Monday, July 14, 2008

What My Opinion of Twilight DOES NOT Mean

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  • That I think you are stupid
  • That I think your daughter is stupid
  • That I think you have bad taste in books
  • That I think my opinion should matter to you
  • That my heart is made of stone
  • That I am cold and dead inside
  • That Edward should suck my blood so that I can understand the depths of his beautiful soul (per anonymous deleted commenter #1)
  • That I am a horrible horrible horrible horrible person (per anonymous deleted commenter #2, who I am paraphrasing, because this is a G rated blog)
  • That I should get over myself (per anonymous deleted commenter #3)

What My Opinion of Twilight DOES Mean

  • That I have an opinion
  • That I didn't like the book
  • That my expectations were too high because of the constant hype
  • That I have a blog and used it to - wait for it - write about my opinion
  • That a lot of people will find my blog by google searching "Twilight Sucks"
  • That I will get a ton of Twilight oriented email, some pro, some con, and I will think about answering it, but then I will probably just answer it with the power of my mind, which is to say, I won't really answer it.*

*Don't be offended, because in my head, I TOTALLY answered it. See how that works?

(Tangent: A few weeks ago, someone from my old (truly incredible) Utah book club sent out a reminder email about the June meeting - apparently I was still on the email list. I replied saying I couldn't come that month, but I would be so excited to come the next month, because we were moving back! YAY! Squeal! EXCITING!)

(I waited for someone to email me back saying something like, "Wow, that's so cool!" or something to that effect. For a while I thought the internet must be broken, because nobody emailed me. Nobody at all. The reaction was underwhelming. My feelings were hurt (well, not exactly hurt, but maybe scuffed up just a teeny tiny bit, because HEY, PAY ATTENTION TO ME AT ALL TIMES). Over the next few weeks I thought things like this: Oh, no, this is because I told them about my blog, and now they think I'm ridiculous, and that I overshare, and that I overuse run-on sentences and parentheses and the word "AND" and now they scorn me with a white hot scorn of scorching scorniness and how will I ever face them, how how how how for the love of all that is holy HOW???!!! (I am nothing if not measured in my reactions.))

(And then last night I was looking at my drafts and I realized that I never sent the email. So basically all of that drama - TOTALLY IMAGINARY.)

(I'm not sure what that really has to do with anything. I'm kind of punchy right now. Something about not answering email. I don't know.)

In Summary:

  • People have a lot of intense feelings about Twilight.
  • This is my last Twilight post.
  • Stephanie Meyer is going to be a jillionaire.
  • This one time, a dog bit me.
  • What is the capital of Nebraska?


  1. I thought you were going to say that they didn't respond because the book for the month was Twilight.

    Oh, and it's Lincoln.

  2. Yay! You go girl!!! I've never read the books, but don't think I will either. All that hype - I'm a bit worried the book won't live up to my greatest expectations!! It's like the Will Smith movie Independence Day. Well that was one hyped up film, I never saw it at the cinema either. Thought it could never be as good as everyone thought. And it wasn't. So yeah.

  3. LOL I think you are funny as all get out. You have such a way with words. I was encouraged by your sister in law Holly to read your blog and I'm glad I did because you are hilarious. I am also one of the Twilight lovers, but I respect that you have your own opinion and I get that not EVERYBODY is gonna love the same stuff. If I wasn't such a romantic sap and want to have a splendid make believe life where everything seems all peachy I would totally agree with EVERYTHING you said, but like I said...I'm hopeless. :) I love your blog though...I read it for a good laugh. I love your sense of humor.

  4. Hahahahahahahah! You are so funny.

    *pause while I catch my breath from all the laughing*

    And all those deleted commenters should really just get a life. Everybody's entitled to their own opinions.

  5. I'm sorry....I must have missed this whole "twilight" thing because I have no idea what that is. I can only assume it's a book....but this is the first I've hear about it being a "mormon craze" I'm with you though, I probably wouldn't like it either. I *gasp* never caught the Harry Potter bug that everyone had for a while...what can I say, I'm just not a sheep :)

  6. Aw, c'mon! You deleted the crazy insulting comments? Those are the most fun!

    I deleted two insulting comments once. Apparently a fan of Sascha Baron Cohen did not like my low opinion of him. She informed me that I harbored a predilection for the flavor of other people's bottoms. Looking back, I should have kept the comments up as a testament to the classiness of the average Baron Cohen fan.

