Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten Things I Would Do To My House If I Won The Lottery And Was Forced At Gunpoint To Spend The Cash On Frivolous But Awesome Things

Pin It Hey, remember that one time? When I had a blog?

{{sheepishly darts eyes around}}


My husband is o.k. In fact, once he completes physical therapy, he'll be right as rain! At least that's what they keep telling us! He'll be one hundred percent if what you mean by one hundred percent is actually seventy-five percent without the ability to run or lift heavy objects! Or be a cop anymore! You know what?! This is a lot of exclamation points! And also I don't really feel like talking about this! As it turns out!

Besides, I have much much MUCH more important things on my mind right now (what with finding it necessary to imagine all of our problems clean away LA-LA-LA) and so instead of talking about medical problems (that AREN'T PROBLEMS AT ALL, NO SIREE, NO NEED FOR YOU TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY, BECAUSE HE'S TOTALLY FINE, SORT OF) I will share with you my list.

(This presumes of course that someone is still around to actually READ the list, which I kind of doubt. Because my traffic has gone the way of the dodo bird and in the last week I have commented exactly NOWHERE and I have returned exactly ZERO emails. I am BLOGGING PARIAH, hear me roar.)

(Um... Dodo birds are extinct, right? I'm gonna feel stupid if they aren't extinct.)

Ahem. Drumroll please...

1. I would do what these people did. COOLEST PARENTS IN THE UNIVERSE. I wish they would adopt me. (No offense mom.) I would do everything these parents did. (Except the slide would start in MY room.) And I would have multiple secret passageways, just because, and one of those fireplaces that turns around when you pull on the secret books.

2. I would have a library just like the one in Beauty and the Beast, with rolling ladders, a roaring fireplace and huge comfy chairs to sit in.

3. My kitchen would sport a soda machine with an endless supply of Diet Dr. Pepper.

4. Indoor rollerblading rink with disco mirror ball and cheesy dj music.

5. Indoor ICESKATING rink with disco mirror ball and cheesy dj music.

6. Folding Laundry Robot

7. The most awesome secret karaoke stage ever made, complete with live top-secret bound to secrecy studio audience I could summon at will (who would always clap and cheer enthusiastically for me and be appropriately amazed at my artistry).

(In real life I've only ever been to karaoke once, and I didn't sing because I felt like a total cheeseball. I'm not sure how to cross the karaoke line. It's so show-offy. I think you might have to be really drunk to have the full karaoke experience, and I don't drink.)

(Sometimes though, I think if I actually went to karaoke? I would TOTALLY SECRETLY LOVE IT. I would pretend like I didn't probably, because showing off is not cool, and when/if you do it, it's supposed to be with the attitude of aren't-we-silly and isn't-this-fun and oh-I-feel-so-stupid, but inside I'd secretly think it was completely awesome and I'd probably be all divaish like "THIS IS TOTALLY MY MOMENT - SILENCE CROWD" and I'd just be so embarrassed for myself later on, I know it. It's kind of how I feel about talent shows. And I would never suggest going to karaoke for girls night out because suggesting it would make me look (even more) like a goober.)

(Um. No offense to people reading who actually go karaoking. YOU'RE not goobers. It's those OTHER people.)

(Also, CALL ME!!)

What were we talking about? Oh, right.

8. Swiss Family Robinson Tree House

9. Closet just like Cher in Clueless with built in mismatch buzzer for outfits that are a really bad idea, i.e., most of my outfits, if they could even be called outfits and not just random t-shirt with random pair of jeans.

10. Invisibility cloak.

(OK, possibly that's not exactly house related, but I would use it around the house to escape from my children, so I think it fits. And I think these people might be able to make one for me, eventually.)

So what's on your list?


  1. That house you linked to? Way cool. I want one.

    And my number one thing has always been a library like in Beauty and the Beast. That would be perfect. :)

  2. I'd spend it on a professionally landscaped lawn (with a couple pergolas and space for a small vegetable garden).

    I also want a kitchen designer for my kitchen, especially that little cabinet space that extends back behind - WAY behind next to the stove where things always get lost.

    And I'd get a maid.

