Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Can't Think of a Clever Post Title for a Post About Picking a Clever Book Title. THE IRONY. (Wait, Is That Irony? I Forget.)

Pin It I'm working to finalize the entries that will be included in the the book we're putting together to try to raise a few more dollars for the NieNie fund. It's a book of amusing posts/stories, contributed by a lot of different bloggers.

But there's a little problem - I don't like the title I picked out on the fly for the NieNie book - Sometimes Life is Funny. It was supposed to be a working title - not an ACTUAL title.

(OK, fine, maybe I thought it would be the actual title, but then after several, ahem, rather large hints about the quantity of lameness associated with my title, I started to have second thoughts. The ability to second guess myself - it's a gift.)

Since I am currently brain dead and behind on my non-blogging oriented writing (yeah - the blogging I manage to keep up with just fine - imagine that) - the writing that actually pays the bills around here - and since I'm feeling somewhat humor impaired, I need your help.

I'm taking suggestions for a new title. Something cleverish woud be great.

Please give me your best suggestions in the comments. The winning entry gets - well... Um.... Nothing actually. (I'm saving all of my money for pie.)

OK, wait - the winner gets a big old link front and center on my blog for a week. I can't promise you'll be blog famous, but you'll be at least as famous as me.

Which is to say - not really all that famous.


It's the thought that counts.

Or something.

Ready, Set, GO.


  1. The Joys of Life ??? Sorry, my creativity is completely vacant today :/ I'll keep trying to be creative.

  2. How about, Buy this book and you'll be awesome...maybe.

    kidding. I went to a random title generator and these are the best ones they gave me....

    The Wild Female
    The Gaelic Hunter's Captive Bride
    The Nordic Dragon Emperor's Depraved Mistress
    The Reluctant Feminist

    Alright, so maybe they're not quite fitting. I didn't promise they'd be good suggestions...

  3. Um. Wow.



  4. Ooh, bummer. I'm really good at post titles and really lame at book titles. So far I'm stuck at "Laugh it Up" which is bordering on superawesomeness, but sometimes if I let these things percolate, I end up with an idea. So it's percolating.

  5. You already wrote it in this post:

    "Something Cleverish Would Be Great"

    I love that title! :)

  6. How about an Ecclesiastes/Simon and Garfunkel inspired something?

    Like: A Time to Laugh
    Seasons of love and laughter

    something something...


  7. How about:

    Isn't it Ironic? Wait, is that irony? I forget.

    JK. But that made me laugh, like always. Good luck with your search for a new title!

  8. How about, "I'm Not Laughing AT You..."?

  9. I like Greenjellos idea. That would fit really well.

  10. Ummm...

    Love, Laugh, Heal
    Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Laughter is the Remedy
    Hilariously Blogoriffic

    I am so not good at this either

  11. Okay, how 'bout this...

    Sometimes, All There Is Left To Do Is Laugh




    The Funny Side of Life

    Maybe those will at least help get the ball rolling!

  12. The Best Medicine

  13. Ramblings of Real People

    Sometimes You Just Need to Laugh

    Laughter Lifts

    Blogs on Paper

    People Blogging Out Loud

    Blogs Out Loud

    Stack of Blogs

    Compilation of Good Reads

    Compilation of Blogs

    Compilation of Funny Blogs

    Life: Interpret at Your Own Risk

    I'll come back if I think of more. I'm not the best at cute witty things.

  14. Oh just read the, "I'm Not Laughing AT You...." I like that one, too!

  15. Blogging for Dollars - Bloggers Helping Nie Nie, a Labor of Love and Laughter

  16. How about
    A day in the Life
    A day in A Life
    Lifes Laughs

    sorry, not that original. You should totally let the most unoriginal suggestion maker get at the top of your blog for a day or two. That'd be cool.

  17. I know we're not voting, but I vote for greenjello's suggestion:

    "Something Cleverish Would Be Great"

    Everyone's trying to be clever these days. :) I think it's perfect.

    Other than that I have nothing to add. Sorry!