    You are funny. I love your blog. Do it fearlessly.

  7. It's also possible that this most might mean a couple of things

    1. blogging when you really need sleep will result in something totally outrageously funny

    2. you should probably sleep judging by the complete random topics and general rambling

    But hey... if you actually went to sleep then the first result wouldn't actually be a reality. Soooo.. Hmm.. And now I'm rambling and it's morning so what's my excuse?

  8. Well, apparently, some people take their reading very seriously. That's good, right?

    And, what maraiya said...

  9. I'm LOL about the book club/email thing because I totally do that too, and not just with email. Maybe we could start a support group? Accomplishing Things In Your Mind But Not Really Doing Them At All Anonymous? Sadly, I don't think that will fit on a throw pillow.

  10. This one time I commented on this guy's blog (he's totally rad in a non-romantic kind of way) and my comment didn't show up. So I ruminated that he thought my comment was so stupid he just couldn't let it be seen in public. Or that maybe he thought I was trying to make out with him. I kept trying to remember exactly what I wrote that could be so misunderstood or disregarded. I did this sporadically for two days.
    Then my comment showed up, along with a ton of others. I guess he just hadn't had time to go thru and do the approval thing.
    But still, I'm pretty sure he hates me.

  11. You ROCK! I love your blog.

    What is up with people?

  12. I agree, too bad you deleted all the hater-comments. I love reading those. I should have thought to read the comments on that post. I haven't read Twilight but I don't think it's "for me"...not because I am above a little crap fiction now and then, but because my "to-read" list is already long, I never made it past Harry Potter 4 (those books are good but they're so LONG!), and Buffy and Angel are really the only vampire-nonvampire lovers I need in my life.

    I should show your blog to my mom--she was similarly baffled by Twilight.

  13. Anonymous7:09 AM


    I think that is OK to have an opinion about what you have read. Not everyone will agree, but there shouldn't be hate comments just because your opinion doesn't jive with theirs. I have read several books that have been highly recommended and when I finish them, I think "What in the world were they thinking? That was a terrible read!" That's what makes the world go 'round...everybody is different! So, tell them to to get over is YOUR blog and you can write about whatever you want! So there :) BTW, you crack me up. I wish you lived close cause we would be BFF.

  14. I don't know why people take it so personally when you say you don't like Twilight. If you said you don't like cheese or BBQ potato chips, nobody would really care, but the Twilight thing really gets people riled up. I had a post about this on my blog too.

    Only, I ended up going to a Stephenie Myers book signing due to social pressure. She was completely normal and amusing. I was interested to know that Twilight was the first thing she had ever written. She'd never even taken a creative writing class. So I have to give her props for a successful first endeavor.

  15. hahahahaha! Loved this post...reminds me of my first book I read in my very first bookclub. I hated the book!!! Hated it!! Everyone else? love it. They couldn't believe I didn't get it. Sigh. I like the Bella and Edward books. I get that they aren't everyones cup of tea and am totally fine with that. Different strokes and all. I think it's funny that people have such strong reactions to someone else's opinion. Come on peeps!! If you have that much time on your hands then drive on over here and do my laundry!! :)
    So glad that you are moving back where you belong. I've been following your adventure (can we even call it that??) and my heart so went out to you. :) Happy days are ahead my friend!!!

  16. "Hello, my name is Abby, and I'm a person who accomplishing things in my mind but not really does them at all."

    I do that with emails all the time. I answer them in my head immediately and my brain thinks the job is done. That's why I have 249 unresponded-to emails in my inbox. And no more friends.

    Oh, and I'm so relieved to know that you answered my email in your head. Now would be a wonderful time to be able to read minds.