    I'm not sure I'd ever want a house like that - I know it says it's padded - but I'm too prone to worry and would have to have everyone sign a waver before they could come into my home. Not to mention even without all those things we've had broken bones (femurs and collar bones) and they didn't even land hard when they did it SOooooo umm.. I don't think I could handle all that :)

  3. Oh - Ps - you were totally missed

  4. Glad you're back! I missed you!!
    I'd take most of your ideas (1,2,6,7,9) and add an AWESOME kitchen, a craft room and a music studio for my husband. Oh, and a secret drawer that always had fresh hot wings ready to eat.
    PS I totally get what you're saying about the karaoke.

  5. I love my house. I just want all the crap my husband hangs onto for no reason whatsoever to magically disappear (oh, yeah, like he'd believe me if he came home and I'm like, "Honest, honey, I got back from the playground and it was gone - poof! - like that!") so that I didn't have to crawl through a narrow passageway in my laundry room to get to my washer and dryer.

    So, I guess lottery money won't do that, huh?

  6. The closet like Cher...that sounds like heaven. Mine is so small my stuff doesn't hardly fit anymore.

  7. The first time around I instead read this: "rolling ladders, a rolling fireplace...." 1) I didn't recall that from the movie AT ALL (where was I?), 2)that sounds vaguely dangerous, 3) that sounds completely awesome. And dangerous.

    Welcome back. And I'm praying your husband recovers enough to keep his job.

    I would love an invisibilty cloak too, except I know I'd lose the dang thing (hard to find those suckers). So I'd need the ability to disappear at will. And several maids would be nice.

  8. "Mine is so small my stuff doesn't hardly fit anymore."

    I wish I could blame tight clothing on the size of my closet.

  9. I love thinking about things like this. And, since we're building a house, I have made lists of what would be great if money were no object. Then, we brainstormed ways to make it happen. Which means I'll have a craft room (wiping a tear from my eye), my kids will have a toy room next to their bedrooms, and we'll have enough bookshelf space to start a library. Oh, and we are considering rolling library ladders!

  10. I just found your blog and love it! I couldn't wait for you to come back from your blogcation.

    I'd do all the things you mentioned, plus I'd add turrets. I've always wanted a home with turrets. :-)


  11. Definitely the library with lots of comfy chairs, etc. And a sewing room where I could leave my many unfinished projects laying around without worrying about the kids messing with them.

    Glad you're back and that your husband is O.K.!

  12. Your weirdness totally rocks the blogging party. So glad you're back...
    sorry about the "can't be a cop anymore" thing. But we're not talking about that...
    I know I'm totally boring, but I just want a house straight out of Cottage Living magazines. I would choose my favorite actual house (yes, I have the magazine saved) and then I would go through all the others with the corners turned down and tell the people that work for me to "MAKE THIS HAPPEN!"

  13. Hey welcome back Sue! I have you on my blogroll so this morning bright and early... actually it was still dark... anyway - your new post was waiting. Funny funny stuff about the Karaoke. I completely agree.

  14. Hi Sue! Just wanted to to know that I am still stalking your blog, because I think you are the funnist blogging mom ever! I am so glad you are back!

    Hey, can I borrow you laundry robot? I also would like a maid to come and just do the bathrooms. I so hate cleaning the bathrooms...and folding the laundry. Did I mention the dishes? Yeah so a maid that would be great!

  15. at this point i'd pay anyone any amount of money to put me into labor... that's about all my list consists of

    welcome back friend

  16. Welcome back, we missed you.
    If i had the money, I would build another bathroom/bedroom on the house just for me,with locks that work

  17. I loved the bending light concept!
    There are plenty of times I would like to be invisible. And think of all the aliens that might be around us already because they have mastered the science of bent light.
    How I wish we could have had a house with an indoor playground when my nine were trapped indoors in the Las Vegas summer heat!

  18. Oh I missed you! I don't have to stalk you as much because I finally joined the people who use those feed thingies. But as soon as I saw that you had posted, I had to rush over.

    I feel for you and hope you'll be talking to a lawyer about that thing you're not thinking about. Let the lawyer think about it.

    And that house? Coolest thing ever! All I really need other than that is a maid to dust all those books.

  19. I'm so glad you are back. You were very, very missed around here.

    In my newspaper this morning, there was actually an article that scientist are THIS CLOSE to an actual invisibility cloak. I think I might need one.