  18. Sue,
    I am a first time commenter. I love your blog and after my title ideas, you may just ask me to go back to stalking :)

    Because Life is Funny...and that's how we survive.

    Life Lessons Through Laughter

    Funny For Money (for a good cause)

    Live, Love, Laugh...and then blog about it

    Blognog (just in time for the holidays :)

    Hot Blog, We're Funny

    Blog-a-bing, Blog-a-bing

  19. Survival by Laughter

    Stealing from Juno here, "Honest to Blog?"

  20. I like letting people know that it's a labor of love - how about title with a tagline...

    For some reason this title came to me:

    The Smile Storm:
    A Labor of Love and Laughter

    Maybe more later...

  21. I'm loving the 'Something Cleverish Would be Great'.


    Blah(g), Blah(g), Blah(g)

  22. You Either Laugh or Cry
    It's Laugh or Cry
    something like that.

    So far I like green jello's/yours: Something Cleverish Would Be Great

    and Rob and Michelle's: I'm Not Laughing AT you. . .

  23. Sometimes You Have to Laugh

  24. I'm tired and scared because I'm having a tooth out in an hour, but here goes:

    BlogLaughs: When You Dig Deep, You Get Gold

    ROTFL: Stories of Mirth From Blogland

    Funny Stuff: Stories That Make You Laugh and Feel Better About Your Own Life

    Wanna Laugh? How About Stories of Misfortune, Children, Animals, and Random Acts Of Stupidity.

    Or any mix or variation of them.
    I'll keep thinking. I stink at titles.

  25. Well, at Least I thought it Was Funny

  26. I like "I'm not laughing AT you" and also "Something cleverish would be great". I laughed out loud at both of those.

    I really liked the original working title!

    How about
    "You Might as Well Laugh WITH Me."

  27. how 'bout....

    Other peoples lives are more interesting..that's why we blog.

  28. The Morning Laughter?

    Before and Laughter?

    The Quiet Laughter the Storm? (Okay that one's even lamer than the other two)

    Happily Ever Laughter?

    Okay, okay, I'll spare you.

  29. Here are a few ideas:

    Shooting Milk Out Your Nose (and other adventures in laughing together)

    Because it's funny, that's why.

    From Giggles to Guffaws: Learning to Laugh at Ourselves

    Laughter is a team effort

    Sorry, I kind of go off on subtitles and stuff.

  30. Personally, I would look at one of the stories in the book that contains a clever or humorous line, like "and then the dog said 'oink!'" and use that as a title.
    ...And Then the Dog Said, "Oink!"
    and other true stories

    Or input a funny word from one of the stories, for example "Fudgekickers".
    Tears, Joy, and Fudgekickers: Clever Stories from the Mundane Life

    Then there's:
    You Can Trust Me, I'll Only Tell My Blog

    And the punny:
    Nie Slappers

    Well, that's it out of this sleep-deprived cranium. Whatever you don't use, I'll end up using sometime on my blog, so the rest of you back off!! Mine, MINE!

  31. I was gonna suggest something on the "laugh or cry" theme.

    Plus you need an infomative subtitle that mentions "Mommy Bloggers," right?

    Either Laugh or Cry: Reflections on the Lighter Side from Mommy Bloggers

    Funny Bones: Mommy Bloggers Stories

    Or how about pulling in some ideas from the submissions themselves. A list of things from the entries:

    Diapers, Snot, Minivans, and Eggos: Tales of the Lighter Side from Mommy Bloggers

    Mishaps and Mayhem: Funny Stories from Mommy Bloggers

    Who Is That Child and Why Is She Picking Her Nose?: All-True Stories from Mommy Bloggers

    I Didn't Sign up for This--Wait, yes I did: Tales of Mayhem and Hilarity from Mommy Bloggers

    Might as Well Laugh: True Life Tales from Mommy Bloggers

  32. "It's Funny Because It's True!"

  33. I like 'something cleverish...'

    maybe something with one post at a time or post by post or posting for laughs? or something about lacking grammar and punctuation but swimming in laughs??
    I dunno.