    I, for one, appreciated your post on Twilight. Even though I found it slightly more entertaining in general than you did, I could still get exactly why you didn't like them. I liked that you actually explained what you didn't like about it rather than just stopping with "Twilight SUCKS!" like several other people I know. It's your post that has made me think a lot about the books as I've read them; it's made me ask myself if I agree with each point or not and why. I've been able to enjoy the experience that much more because I AM giving the books considerable thought now rather than just lazily blurring through them. Debates are supposed to encourage thought, whether it changes opinions completely or not. So good on ya.

  17. Heehee - that's funny. You should do some more blogging totally slap happy.

  18. I am not ashamed to say that I actually covet the books and loved every minute of reading them...even when Bella whines...even when she was utterly depressed of the most depressed...I loved it because it was an easy read that I didn't have to think to much about! Plus I'm a sucker for romance! I actually am a part of Twilight Moms dot com and I am counting down the days to the last and final book "Breaking Dawn"...and the Movie!

    I think it is hilarious that people actually were spiteful in their comments...I find that really weird and it threw me back to my elementary days when I didn't agree to jump rope with the crowd and actually played on the Monkey Bars...and people hated me because i wouldn't play jump rope with them...

    But in my secretly LOVE Twilight but you are the personality where you hate to conform to society and it's are not one to "Jump on the Bandwagon" so to I read between your lines Sue...I know you truly wish that Edward watched you from your Window and that Jacob carried you while running super fast up some pretty rough mountain terrain! Just saying...

    I laughed at your Twilight Sucks post...and your I have an opinion're hilarious whether you hate something I love or not! (but secretly I know you say hate...but you mean love) :)

  19. I got bit by a goose and a dog... all in the same day.

    Your blog rocks my world. I get a little gleeful when I see you have a new post in my google reader! Too bad I didn't subscribe to those comments... that would have made for some good reading it sounds like!

  20. I am so jealous...people care about your opinions! They send you email! I haven't read Twilight but my daughter has it. I don't think she got very far with it, either.

  21. Hee hee! While i totally get why you did not adore Twilight, everything about the book still makes me squeeee! Cannot repent of being little better than a teeny-bopper chump, slavering after a HAWT vampire-man-boy.

    What surprises me is that I have yet to find anyone who objects to the fact that Eddie is essentially a dirty old man in young man's body oogling after a wee seventeen year old girl. This is what has bugged me from the get go. I mean seriously... have you talked to a teenager recently? They are occasionally fun to hang with, but it is a rare day in heck that you find one with any kind of interesting opinion, movie characters like Juno aside. And umm... Bella hardly qualifies. Then again... judging by the male reaction to her in Forks, Bella is an uber-hottie, and has many a guy ever needed much more than that to start a thang?

    Huh.. and again, this post of yours was about how you will not be blogging about Twilight. One track with my oh, so literal brain.

  22. I think you are such a fun and funny gal! I check out your blog every day--I think you have every right to post your opinion on anything, especially when it is done in such an entertaining way. And, if you like fun, light, sweet, smart and funny books, check out Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind, a regency era novel coming out in December (but available on for pre-order now). It'll be a great one for LDS book club nights!

  23. Lincoln.

    OMG. I miss out a few days here and you have a brawl. Seriously great stuff. I won't read the book because I am pretty sure that I would agree with you 100%, but I probably wouldn't have picked it up in the first place so no one has to hunt you down because of me.

    I totally do the self imposed drama routine in my head. OMG. Stop our madness ASAP!

  24. That's Ga-jillionaire. I don't get the whole twilight thing myself. I'm glad you have an opinion.

  25. "Scorching scorniness." Haha.

    Isn't it irritating when people leave stupid comments 'forgetting' that blogs are all about the writer's opinion? I wrote one post a long time ago that mentioned a local (sucky) band and good grief! The swearing, the jerkiness, the CURSING of the unborn - I finally just deleted it.

  26. So anyway, I was just wondering if that last post you wrote got any sort of reaction?

    hehehe Sheesh. I guess the evoking of strong emotion is the mark of a good writer. Even if it's emotion about vampires and werewolves.
    Take it as a compliment! Great job, Sue.

  27. Oh to be scorned with a white hot scorn of scorching scorniness.

    Hilarious as usual, Sue!