  20. I love that indoor playground house! That would be so fun for the kids and mom and dad. I want a laundry folding robot too and one that puts the clothes away. While I am at it I would want one that cleans the bathrooms too!

  21. Yea! Sue is back from her blogcation! When your post showed up in my google reader, I did a little happy dance. Which was a rather sad rendition of a happy dance since I so can't dance.


    I feel the same about Karaoke! I totally want to try it, but don't want anyone confirming my dorkness.
    We should have a blogging karaoke party.

    I want a fireman's pole that goes from the top floor all the way to the basement.

    I want a yard boy(he must be dreamy too) to take care of my yard and make it look amazing.

    I want a guest house to put my kids in so I don't have to listen to them fight anymore. And I want the attic finished, but don't want anyone to know so I can hide there.

    And I would totally hire a stylist, makeup artist and hair-doer-person. So I could look like I had it together!

  22. Folding laundry robot...genius. I hope all is well.

  23. You will remain on my bloglines forever. Even if you only blog twice a year. You're always worth the wait.

    Praying like mad for you guys. ~Hugs~

  24. ME TOO. Thanks for working out the punch list for me. I have a plan for how to win the lottery without buying a ticket. CALL ME.

    Or, you know, visit my blog, which worships yours.

    Love, farmsuite Miriam

  25. I'm a karaoke goob and I'm proud.

    I am in charge of karaoke at our work party tonight. That should be tons of fun...a bunch of non-drinking nurses and their bored spouses...

    How about you come and be my special guest star who karaoke's all over the world and is known as the karaoke queen...nobody has to know that isn't true! It could be your night to shine....call me!

  26. Thanks for using the word GOOBER. And then using it again. You made my morning.

  27. I had a girls night out at my house once and we did Karaoke. We discovered that SUGAR is the key to letting loose. Sugar. Lots and lots of it.

    Glad that you are back.

  28. I can completely relate on the karaoke issue. That house was super cool. And I want a nanny.

    PS wordpress just shows comments in the order they come in no matter what post they're on so I saw yours. Thanks for coming by, I really am a rock star now!

  29. I'd get cute furniture for our front room...instead of the treadmill and shoe basket we've currently got. And then maybe a slide to get the kids out the front door quicker.

  30. When you get all that cool stuff, I want YOU to adopt ME!

    So what if I'm older than you.

    I would cheer for your Karaoke!
    I would answer your phone for you!
    I would pretend that you are invisible when you put on the invisibility cloak!
    I would drive the Zamboni for your indoor ice skating rink!

    (Seriously, I want to know more about this laundry folding robot. Please tell me, would this robot also pick up all my kids clothes off of the floor, dig the dirty underwear and socks out from under their beds (and also from the pop up tent in the basement that I recently discovered was being used as a dirty clothes receptacle), haul the laundry to the washing machine and wash and dry it before folding it, and then put it neatly away? Because I would totally buy one of those!)

    If I won the lottery, I would probably re paint my whole house with special booger repelling paint.

    Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery!

  31. Shannon10:03 AM

    Absolutely love the house. I also remember a story in NY Times about a guy who built himself a little cabin in the backyard, without his wife knowing. He showed her when he was finished. I would want a little house off to the side of my house with a spa (a free one) where I can get massages, and my hair done, etc.
    Um, I also need the self folding laundry, but it needs to put itself away.
    Plus also, I discovered your blog within the past week or so. Love it. So happy that you're back. Plus also, hugs sent your way, along with prayers. Not that we're talking/thinking about anything that would require hugs/prayers.

  32. welcome back! totally missed you!

    all I want is a maid named Alice. the first thing money would buy me is someone to whom I could say every.single.day : "Smells good, Alice. What's for dinner?"

  33. Ohhh, nice list. I'm gonna need a decorator too, because I've always wanted one of those all put together houses, where people come over and say "I loooove what you've done with this space" and gush and all. Instead, I have the decorator style that screams, "three boys live here with their very unorganized mother!!!"
    I also want one of those chocolate fountains installed in a secret cupboard so only I know about it. Then I can just get a swipe of yummy fresh chocolate whenever I need it. Then I guess I'll need a super loose-weight-while-you-sleep formula. Perhaps those bending light scientists can put their brains to even better use and come up with that.