  34. Just as an aside (not to discourage you, Adhis), I think we should avoid the label of Mommy Bloggers because not all of the entries are from Mommy bloggers, are they? I should think the more general "blogger" would be better.

  35. Choosing a book title is not easy. My book had two names before it was purchased and then the editor didn't like it (even though it was clearly perfect!) I spent three agonizing days coming up with about 150 titles and then whittling those down to ten that I sent to my editor. I told her --you choose. And she did and now that I am used to it, I love it. You, however, are very clever(ish) and no doubt will come up with the perfect thing.

  36. How about
    "A Case of Writer's Blog".
    "Easy as Falling Off a Blog".
    "My Blog Ate My Homework".
    "Living High on the Blog".
    "Once More Around the Blog".
    "New Kid on the Blog".

    Or, a sure-fire instant best-seller - "War and Peace"

    (what? it's been done? rats...)

  37. Right off the top of my head I came up with:

    "Mom"entary Insanity

    I can't decide if it's lame or not....

  38. Oooh, i like Hot Blog! We're funny and Nie Slappers! :)

    Perhaps it would be too presumptuous (on more than one level) to call it Beware the Escapee Pee or something like Moist Panties or Damp Skibs......but then again, the latter may be interpreted entirely inappropriately:(

  39. I don't know what you're talking about; that's one of the best post titles EVER.

    I don't actually think "Sometimes Life is Funny" is too horribly awful.

    I haven't read all 38 comments; I've read like 4 -- but I'm like Melanie in that post titles are much easier than book titles. Maybe I'll ask my husband for ideas. He's the engineer and I'm the English major, but, in a cruel twist of fate, he's much better at clever names.

  40. Okay I read the comments and there are a few I like in there -- but I'm too lazy to go back and tell you which ones. But I do think it's a great idea to incorporate something specific from one or two of the submissions. (That's probably why naming posts is easier; you can pull something in from the post so it's not too generic.)

    Oh, and I did think of

    Niener Niener Niener

    but that's not my actual submission.

  41. I think it would be funny to play off the "for Dummies" series..

    So something like:

    "Laughter for Dummies"

    "Funny Stories for Dummies"

    "Everyday Funnies for Dummies"

    Or something else cleverish.

    I think if you include Moms or Bloggers in the title, you exclude a lot of people who don't blog.. or men who do.

    Good luck! Can't wait for it to come out!

  42. But... but ... I didn't say anything about Mommy Bloggers. That was angela michelle, or both.

  43. I am not sure the the phrase "for Dummies" is copyrighted... but if it is, you could always say

    "Everyday Funnies from Dummies"

    but still use graphics that are somewhat similar-ish so people make the connection but realize it's not from the same series.

    Or not.

  44. I'm begging you - don't use anything with the word "laugh" or "funny" in it. Just trust me on that one. "Joy" is also out.

    Easy as Falling Off a Blog (mentioned a few comments up) gets my vote. Unless, of course, I think of something better...let's see...

    Blog This Book (that's a take-off on Steal This Book, which you are probably too young to know about)


    LOL, My A**...(I don't know why I just typed that - sorry)

    Taking Over The World, One Post At A Time

    Taking Over The World, One LOL At A Time

    The Truth About Bloggers and Mind Control (hey, it will make people look twice, right?)

    Blogging Ain't For Sissies

    If You Can't Take The Comments, Get Out Of The Blogosphere

    Comment This, Suckahs! (What is it with me today?)

    You Readin' About Me?

    Stop Looking!

    I think I have to return to this later - I'm sounding too weird.

  45. How about "The Book of Blogs"

    Or "Cathartic Typing: Blogging with a cause, for a cause"

    That's it. I'm out. Impressive, huh? Okay, not really...

    If anyone comes across my brain or wit, please let me know. The last time I saw either was before I had children.

  46. I was totally going to say "Something Cleverish" before I read any of the other 5 million comments that already said it. I also kind of like "The Gaelic Hunter's Captive Bride." And a few of the others (a couple of suburbancorrespondent's...).