  28. You forgot this one:
    The people who read Twilight and love it so much they have to send hate email to someone who doesn't are totally crazy and kind of creepy!
    Yikes. Sorry for the rude people. I refuse, do you hear me, REFUSE to read those dumb books because everyone else is reading them! I figure anything that millions and millions of people like before I get a chance to read them is enough to send me the other way.
    And yes, I read all the Harry Potter books, but I started reading them long before they were popular, so there is my point. I have also never seen Titantic. For the same reason mentioned above. So when people say, what did you think of it, I can say, what? Never read it, never saw it, don't know what you are talking about.

  29. I seriously can't believe how irritable people get about the Twilight books. And I can't believe how offensive they can be when commenting about other people's opinions. It's just amazing that they can act so juvelile.

    Personally, I loved the books. But who can fault someone for not liking them? Bella is annoying on several different levels, and I really don't think she is very wise to go chasing vampires around.

    I thought your Twilight posts were hilarious.

  30. I better get a comment in before you have to shut them down because of certain commenters. Why do people take time out of their life to write stupid & hateful things?! If they have an actual rebuttal, I would love to read that, but just saying mean things shows ignorance & a lack of having a life if you ask me.
    I have kind of refused to read the Twilight books because of all the Mormon HOOPLA surrounding them. It's that little rebel inside me that says, if everyone else is doing it, then I cannot!! Plus it sounds kinda dumb. (and after reading your review, the idea of vampire love makes me think that evem more)
    A girl in my last ward tried to sell me on it by saying it was "clean" & the writer implies romantic things without really going there. Ummm, if I'm finally getting time to read and escape reality...there better be some more than that!

  31. I haven't read the Twilight books, and I probably won't.
    I have neighbors who really loved the book, and thought Edward was amazing. From what I've heard here, he sounds kind of creepy.

    Hey Jo, I didn't see Titanic either. I couldn't see the point of going to a move where I know that most of the people were going to die at the end.

    And Sue, Thank you for answering my email with your mind. I totally got it! I do appreciate all those nice things you said!

  32. I haven't read those, either. Perhaps I will now, though, just so I can laugh as I think about all your opinions as I read...

    People seriously need to get lives. Honestly, so much hatred out there already, why do they have to add to it over something like this? So silly.

  33. I haven't heard of these "Twilight" books and from the sound of it - I probably wouldn't like it anyway. I'm not big on the whole sci-fi thing.

    I find it hard to believe that people would post such rude comments though- it was your opinion of the book - and you're entitled to it!

  34. I'm so glad to hear you didn't like it. I haven't read it, and I don't plan to, mostly because I don't like going along with the crowd, but also because once I heard it was Juvenile Fiction, I sort of made that face, and moved on to better things (ie. Jack Weyland, Betsy Brannon Green, etc.). That being said, I may, may, go see the movie. Just because it's much easier for me to sacrifice 2 hours of my life to bad acting etc, than it is to spend days reading a bad book. Plus, I love Raisinets.

    And I love your blog, btw. I always read, even though I don't always comment. I'm a lazy blogger like that. But keep it coming, I love your life!

  35. I still got your back! Twilight hata fo life! lol

  36. For the record, I completely agree with your opinion of this book. I just had to say it here because you closed comments before I could say it in the previous post. I love books with good stories, fascinating characters and great writing. For me, this book (and series) had none of the above.

    And opinions are just that...opinions.

  37. So I was at a Brownie Girl Scout BBQ on Friday and thought of your post as we were discussing books. I asked if anybody had read Twightlight and not only had no one read it, no one had heard of it. This is what comes from a) not being LDS b) having a six year old as your oldest child.

    But Borders has a HUGE display and they're having a midnight party for the release of the fourth book. My conclusions? It's a teen thing. And an LDS adult woman thing.

    P.S. Never stress about returning my email. Life is crazy. I get it. And I love your blog. Write posts not email. :)

  38. Oh dear...there are some real nutters out there, aren't there (not talking about you - really!). What right does anyone have to criticize someone for having the audacity to not like something they do? I mean, do they not see how completely mental that is?

    I don't understand people. But I'm glad. If I did I might feel obligated to do something about it.

  39. Sue,

    I hope my comments did not offend you. I just happen to disagree with you regarding Bella's character traits being markers for Aspergers. I think it is more likely an underdeveloped character from an inexperienced author.