  34. Bridget10:08 AM

    Welcome back - We have missed you :)

    We have been planning our dream house for years. It will include a Scooby Doo bookcase FOR SURE. Hopefully we can also have a big basement (not very common in CA, so we are kinda dreaming here) so our teens will have a place to congregate with their friends for movies, ping pong and that kind of thing.

  35. I have to de-lurk if only for this post. At this point, all I want is a super dream team to come make my boys' room to not smell like poop. And disinfect it. And the boys. And the whole house. I don't think I will ever feel clean again. (read all about it on my blog. Which can never ever be as wonderful and funny and great and super and awesome as yours. But I do have pictures of poop on the wall. And so.)

    And I am really really sorry about youknowwhat. Sometimes life really really sucks.

  36. I'm going to be a broken record and just say, "you're back! yay!"

    For my house, I'd pimp out the landscaping, do a home theater downstairs. Maybe hire Nate Berkus for some of it.

  37. Oooh, I want that cool house for my kids, too. That sounds so fun. And after they went to bed, I could play on all that stuff. YAY! (ahem...did I actually type that?) Ok, so I would like to have a craft room and a whole lot of stainless steel appliances in my kitchen and laundry room, complete with maid to do all the work.

    Glad you're back - missed ya!

  38. Glad to see you back. Hope all works out with ... everything....whatever...ummm...the stuff.

    I want one of those houses too.


  39. I want a racquetball court in my house.

  40. i so missed you. (somehow it seems weird saying that to someone i don't know, but you get it. right?)

    i want one of those washers that also dries clothes once the washing cycle is done. and if i could add on a laundry robot, i would raise my arm and make it manifest that i sustain that little guy!

    and also, i would want to be jeanie (i dream of jeanine) or sam (bewitched) and i would never promise not to use my powers to clean my house. (cuz that is so unrealistic to expect any girl with powers not to use them on her house)

  41. That house is so cool. I am totally jealous. Having recently moved away from the Bay Area, I totally understand the no space/ astronomical cost of living. I would totally want the library from Beauty and the Beast and the soda fountain (although mine would dispense Diet Coke). Right now I would settle for having landscaping (since my house didn't come with any - front or back) and a finished basement (what is it with Utah and all these houses with unfinished basements??). A robot that did my laundry would be nice too. I don't mind folding it. It is the remebering to wash it before everyone is out of clothes that is my problem.
    PS. I would love to do karaoke sometime just to try it out, but I don't know anyone who does it. If you want a buddy I'm game. What's the big deal singing in front of a room full of people you will probably never see again, right?

  42. Maddison12:43 PM

    I second the library from Beauty and the Beast, grand fireplace and all! Hmm, let's see... I would buy a house everywhere I want one, all over the world. I would set up college funds for my girls and all my nieces and nephews (not to mention pay for the remainder of my own college carer), buy awesome cars, have a lifetime supply of Cadbury's chocolates, also have the robot laundry folder (but while we're at it, it should just clean the whole house!), I would donate to all the charities I love...

    (Wait, is my list totally boring?? Dang!)

    Well, that's what I'd do. Love your list though, if I was into neighborhood kids coming over more than they already do, I just might do the house-play-gym-thingie too.

  43. A beautiful quiet place to write complete with a sofa for napping and easy food availablility (whatever that means). And a gorgeous view. That's a must.

  44. I would add an indoor swimming pool/splash pool, and automatic dishwasher emptier and a dumbwaiter (that one is for my husband...he is obsessed with the dumbwaiter).

  45. Give me a van down by the river with no children in it. Perfect vacation home.

  46. ROCK BAND.

    I haven't read all the comments, but Rock Band is the answer to your dreams. As soon as we buy it (we're getting it for Christmas this year, if not sooner) you're coming over and we're going to sing very, very loud.

  47. Missed you.

    I don't think a lottery win would cover my list.

    I would sound proof my walls.
    I would have an indoor playground.
    I would have an outdoor playground.
    Landscaping instead of dead things.
    A huge library with cozy chairs for all.
    A bedroom for everyone.
    A music/recording room for the man.
    An office/project room for me.
    A well designed kitchen.
    Some closets and cabinets would be handy.
    A garage.
    With storage.
    A grand piano.
    A shop.
    A cool chicken coop.
    A cleaning service.
    An on-call nanny.
    A pool with saline, not chlorine.
    Lots and lots of art.
    A stained glass window mural.
    And much, much more...