  47. I thnk it should be something that reflects Stephanie (Nie Nie) because that's who it's for. She blogged about the simple joys of life, finding the romance in life, etc. I think the title should reflect that.

    -It's the little things
    -the simple joys of life
    -finding the romance in dirty laundry and dirty diapers
    -everyday joys

  48. As much as I would LOVE a link on your blog, I cannot for the life of me think of anything better than
    "Nie Slappers"
    That one gets my vote.

  49. Sometimes Life Smells Like Feet

    Has the Blorld Gone Mad?!

    Is Someone Chopping Onions?

    How to Succeed in Blogging Without Even Buying a Puppy

    I Didn't Win That Giveaway, But I'm

    If you don't buy this book I'll assume you're a racist

  50. Um, how about "The Happy Lurker"?
    or "I'd Like My Slice of Life a la Mode"

  51. How about these:

    From The Rooftops: Stories on life, love, and the pursuit of laundry

    Dandelions Are Flowers Too: Stories about blah blah blah

    If I come up with any more I'll let you know.

  52. I just read the other suggestions and Mary's get all my votes.

  53. How about...
    Snort Inducing

    but honestly? I also Like Greenjellos idea :)

  54. If you don't buy this book, I'll assume your racist IS kind of catchy ;>

  55. I thought the Funny for Money (for a good cause) was a good one.

  56. "If only the clever blogged, the 'sphere would be pretty quiet."

  57. "Want to know if your family is normal?"

  58. How about--

    "You're not going to blog about this, ARE YOU?!"

  59. ...and then we laugh

    You Can Always Laugh

    So Happy Together

    Life's a Laugh

    Stuff Happens...And Then We Blog About It

  60. I like "Honest to Blog" and the "You can trust me, I'll only tell my blog..."

    Not that we're voting or anything...

  61. Laughter is contagious... hope you arent immune!

    Giggle Therapy

    Do you jiggle when you giggle? Read and find out

  62. How about "I'm SO blogging this!" (I didn't make it up--my daughter went shopping with my money and all she got me was this stupid button that said . . . And I blogged about it. How could I not?)

  63. Your Mom.

    No really, that's all I can come up with. My brain is gone.

    Your Mom.

  64. Choose to Laugh.
    Laugh, Because Crying Makes Your Head Hurt.

    this is from my favorite quote by marjorie hinckley... from Glimpses. She says sometimes you have to laugh or cry, i choose to laugh because crying makes my head hurt...

    not uber original, sorry.

  65. tobymine's "Your Mom" made me laugh aloud.

  66. Sue! I just sent you an email re: Disneyland. Hurry! Rescue it from the spam filter! LOL :)


  67. how about 'so awesome i might get arrested' reallly, i insist, go ahead and use it:0

    seriously...'Something Cleverish Would Be Great" would be, well, great.

  68. Sorry, Adhis. Apparently I've gone quite insane. I could have sworn it was your post directly above mine, but obviously not. Hm. I liked your "Nie Slappers," by the way.

    Anyway, please no "Mommy Blogger" titles.

  69. Something Light for a Dark Day

    Love and Laughs for Nie and Me

    Titles are Overrated

    My Mom's Funnier than Your Mom

    Something to Read While the Internet's Down or Diabolical Dial-up Turns Blogger to Books

    [Missing you. :)]

  70. "It's laugh or cry around here" Yeah, I know it's been said but I had the idea before I read that someone else had the idea so that still counts right?

    "Something cleverish would be great" That one's yours in case you forgot, but I like it.
    "...and then the toddler stole the car." That one is mine (both the title and the two-year-old felon).
    "Did I sign up for this?"
    "I'm just saying..."

    And some other clever titles.

  71. Nie Slappers made me giggle.

  72. Okay. I might be the only one that only wants to be famous so I say...
    Blogging for Fame

    Keeping our Toddlers Out of Jail

    Mom's search for Imfamy

    Mom's search for Fame

    Truth, lies and Motherhood.