    P.S. I enjoy reading your blog.

  40. I am glad that you have your own opinion. I loved Twilight and the other books. You didn't. Guess what? I still LIKE YOU! We can't all like the same things all the time. Who cares? Apparently people who can comment anonymously.

  41. Oh Sue. You had me laughing myself silly. Again.

    Also, this post just reconfirms the idea in my head that we are actually the same person living in different places.

    BTW, if you haven't read any comments from me lately, don't worry, I totally wrote them in my mind :) So don't die, ok?

  42. So how many did you have to delete?

  43. I loved your Twilight post! (Of course, I loved the books too, so take that opinion for what it's worth.)

    I talked to my friend about her theory that Bella has Asperger's, and there's a lot to back it up. Her sensitivity to sensory input (i.e. the smell of blood). Her less-than-normal ability to sense danger. The idea that there is something unusual about how her brain works - she is not susceptible to outside influence or mind-control. I still don't quite buy it, but I can see the argument.

  44. Maraiya made me laugh out loud.

    I finally had to stop accepting anonymous comments because the sheer irony of people anonymously lambasting me for stating my OPINION under my NAME led to an overabundance of capital letters and, well, white hot anger.

  45. sweet valley high on steriods.

  46. oops that would be steroids.

  47. New lurker on your blog: I love it. Thank you for entertaining us and not being afraid to share your opinion. My day would be slightly more boring without it:)

  48. oh that I could write such a craptastic book as Twilight. Do you think Stephanie Meyer gives a flying flip that you and I think her book is very much a "meh" book? No way, sister. She'a laughing all the way to the bank.

    I think you should do an entire post with just ALL of the deleted comments. They sound hilarious. So sorry I missed them.

  49. I had never heard of the book until about a week ago. I don't think I would like them and I know I'm not going to read them.
    I think some of your readers should lighten. You did warn them at the beginning of the post.
    Don't let them get to you,(I don't think you would anyway) I was be very annoyed if you stopped writing. That has already happened to another blog I used to read. People were so mean she gave up.

  50. I have come across your blog from another site recently and love your writing. You are hilarious and have become a mandatory must read. Thanks

  51. (1) Hey, vampires are not sexy.

    (2) I have a close relative with Asperger's and I still love you (in that Internet way that I don't really know you at all but feel compelled to tell you I love you anyway)AND I knew right away when I read what you wrote that you didn't mean anything derogatory (duh) about Aspergers... just about the character and her oddness... not that Aspergers means odd... now I'm stuck in your conundrum AAAAAGHAAAAGH.

    (3) I'm a former editor of a big deal international research company and I can't apparently write a sentence.

    (4) You rock.

  52. OH I LOVE IT!
    I am really enjoying hearing about all this passion behind such a lackluster book. I was waiting the whole book for Edward to just grab her tight kiss her like she has never been kissed before and then of course ravage her!(in a love- making kind of way of course)

  53. Its your opinion and your blog and than you for telling me not to spend time reading it (I'm behind in all the consipracy theory books my uncle loans me.)

  54. OK am I crazy or what? (well, maybe you shouldn't answer that!) I SWEAR there was another post that came sometime after the Twilight post.

    I don't remember what it was about, but it was something funny and the next time I looked, it was gone. I think you're just messing with our heads now... Or maybe I just try to read too many blogs at one time....

  55. I think your last post was GREAT. I thought the books were sappy and ever so adolescent, but I'm a sap and devoured them in a couple of days each...that said, I don't plan to ever read them again, and would certainly not buy them. AND, while reading them I had this repeated thought that the 'okay-ness' of vampires in the books was definitely a case of calling evil good and good evil...and that means that the books are evil, right? So obviously not appropriate for a little mormon like me, even if they were written by, uh, a mormon. *gasp!!*

  56. Are you sure that we can't disagree without you hating me? Is that really possible? Are these people really adults?! What is wrong with people?!! Now I'm just getting mad.

  57. "...and now they scorn me with a white hot scorn of scorching scorniness..."