  48. I would have loved a house like that when my kids were young. We have some friends that lived in Murray, their house was huge, but much like the one you showed. A tramp, IN the house, sunk into the floor, with pillows all around. Rings to swing on, ladders to climb, gym rings. My kids thought they died and went to heaven. 48 comments and the day is only half over? Forgotten? I don't think so. You are a star.

  49. Get your stories published, Sue. Seriously, you are probably sitting on a million bucks...give it a whirl and see!

    I totally LOVED your list. I, too, wanted to live in the Swiss Family Robinson's treehouse (or their cave as mentioned in the book), or maybe a lighthouse like in Pete's Dragon, lol.

  50. Dear Sue,
    I'm pretty sure that after reading your super high-charged, million-miles-a-minute post today, my blood pressure went up. I don't know too much about the craziness of your life right now, but I'm sending you all the soothing vibes I can muster even as I type. May the force be with you! :)

  51. I've always wanted a spiral staircase going up to some kind of secret room. I would also get a laundry shoot (my machines are in my basement), but then I'd also have a reverse laundry shoot to take the clean folded clothes back upstairs. (Someone MUST invent that laundry robot!)

    And I want one of those window seats with tons of cushions and pillows, where really good books just appear for me to read. So I guess I also need a maid and a nanny so that I have time to read.

    I would also love some kind of system that I could say "I want chicken pot pie for dinner" and it would dispense all the ingredients for me in a little basket, and then if I'm running low on something it would make an automatic grocery list for me. Of course, I could always get a cook and an errand runner instead...

  52. Oh yeah a secret room too. Very handy.

  53. Welcome back! I always look forward to your blog. Your list is great, but that tunnel brings back memories of a time when my sibling and I dropped our 2 year old brother down the laundry chute onto a pile of sheets and towels. My point - we make our own entertainment even without special equipment. I still want the designer closet though.

  54. I was just thinking about you today, wondering if we were ever going to hear from you again. And obviously, we're all VERY glad you're back! I am!

    It's nice to be able to blog when you don't want to think about the things that actually matter and are kinda serious. I'm pretty sure that's one of my FAVORITE things about blogging.

    Um, yeah. My house would have all of the above. Why not? I'm spending gross amounts of cash anyway, and they're all good ideas. Be sure to include maid, landscaper, interior designer. That about covers all the bases.

    I also want a big laundry room with a TV. I like folding/ironing as long as I'm watching TV. It would probably also be my craft/computer room. So basically it'd the only room I'd ever spend time in.

    My friend just built this house that I'm totally jealous of. I want everything she has.

    And ditto ditto DITTO to your thoughts on karaoke!! I would act like I thought it was a bit silly, then do it "just 'cuz everyone else it, and we're already here..." then LOVE IT.

    --Totally makes me think of the Friends episode where Monica sings and she's wearing a sheer top. Awesome.--

    I think we may seriously need to do a blog/karaoke night. Seriously.

  55. Glad you are back. I found myself thinking about you and how you are doing. Your blog totally helped me laugh during a hard time. Now I feel as though we are kindred spirits.
    Love your list. Great stuff.

    Just remember "When you are going through hell....Dont' stop.

    I know your sense of humor will get you through this difficult time.

    Best wishes. And where are your neighbors with the brownies? I think that might help.

  56. I'm so glad you're back! I'm a total stranger, but I've become totally addicted to your blog on your blogcation, and um... yeah. I LOVE you!!

    I think your ideas are FAN-TAS-TIC!! ahaha!! I love them.

    Oh, and I think you'd totally love kareoke. I haven't done it since my senior high school last night of school party, and um, yeah, I was a diva. Thought I was hot stuff. So did my two friends. Anyway, I think you'd love it, just go do it somewhere where no one knows you. Oh, and wear a boa.

    I'm glad you're back, and I'm so excited to read your future posts!