    Make it up as you go

    Something Clever this way comes.

    That's all I can think of right now. Good luck.

  73. one more vote for, "blah(g)" "blah(g)" "blah(g)"

  74. Or I just saw it's funny because it's true, but my husband always says,

    "It's Funny Cause It's Real"

  75. I like Something Cleverish and Blah(g), Blah(g) Blah(G). And All of Mary's. But I think blah(g), blah(g), blah(g) is very memorable.

  76. I like just plain "Cleverish"

  77. Sue! More email re: Disneyland! Just wanted to make sure you got it. Let me know when the spam filter stops blocking me; I feel sort of silly leaving comments in your blog to tell you that you have an email! LOL!


  78. I'm with Annie. I vote for all of Mary's.

    Or the suggestion to find a line inside one of the submissions. I think a lot of great titles come from that.

  79. I knew Mary would come through for us. I'm especially partial to How to Succeed in Blogging Without Even Buying a Puppy.

    The overstrike HTML tag won't work in comments, so you'll have to imagine this, but how 'bout:

    Bloggers whining [crossed out] posting pictures of puppies [crossed out]
    begging for attention [crossed out]
    documenting minutia [crossed out]
    avoiding real work [crossed out]
    seeking world domination [crossed out]Raising money for Nie Nie! [NOT crossed out.]

    (Wish I could just use the code and make it look right.)

  80. I like "War and Peace". I went to "Denae"'s blog and it's called "thebackorderedlife" and I thought that would be clever...

    "My Real Life Was Backordered"

    So how about that?

    But enter it under her, not me. My blog's not funny. lol

  81. I swear, I was totally gonna say "Blog, Blog, Blog" but then I thought. "Yadda, Yadda, Yadda, Blog, Blog, Blog". You could always go with "Tragedy + Time = Comedy" which is one of my favorite sayings. And then there's always "leave mommy alone she's typing."

  82. Oh, i just thought of another one "Comment or Die"!!

  83. "Laughter Makes Me Cry"

    "Bylines and Punchlines"

    "So You Think You"re Funny?"

    Okay, sorry, lame suggestions. But it's late and creativity is not my thing at 1 am.

  84. Life Is Funny That Way

    I suck at this.

    (that could be a title suggestion or a commentary on my title-suggesting ability. Your pick.)


  85. Being very new to the community of blogger and have just found nienie I am really green. I also just happened on yours today, and having read nienie this week I am so raw.

    When I heard about the book...
    I think I just felt so much for her. She doesn't even consciously know what she is waking up to.

    So my thought for book title is:

    Waking Up To My New Life.

    I think that she will probably need to read her own book to truly know what the rest of the world knows about her.

    You are an awesome writer. I like your blog and plan to post in on my page right now. Thanks and keep writing.

  86. The Fine Print of Life No One Told You About.

    Got nothing else - I'll come back if I can think of something.

  87. Blog of the Rings.

    The Blogfather.

    Yes. I am creative like that.

  88. How about

    Blog Love & Laughter

    Careful, or You'll End Up in My Blog


    Laughter Heals (since we are all praying for Healing for Nie Nie?)

  89. "For the Love of Blogging: Helping Nie Nie Get Her Groove Back"

    I know, I know... I'm usually a lurker. But what a great cause. Keep up the good work -- philanthropic and writing-wise. Oh, and sbc's suggestions made me laugh; I often see her comments on other blogs, and these WERE a bit weird, weren't they? (lol)

  90. That's it! I like jolyn's suggestion!

  91. The Great Big Book of Nothing in Particular

  92. I Guess You Had to Be There

    or The Gaelic Hunter's Captive Bride...

  93. How about just a slight variation to your original idea?

    "Sometimes Life Is FunNie"

  94. I'm quite partial to Liz's "Leave mommy alone she's typing." I also kinda like Just randi's "You might as well laugh WITH me."