    You are hilarious. And thank you for commenting on my blog after I responded to your Twilight post. I'm glad that we can agree to disagree - that and no one ever reads my blog so I got super excited to see someone like you who is practically FAMOUS commenting on my silly blog!!!

    P.S. - CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING TO MOVE BACK TO UTAH!!!!! I meant to say that sooner :)

  58. Excellent points about what sharing your opinion does and does not mean.

    Oh and ROFL that you were obsessing about lack of replies to an email you never sent. I do stuff like that more often than I'd like to admit.

    Welcome back to Utah, girl! (even though I don't know you and you dont' care what I think).

  59. Anonymous6:53 PM

    I think Twilight books are fine. Not great, just fine. I read "just fine" books. My husband, on the other hand, only reads great books, therefore he hardly ever reads at all. I enjoy reading to much to be that picky.

    I have to tell you a secret I hated the "Work and the Glory" series. I thought the history lessons was interesting but I thought the writing was average to bad. The family was seriously enmeshed and it drove me crazy.

    I knew I had to quit when the father finally dies and I'm like "One down, fourteen more to go!" So I never finished the series. Try telling that to the ladies in Relief Society.

    I think you have a right to your opinion and I wish you could express it freely without being beat up and harassed about it in your own blog. But it's the internet and it kind of goes with the territory. You seem to have weathered it well so keep those opinions coming.


  60. I have posted about Twilight a few times now, and I haven't gotten any nasty comments, but then again, I have a readership of about 10, while yours is a gazillion. I was concerned about hurting my SIL's feelings because she loves the books.

    I actually started a poll on my blog, for people to vote if I should read it or not, and of course I should. I have finished the first 2, and have had the 3rd one sitting next to me at work, for 5 days, and have gotten to chapter 2. I don't get it.

  61. Anonymous8:14 PM

    You know what book I hated? Harold and the Purple Crayon!! There is no way a little kid could draw lines that straight. Or buildings that tall. And does it really count as a forest if there is only one tree in it? NO NO NO!

    Why is that book so popular! I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

  62. I came very close to not commenting b/c you got so many comments already (and I was jealous). Because I understand that whole PAY ATTENTION TO ME AND THINK THAT I'M AWESOME AT ALL TIMES stuff. :)
    Anyway, people are dumb. Mmkay?
    And I may be hated for saying this too, but I won't ever even read Twilight. Because based on what you said about it, it sounds r e a l l y dumb. I'm sure the author will be a multi-kajillionaire anyway.

  63. "This one time, a dog bit me". LOL!!!!!

    I read the first two pages of T last Saturday (without the benefit of reading your posts first), rolled my eyes and decided right then and there to just see the dang movie and call it even.

  64. I pretty much wanted to say everything Veronica said. Only she said it better. So I'm going to leave it there.

    But seriously -- why DO people leave mean comments on blogs?!? I don't get it. If you don't agree, move on people, there's nothing to see here.

  65. I think Omaha is the captial of Nebraska? No?

    I have not nor do I intend to read any of the books. I just don't have time, and I am kind of over reading books like that.

    Give me SUBSTANCE! I need SUBSTANCE! So if I ever do get time to read something that doesn't require being plugged in I will find it worth my time!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion. Like you said, it is YOUR blog and you can say what ever you want. :)

  66. Okay so I don't know my geography. It is not Omaha. It is Lincoln.... I just went with any city that I knew was in Nebraska...

  67. Did someone really just say that they save their time for better fiction like JACK WEYLAND? MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! That is the BEST LINE EVER.

    And you know how I feel about Twilight. And vampire love. Yeesh.

  68. I've never read the books and I have never had a desire to read the books. But regardless... you have a right to your opinion!!

    BTW... glad to hear you got to move back, what great news! :-)

  69. Love, love, love Twilight! And Harry Potter! But people, I'm not a sheep. In fact, that book "Pillars of the Earth" and "The Historian" and "Eat, Pray, and Love" are supposed to be great and I didn't like them at all. On the other hand, I read "Wives and Daughters" and "North and South" in 2 days each. So, as my husband would say, "para gente los colores" (something like "to each person a color) . Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, especially in their own blogs.
    Leaving Edward (and beautiful Jacob) aside, I think I love Twilight for what it means for Stephenie Meyer. I mean, she is a mom in her 30s who had a dream, acted on that dream, and then look what's happened to her! As a fellow LDS, mother, woman, and (wannabe, in my case) writer, I'm so happy for her!!!!! What a story! Don't you think?