  57. I would tear down my old farm house, have a full basement dug and then a new house built. The house would have a large family room in the basement and individual bedrooms for all the kids, plus 2 bathrooms. On the first floor I would have a great room/kithcen combo, a dining room and a media room/office for the pc's (5 at last count). Then a large workshop for Hubby and a sewing/craft room for me with double key deadbolts to keep little helpers out of our stuff. A shed would be nice for the bikes and lawn equipment and a garage for at least 2 of our 3 vehicles-I think the 15 passenger van is to big for a standard size garage. A housekeeper would be overkill as my kids are required to do chores.

  58. we KNOW those people in Mt. View...their house is AWESOME!!! When I was growing up we had some friends that are in the circus. For real. The dad and brothers got shot out of a cannon. The had a trapeze in their house, slides from their bedroom/loft spaces, etc, etc. Exactly the kind of house you would imagine someone in the circus living in. :-) Why not do these things?

    Oh right, money.

    Glad you are back, even if you aren't exactly stress free at the moment...

  59. INDOOR pool of course!!! that way i could swim naked any time i want.

  60. Oh, now I want a bookcase that hides a secret room. And a kids play area in my basement (but I don't hav kids. Or a basement.)

  61. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I'm weird. Whenever I see beautiful houses on T.V. I always think of how much work it takes to keep them that way. I see high shelves and I think, "That would be a "witch" to dust." Expansive bathroom with walk-in shower, "I wonder how long that thing would take to clean?" Humongous kitchen with 6 gas burners, scrolled workwork, and fancy vent, I'm thinking, "That's all going to collect a lot of grease!"

    So I'd definitely want a couple of live-in maids and some outdoor gardners. But I wouldn't want to see them, because I'm a very private person, so they would have to be invisible.

  62. Anonymous10:21 PM

    I meant woodwork, but maybe workwork is a better term for it.

  63. Welcome back! I love the house you linked to and the secret passageways. That is SO awesome. That's the kind of stuff I want when I get to heaven. :) I think you are one of the funniest people ever. Your blog always makes me laugh. I'm always sad when I don't have something new to read. Hope your husband will be ok. Sorry for your hardship. Life totally sucks sometimes. Your family will be in my prayers!

  64. First off, welcome back - you rock.

    About my house? let's see, it was built in 1925 and we're lucky we have electricity. I'd burn it down and start all over, and ooooh, I'd have a garage! Attached to my house even! I might even get crazy enough to put in more than one bathroom - after all, there are SIX PEOPLE LIVING HERE!!!

    And about a maid - I don't just want a maid, I want Alice. And a mow-the-lawn-guy. And a man-made lake, because I hate chlorine.

    Sorry, I think I got a little out of control. I better go blog and get it out of my system.

  65. Ditto on the "goober" word! It just has such of a descriptiveness to it!

  66. Sue, I gave you an award over on my blog.

  67. Welcome back Sue!

    I've been loving your blog for a while now and missed you while you were gone.

    I'm all for the laundry folding robot, except I think that I would also make it sort the clothes and put them away. Then I don't even have to think about laundry. YUCK!!!

  68. I'm so glad you're back. Yes, I was waiting. I'd come and read your Blogcation post and immediately forget the part about "see y'all on Tuesday" and then I'd come back and be like, DUDE! Where's Sue?! And then I'd read that part again about "see y'all on Tuesday" and feel all dumb b/c duh. I read that already at least once today. How could I have forgotten already. Clearly I'm not on the research team that knows how to bend light backwards. So clearly I cannot help you with your cloak. But if you get one in the mail, give them my address too. Because escaping? That is the name of my game.
    Welcome back. I needed your kind of humor today. (And every day) If you got blog traffic while you were out, it was me. You're welcome. :)

  69. Ok.... Maybe I have spent far too many hours in my life thinking about this because as soon as I saw the title of this post, I knew exactly what I would have in my house!!!

    1--For each room to be designed and decorated by professionals.
    2--A yard that looks and functions like a personal retreat.
    3--A personal housekeeper who does just the bi-weekly deep cleaning so that my children still learn the value of work. :)
    4--A professional chef cooking our every meal to be healthy, figure friendly and completely delicious!
    5--A professional trainer to make sure that my body is at the peak of not only performance but can fit into all the darling clothes that I am going to buy with all the money leftover. :)
    (Since 3, 4 and 5 happen in the house, I am counting them for this post. :) )
    6--Purchase the above mentioned clothes and since they will be stored in said house, I am counting them. (Maybe I am the hugest cheater of all time on this post!!!)