  95. Two more thoughts:

    "Just Humor Nie"


    "FunNie Is As FunNie Does"


    "Humor a la Nie"


    "Life Is Just a Bowl of FunNie"


    "FunNIEst Blogs: Here "
    (The "here" should be blue, like a link)

  96. I've read a bunch of these - most of which I find rather bland even though I don't have a better suggestion. However, my vote is for Nie Slappers. I think that right there is clever.

  97. hey look - two Sues. :>

  98. yeah but your title has to say something about what the book is about--and is the book not made up from stuff from moms' blogs? or at least blogs?
    if it's a duck you gotta call it a duck. (that's a comment, not a title)

  99. Yeah, that's what I said though. Just use the generic "blogger" because not all of them come from mommies. That's all I was saying.



  101. Blogdor! Burninating the Village.
    I Remembered to Brush My Teeth, but. . .
    I like the whole "Cleverish" idea, but maybe combined with something else.
    Like: Cleverish and Snort Inducing
    or Cleverish and Bloggy: FunNie Stories to make you snort milk out your nose.
    Blogthors and the Cleverish Life (Blogthor is from Mary's blog)
    Umm yeah.

  102. How about

    oops... I blogged myself.

    It is NOT the name of my cousin's blog who doesn't actually write anything. (Yes, it is.) I think if you really like it, I can easily avoid lawsuits with a couple of well placed Innout gift certificates.

  103. well, I'm a little new and I"m not totally up to speed on the whole NieNie thing ( I only just learned the story)...but how about "Laugh, Cry, and Wonder Why"
    this is my FINAL entry....

    dang it, that should have been my actual blog name...why didn't I think of that earlier!? I'm gonna go register it right now! (but you canhave it for your book.)

  104. "Anything you say can and will be used for blog material."

    I actually don't think that should be the title, but I think it should be like on the front page or something.


    Blog Like Me

    Humor Me

    Sentence Fragments and Run-on Sentences: The Blog Book Extraordinaire.

  105. All the stuff I'm coming up with's been said: laugh not cry, bloggers taking over the world,

    I like Nie Slappers. (With some kind of sub title)

    Real women, real life, really worth reading. (nothing like BEGGING people to buy your book!)

    My kids are driving me crazy and I can't think. I doubt I'd be able to come up with anything cleverish anyway.

    Good luck.

  106. I like "Comment or Die!" and also the cleverish thing, and also something with Nie's name - the FunNies, or something like that. I REALLY like Nie Slappers, except that...we're not all about slapping Nie, so, um, not sure.

  107. I have to check with her family to see how they would feel about using her name in the title. I mean, it's for her, but still. I would feel presumptuous.


    You know I never plan that. You do know that, right? It just happens.

  109. Maybe "Laughter: The Best Medicine"

    ...or something like it. Not sure if it's already been proposed. There's so many comments!!

  110. I liked Steph @ Diapers and Divinity idea but would like to change it up a bit to

    Grins, Giggles and Guffaws

    Make Mine Mirth

    Giving Mirth is Marvelous

    I also liked the idea of working Nie Slappers into some sort of subtitle.

    The "something cleverish" is good, but really doesn't reflect the humor idea that you want to portray. But that's just my opinion.

  111. Ok forget about my suggestion. Apparently, "denae" already has that copyrighted :)

  112. I vote we don't use Nie's name in the title. I'm also with Suburban Correspondent--no 'funny' in the title.

    My favorites so far:

    Comment or Die

    Something Cleverish Would be Great

    I'm Totally Blogging This

  113. I'm sure that you were totally waiting for the 113th comment to give you exactly what you were hoping for, but I had a couple more ideas:

    The Good, the Bad, and the Blogly.

    Or.. What if the title came from the word BLOGS where the letters would be graphic-designish (see, I can make up words too) and stand out. Something like:




    get it? Wow, I'm cleverish.

  114. oh great, I waited too long and ended up being 114th. Curses, foiled!!

  115. How about:
    I've thinking about going private

    I love Comment or Die.

    Bloggirls Gone Wild?

  116. I'm Thinking of Going Private--

    I love it.