  70. Ok, for the record, I did not read many of the comments.


    I hate Twilight, just based on the BOOK. JACKET. No, really. I might check it out from the library sometime to confirm my hatred of it, but changing my mind about it is not likely.

    Also, Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska. (What can I say? I was homeschooled, and my mom was BIG on the learning songs. Wanna hear all the nations of the world, circa 1999? No? Your loss. (No, not really.))

    Finally? I don't remember where I found your blog, but I LOVE it. Seriously. You are one of 3 - yes, THREE - daily reads.



  71. dang it, i missed it all. and now i don't have the energy to care a whole lot cause i get the jist. can i just say sincerely, THANK YOU! Twilight majorly sucked. IT IS SOOOOOO JUVENILE. I think this is what you get when JK Rowling says she's done writting HP, its called rebounding, people can't help themselves.

  72. Thank you for the last 3 posts or so that I just read! So glad I stopped doing what I'm supposed to and started reading blogs instead. I do that answer with my mind thing too, and the real flake is not you, it is Bella. I read all 3 books to my dyslexic teen. It took a long time. It's not that it didn't have anything redeeming, but I agree about the characters' character. You might want to drag yourself through the next 2 books just so you can argue about Jacob vs. Edward with people. DD got so mad at Bella in the last book, she didn't even want to finish it for months. Such fun!

  73. I have said this before and I will say it a hundred more times, Twilight is the 2000's Sweet Valley High. Entertaining, possibly, well written, No!

  74. That was from Katie's sister Annette aka gobooboo

  75. That was especially spazzy because my sister katie said the same thing (although I said it first, of course since I read Twilight first).

  76. I hadn't even heard of this book until I read your post about it. Then, I went and bought it. I had to know....would I like, hate it, think it meh???

    So, the verdict is.....

    I actually liked it! Now, I do totally agree with you about the characters...Bella being constantly clumsy (although as a mail carrier find myself a lot like her, with the exception that I don't like to kiss cold lips...ewww) and Edward being all moody...but I found that I couldn't put it down. Maybe I just had to know what happened...(I had to know if he was finally going to bite her! HA!)
    I think one reason I gave it a shot was because I hadn't heard about all the hype...I was looking for it to be bad and was pleasantly surprised that it was ok. You do have your right to your opinion, though! I can't believe so many people gave you such a hard time!
    I'm just hoping that you will someday write a book...why waste all those stories you make up in your head all the time??? HA! Just might could be a jillionaire!!!!!

  77. Anonymous1:07 PM

    I'm so sorry that people feel so strong about the book that they feel the need to put you in your place. I for one enjoyed the series and look forward to the final book, but by no means would I ever feel it right to scorn someone who doesn't feel the way I do. I'm sorry that there are mean people in the world. Please keep blogging though, you're amazing. :)

  78. What is twilight? I need to get out more or read more or something? I'm so behind on current events, books, movies, etc?

  79. I really like the books, but I still agree with pretty much every point you made in the last post. Bella is horribly annoying at times and Edward? MEH. I still want her to end up with Jacob.

  80. I have mixed feelings about the twilight series. I really liked the books because they were pretty gripping for me, at least in the exciting parts. I wanted to keep reading all night. I was pretty happy with the story, although I was not all that impressed with the characters either. I agree that Bella is kind of immature even for a highschooler and she has absolutely no control. I know of many many girls in my school who are completely in love with Edward, and I just can't say the same for me. He's a fictional vampire! I've never been one for celebs, especially fake ones!

    Anyways, I think that over all, I liked the books alot, but I think that it is really a little bit pathetic how everyone is totally ga ga over them. I can say that I did like the newest book, Breaking Dawn, alot more than the other ones. It had alot of un-expected twists! It is interesting to read your opinion about these books.

  81. You wrote a post entitled 'Twilight Sucks'? You're a woman after my own heart - have to go read it now.