    Of course there will be the oh-so practical things like food storage, savings, etc. but they are so boring that we will get them done but hate to "day-dream" about them. :)

    Yep... It would be good times... good times. :)

  70. Hey Sue! I missed you!
    I would get as much plastic surgery as I dream about. Maybe more.

  71. But you ARE talking to an attorney, right? And have gotten second opinions? (And the lawyer will maybe get you enough money to make all your hosue dreams come true?)

  72. Karaoke is AWESOME. And it doesn't matter if you drink, because everyone else is drunk. At least in Vegas they are.

    I have friends who built a rock climbing wall and motorized tire swing that descends from the ceiling and various other cool stuff in their kids' room. Maybe you could hire them when you win the lottery.

    I want Cher's closet, too. And her credit limit.

  73. Also, I think your basement is the perfect size for a skating rink. I'll get the disco ball, you get the lights and sound system.

  74. Marste9:19 PM

    Welcome back! I've been checking here almost every day, hoping to see a post. (That's not creepy, is it? If it's creepy I totally take it back. But if it's flattering, it's totally true! LOL)

  75. Yeah. 76 comments. It's so weird how NO ONE is around your blog anymore.

    I've always wanted to have secret places for my kids. So cool. But truthfully, I'd be happy with one of those kitchens they show in magazines -- the kind that have designer appliances and granite counters and bags of fresh produce from the farmer's market strew on every corner. Sigh.

    Could I also install an ocean outside my window?

  76. LOL! great list. I like the invisibility cloak.

    PS you're right about karaoke. You DO have to enjoy showing off (or at least think you have something you enjoy showing off, because let's face it, not all karaoke singers are all that great!). My hubby enjoys doing karaoke (though we haven't really done it since having kids) and he dances and sings and draws in the crowds and gets all sorts of standing ovations. He's not GREAT, but he's not terrible and puts on a good show when he does it. He enjoys performing. LOL It's great fun watching him. I, do NOT, however, do karaoke. The fear of the potential hysterical laughter and/or boo-ing from the audience is enough to keep me far from the microphone. LOL!

  77. So if you win the lottery and are forced at gunpoint to spend cash on frivolous but awesome things, could you adopt me? Your list was mine, if I'd have thought of it first and if I'd known all those really cool things even existed.

  78. 1. My SIL and her hubby built a custom house in Idaho and used every last nook and cranny for either storage or secret kid spaces. They have a double-height basement with a basketball net, poured-rubber floor, swings, etc. You get there from the top floor via a two-story spiral slide, the beginning of which is in a secret room hidden behind a bookcase that opens. It was totally hilarious to see my husband's 63 yo uncle come flying out of the slide headfirst, lying on a nylon sleeping bag (which has been determined to be the fastest way down) at the last family reunion. Next time my kids will be old enough to try it and I can't wait!

    2. I want the library at George Lucas's Skywalker Ranch instead of the Beast's, because it's real: http://northwestbookbuyer.blogspot.com/2007/12/george-lucas-skywalker-ranch-working.html
    (Be sure to click on the photo to see the incredible details...)

    3. My soda fountain would contain Cherry Coke Zero, to which I am currently addicted.

    4. I would never even have to THINK about laundry, let alone fold it. Laundry is my arch-nemesis.

    And the rest of your list...

    Hope youknowwho is doing better with youknowwhat, and I'll stop talking about it now.

    Your loyal stalker,

  79. Sorry, the link to the library got broken somehow. You really do need to check it out, so I'm trying again.


  80. Still broken. Sorry. Wish I knew how to delete or edit my comment. Just spell out george all the way there in the middle.

  81. Wow, this post has me SO excited! Particularly those links you provided. Nearly everyone in my office has now seen that amazing house and all those wonderful secret passageway pictures. The bf knows about them and thinks they're super cool. (at some point we want to build a custom...after we get engaged and married of course) But seriously.
    I would want all that with the lottery...and also the Beast's library from Beauty and the Beast.
    I would also buy jetskis and a boat, and take a summer vacation in Europe. :) And I'm sure lots of other things. I liked the suggestion of a personal chef to make me healthy foods so that I don't get lazy and eat the crappy but easy stuff. Also, a personal trainer...those would be nice things, definitely. :)