  117. I love "I'm thinking of going private," but in my mind that one belongs to TAMN.

    I really DON'T like "Nie Slappers" because I just can't read it without picturing Stephanie being slapped by a bunch of bloggers, which is SO not what she needs right now. (Sorry, to inflict my literal side on y'all.)

    I was trying to think if there were any other knee expressions, but since all I came up with was "knee to the groin," I think it's definitely time for me to get some sleep. Wait, there's also "on bended knee" or "getting down on our knees" -- wow, this is spiraling downwards precipitously.

  118. I'm just thinking that you want to sell this book to more than just Nie followers and if you don't read Nie you'll be like
    "HUH?" when you see the title and you won't pick it up. Just my thoughts, less than 2 cents worth.

    For titles I thought of

    -It's a Gift <--(taken from your post)

    -Tales from the Blogosphere

    -And Then I Blogged

    -Blogging About

    Meh, not great but there you go :)

  119. If not using Nie in the title, how about

    Sit Long, Blog Much

    Blog Jam


    Once Upon A Blog

    If You Blog It, They Will Come

  120. How about, "You Better Laugh!"

    "When Laughter's All That's Left"

    "Insights to the Cleverish Minds of Us"

    or maybe just plain old:


  121. All y'all are too funny!


    As the blogshpere turns . . .

    Type and they will come . . .

    A glob of blog :) (ok they are just cheesy)

    Good day to all!

  122. Hey, I just thought of a few more

    Those who can do, Those who can't blog...

    Blog Till You Drop

    Link This

    by the way all of you ladies are hilarious!!

  123. 'If You Blog It, They Will Come'

    I love that one!!! That's exactly what happened.

  124. If you give a mom a keyboard.....

  125. "Something FunNie This way Comes"

    "Leave Me Alone, I'm Blogging"

    "The Importance of Minutia"

    "This Book is So Random"

    "Its No Wonder the Kids are Crazy..."


    "I'm Kind Of a Big Deal On My Blog"

    (that one's not original to me...sorry but I don't think anybody else entered it.)

  126. If you want the book to sell, titles like this
    always fly off the shelves.....


  127. Oh, For Blogging Out Loud....

    I think you may have shot yourself in the foot. How the heck are you supposed to pick after all these awesome suggestions??!!


  128. I definitely liked the, "I'm thinking of going private."

    And then have a subtitle that says something about bloggers and humor.

  129. "Contests" like this paralyze me. I want so badly to think of something awesome, amazing, worthy of being turned into a vinyl lettered plaque to make at Enrichment night, and yet I sit here and go, "Duhhhhh..." while hitting my forehead with my fist.

    Sorry, was that visual too heavy?

  130. Oh, Sometimes, All There Is Left To Do Is Laugh is good,and so is the Best Medicine. I've gotta go save someone's freakin' chord, whatever that is...

  131. Since there are already um, like a hundred and fifty billion comments, it's statistically possible that someone has already suggested this one. But here goes:

    Life happens


  132. i really love all the nie nie pun titles. but just in case the family doesn't want her name used-- these are my suggestions:

    i went through some of my favorite nie nie posts and changed some of the phrases to be appropriate for a title. maybe they are lame but this is the best i got tonight:

    laugh in heavenly joy

    one funny day down, millions more to go

    nicknames and being irresponsible: funniest posts from around the world

    bliss on earth

    perfecting the laugh

    writing blissful cheer

  133. Just call it "Cleverish"

  134. This is so late in the game, but here are a couple for your consideration:

    "When Life is Funny, Take Note and Post It."

    "Humorous Antidotes (Oops, I Mean Anecdotes)"

  135. For the record, I don't jog and have never lost 50 lbs. blogging...if only it were that easy. :)
    My real suggested title:

    Surrounded by Grace.

  136. I am not very good at this but I am going to take a stab at it.

    If you don't laugh you might just cry...

    Laughter Makes Life Lighter

    When all else fails...LAUGH!

  137. Here's my try:

    When in doubt, Laugh.

    Have a Good Laugh & Blog Me in the Morning.

