing incident. The end.

  62. You're freakin' crazy! I mean that in the nicest way possible. I'm pretty sure my husband still wouldn't be talking to me if I poured Coke on his head. You couldn't even make it a diet so he didn't have to deal with the sticky?
    My bro-in-law was lippin' off to my sister one time about how she hadn't put this or that in the right place so she got a can of cheese dip and put it upside down on his head and asked "is that where THIS goes????" He, too, is a patient man.
    And there is no sweeter sound in the world than the first time you hear that "whoosh-whoosh-whoosh". Congrats!

  63. So THAT'S why we need to put Coke in our food storage.

  64. I wonder if there's a difference in the way it's taken?

    I'm 20 weeks pregnant and had to take it through the first trimester. I did a lot of research and since it made me nauseated to take it orally, I took it "the other way". It worked and was fine with my ob as long as my levels stayed up.

    Good luck with your little blessing!

  65. I had crazy mood swings when they put me on hormones to sustain my pregnancies too. It's so NOT you! Crazy doctors trying to make you feel like it's your fault and in your head! Good luck with the pregnancy. I'm near the end of mine now and can't wait!! LOVE that you poured coke over his head. That's a good one! :)

  66. Wow, I go away for a couple weeks and I miss your announcement! Congratulations!! I hope things go smoothly. :)

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. I've been a lurker on your blog for quite some time and I think you are one of the most talented (and hilarious!) writers out there! CONGRATS on your pregnancy. I really hope everything goes well with your potential book deal, I'd be one of the first to buy!!

    I recently launched my own blog and I'd love for you to check it out ;)


  69. How are things going? Haven't heard any news ... you haven't hormonally killed someone and have gone into hiding have you?

  70. Still laughing about this post, and many of the comments. There's another way to take a hormone other than orally? Yowza - I have so much to learn.

    Anyway, hope things are going well for you and the peanut (and all the other crazy nuts you live with). Oh, okay, that was cheesy, but you know what I mean.


  71. I had to do the hormone thing with my babies also...pushed my husband down the stairs once...and was on my way out the door once to lay down in the middle of University Ave. in Provo (we lived in student housing, we were trailer trash back then), yep, I was going to let someone run me over! Hubby was laughing so hard he could barely hold me back!

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  73. I'm a lunatic, but I have no medical reason whatsoever. I just am.

    I'm so glad they've found something to help you bring your children along, though! Whatever it takes, right? And Coke washes out...

  74. Hormones are known to cause mood swings. How odd your first OB said they don't. But even if they don't, worrying about your baby would drive any mom crazy. Just reading your post made me want to snap at my husband for something. It sounds like you're in good hands, though. Everything will be fine.

  75. Just wanted to say that I miss you in the blogosphere, Sue. Hope the hormone induced crazies are not too much and the pregnancy is going ok.

  76. Sue,
    I had a very similar experience with Clomid, Progesterone and a stupid Dr.
    I was on Clomid for 4 months when I had mentioned to my A-Hole Dr. that I was having these crazy eradict mood swings and he said, "Isn't that normal for you?" I said not like this - like homicidal crazy he didn't believe me told me it wouldn't make me do anything I didn't already feel - or some crap. So we dumped him. When we say our fertility specialist he gave me progesterone I had to take, every ovulation cycle until and for 4 months after I finally conceived,taken of course via rectal canal - they made me sappy and weepy. He actually had validated me and my opinions on the Clomid and the Progesterone - I gained over 35lbs on the hormone treatments and I got super hairy to boot. So your vegas Doc must have gone to the same school as my CC doc and anyone who knows anything knows that the hormones jack you up emotionally and physically. Hang in there! Can't wait to see the baby!


    I also found a support group online for husbands(for Don) whose wives were on fertility and hormone treatments, one of the husbands called the week of clomid "Hell Week" you should find it.

  78. wow, thanks for sharing....i love the honesty. it's information like this that can help someone else who may be going through something similar.

  79. I'm feeling mildly depressed and cynical myself, this Saturday. I just went to my OB and found out that the IUD I've had for the last 2.5 years I didn't have to have. It gave me longer, heavier periods, and I only got it because I was nursing at the time and it was non-hormonal. I found out that the hormonal one has such low doses that I could've had it while nursing. And had like NO period.

    OBs can be so dumb sometimes. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and keeping your other family members alive!

  80. Good luck mama!! I will keep you in my thoughts!

  81. Hey,
    I'm not a regular, but sometimes stop over from MMB. I had to take hormones (and not orally, either) for my 2nd, bled every day, yada yada yada. This was becuase we've lost 3 and we fought for this one tooth and nail. Needless to say, I feel your pain man. Not that my empathy makes your time any easier. I hope you're doing well and even though I really don't know you, you've been on my mind. I'm thinking of you and your journey.

  82. Where have you been? I miss your posts!

  83. thinking about you and hoping you are doing well!!!!

  84. HI....
    Just wanted to stop by and wish you well. Hope all things are good.

  85. Some how I missed these last two posts. I hope things get better soon. My husband actually threw my birth control pills away one day because they made me absolutely crazy emotional. I got better once I stopped, but then I got pregnant and had those hormones to do the same thing the pills were doing. Now the kids I have do what the pills and the hormones were doing. It's never ending and inescapable.

  86. It's been three weeks. I don't know about the rest of these people ... but I hope that things are OK.

  87. Hey, Sue. Hope things are going well. Miss you.


  88. Newbie reader here, curled up in laughter. Thanks for the entertainment! (And hope all is well with the babe.)