    Because I Can

    BTW - I liked your "working title"...... so maybe I'm the wrong one to be giving suggestions.

    Good luck!

  138. How about, "I just wet my pants"?

    If that's too much for you, go with, "Laughing happens when you're really living."

  139. Gettin' Our Blog On

    Practically Perfect Posts

    The Bloggers Book of Practically Perfect Posts

  140. How about...

    It's Funny Cuz It's True


    The Smiles are Free, the Laughs are Gonna Cost You.


    We're Funny and You're Glue...

    (Kay, I really should eat breakfast now..:)

  141. How about:

    Keyboard Cacklings: Blogging for Laughs
    Keyboard Ramblings
    Belly Laughs from Cyberspace
    I Blog For My Sanity
    Laughing in your PJ's: Bloggers Unite for a cause

    Just a couple of thoughts from my cerebral front porch! Good Luck, I can't wait 'til it hits the shelves!

  142. My favorite is
    I'm Thinking About Going Private.

    You know we've all said it.

  143. "Comment or Die" belongs to Hollywood of Hollywood Flakes, I believe. You'd have to ask her permission if you want to use that one.

    My new favorite is "If you give a mom a keyboard."

    Oh, and NO Nie puns. People won't get it, and you want a large audience. (How is that pronounced? Nee? Nigh? Nigh-Slapping? What?)

  144. What the hell does it mean when someone says "that name (or title) belongs to (so-and-so")??? Has someone registered exclusive rights to the phrase "Comment or Die" (or whatever other name was suggested here but already "owned")? Do I need to put a registered trademark every time I say "comment or die" on my blog? Do I owe someone money for using it?

    Someone, please fill me in if I've missed out on some key info! I'd hate to go to blog jail.

  145. i almost hate to leave a comment. you have so many to go through. tubbing tonight two thoughts came to mind.


    follow follow nie



    and again: waking up nie,

    or waking up to my life now. (or life nie)

    Does anyone know how her kids are hanging in there? Haven't been as avid of a reader lately.


  146. okay, no nie puns. I guess i should have read first, sorry. you don't have to publish.

  147. I completely agree that you can't use Nie in anything because the only way that could properly be pronounced is NIGH. There's no way the English language would allow anything else. I know, it comes from Nielson but... just doesn't work.

    I like the cleverish suggestion and also Blah(g), Blah(g)...

    Nothing too cliche, is my only warning.

    My suggestions:

    That Made Me Pee Just a Little
    Girls Just Wanna Have Pun
    Adorned With Life
    Generous Tipping But Not Falling Over

    Isn't there a funny line from the book you could use?

  148. The creative side of my brain is dead, but I gotta put in another vote for
    "something cleverish would be great"
    I would totally buy a book with that title:)

  149. Adhis, it's not a legal thing, just kind of a classiness and originality thing, in my book. I objected to "I'm thinking of going private," because, while many have said it, Seriously So Blessed was the first I saw use it to humorous effect, and since a LOT of the people commenting here have also read her blog, I thought they may have gotten the idea from her (consciously or otherwise.) I guess I just like for people to get credit for their ideas. (The views herein expressed are the sole opinion of this commenter, who has not affiliation with Seriously So Blessed other than fanship.)

    I do think some take on the milk/Pepsi/Diet Coke coming out of the nose (which I've seen used all over by all and sundry) could be good --

    Put down your beverage before reading this


    I just snorted milk out my nose -- next time warn me!

    Something like that, (BTW I'm just rewording others' suggestions.)

    Sue, do put us out of our misery here as soon as you've decided on something.

    (And I for one won't hold you to using something suggested here, because I still think that a title that alludes to something specific in the book would be great, such as "_____, _______, and ________: Bloggers' tales from the trenches" or something similar.

  150. I just found your blog via reader's recommendation. You are hilarious!

    I will definitely be stopping by more often!

  151. My awful suggestion:
    We B Logging (weblogging)
    Meh, I like most of the other suggestions better

  152. What about "Laugh Happens".

  153. MasterBlaster10:46 AM

    It takes a pillage to raze a child.