Saturday, November 17, 2007

Entries From My Eight Year Old Diary

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December 19th, 1980
Dear Diary,
I am excited about Christmas! I have been sick for almost a week. Part of the time I faked it, but now I’m not faking.

April 17, 1981
Last night, Diana, Kevin, James and me all slept outside in the backyard. Our t.v. is broken. Well, not really broken but you can’t turn it up or change the channel unless you have pliers.

May 4, 1981
Our house is a one story house with four bedrooms. James, Kevin and Diana share one room. They have a bunk bed and James sleeps on a bed made of two filing cabinets and a mattress. It is very comfy. Mom and Dad have a King and Queen bed. Dad has a desk piled with junk up to the ceiling. They have their own bathroom but we kids all have to share a bathroom and you can hardly ever get in there because someone is always pooping in it.

January 25, 1982
I have a crush on this boy named Michael.

Name: Michael
Age: 11
Looks: Fantastik!!!
Personality: good!!!
Disposition: good; cheery!!!
Is nice to me: yes!!!
Love him: yes!!!!!!!!!!

Uh huh!!! Wowie!!! He’s my kind of guy!!!!!

Mike + Susan forever!!!!!!!

March 18th
For the rest of my diary I will write in piglatin. At-hay y-may irthday-Bay y-May est-bay eind-fray ista-Kray old-tay e-may at-thay e-shay ad-hay a-hay ew-nay est-bay eind-fray, ethany-Bay. Ista-Kray and-hay Ethany-Bay ink-stay!!!!!

March 19th
I have decided not to write in pig latin.

September 18th
There is a cute boy in my class named Charles. He has never had anything lower than an A-!!!! He has curly hair and I look at it a lot because I sit behind him. His head is sorta pinkish.

October 25th
Charles is always on my mind. Now that I think back on it, Michael was really ugly. That was just a 5th grade crush. This is one sided LOVE!!!!!!!

I might use part of this diary for poems. I could, for example, instead of an entry, write a poem when I feel like it. Isn’t Adrienne a pretty name? I think so! Love, Susan (or Adrienne)

March 19th, 1983

I am having a problem with honesty. Not really serious problems but still I’d rather not have them. My mom has been calling me Pinnokeo. Sometimes I say things and then I wonder why did I say that? I don't have a pony and that's when they say "You don't have a pony I been to your house before." I am going to try and remember this saying; “Whosoever hath honor hath the greatest treasure of all.” Also I will listen to the standing tall honesty tape a lot and sing the songs.

I guess now we know when it all started ;>


  1. You were hilarious even as a kid! Nice! The one describing your house sticks with me the most. How will my kids describe the home I've made for them? Hmmm...umm...I'm going go deal with some of the clutter now...

  2. memories and memories...brings back so many emotions...

    hey that little girl is you, right?!


  3. How fun!! I've been thinking about doing something like this, but I don't think it would be nearly as funny/interesting. Maybe..

  4. Is this real? It is so cool, what a great snapshot of time.

  5. Yes, that little girl is me. It is completely real. I sat and read my diary last night and just laughed and laughed, not really because it was all that funny but because I remember some of this stuff so well. I found the diary the other day when I pulled out my journal to look at what I wrote about my engagement. I wish I had a scanner that works, because you can't really get the whole feel for it without all the hearts and exclamation points with hearts and the terrible writing. I had that diary from 8 till 11 and some of the stuff I wrote in there slays me.

    There is a whole page where I just put swabs of the makeup I wanted to wear someday, and a page where I wrote over and over again how much I hated my best friend. Then later I went back and crossed how hate and put "dislike." I must have had some lesson on not hating people and my conscience got the best of me, LOL.

    There is an entry where I wrote, "I am sick. Ronald Reagan is the president and the hostages are free!!!! So other than me being sick, all is well in the world." Self involved much? tee hee

  6. Wow, you were hillarious back then!

    Tell me more about the filing cabinet bed.

  7. Oh man, the filing cabinet bed. We were poor and there were children all over the place. My parents were innovative with the bed situation. My sister and I shared a room and we both had beds that were mattresses on top of boards on top of food storage cans (although we got bunk beds a few years later and thought we were RICH, RICH, RICH). James slept on two filing cabinets with a board stretched out over them and a mattress on top of that, scooted next to a set of bunk beds, so it was sort of like a very weird tri-level bunk bed.

    My dad was an accountant, so I'm not sure why we were so poor actually. I know having nine kids is expensive, but I think partly, he was just reaaaallly cheap.

  8. you are too cute. and funny. and i like the little house on the prairie sleeping situation. have you googled your old boy friends?

  9. I love old diary posts. They're so silly.

  10. So sweet -
    so, you're a liar, eh?

  11. "I have decided not to write in pig latin" - HA! This was so fun to read - the TV thing with the plyers was so funny to me. I have not journals or diaries from my youth - I liked reading yours. See ya.

  12. I have heard about the filing cabinet bed, but I didn't realize it was comfy. :) I love the stats on your crush Michael. Hee hee, you were/are so funny. I totally remember the standing tall tapes. We had the books and tapes and would read and listen to them all the time.

  13. This entry is fantastik!!

  14. Debbie4:17 PM

    I can't believe you knew the word disposition, ha ha ha WOWIE!

  15. We used to have "creative" furniture like that too. I think our parents were willing to do that kind of stuff, and now we're all too proud. I had a mattress on a frame most of the time I was growing up - no fancy wood headboards for me :>

  16. BB, I WAS a liar. I like to think I'm over it. Finally. Once I got married, I lost my desperate need to impress people.

  17. I almost peed my pants reading this. I actually called a friend of mine and read it to her over the phone. I tried not to snort-honk the whole time. WAY too funny.

    I can tell when I was reading The Diary of Anne Frank in my because all my entries started with, "Dear Kitty". So embarrassing!

  18. This took guts! When I think of my diaries from that age I *cringe*. Also, your post below about your voice? Broke my heart. Sing at the top of your lungs, girl - who care what the hell that teacher thought.

    Have a great weekend.

  19. My, my, my - thanks for sharing!

    I don't have my diary from when I was that age. I think we should probably all be glad about that.

  20. "I have decided not to write in pig latin."

    That is so funny!

  21. That "king and queen" bed was actually just a full-size bed. We never had a real king or queen-size bed. Cheap? Oh yeah! Besides that, I don't think a king-size bed would have fit in our little bedroom. And do you remember the crib that was built into the closet? I don't remember, however, that Diana ever shared a room with Kevin and James. Mark was the one who slept in that mini-bunk I think.

  22. That "king and queen" bed was actually just a full-size bed. We never had a real king or queen-size bed. Cheap? Oh yeah! Besides that, I don't think a king-size bed would have fit in our little bedroom. And do you remember the crib that was built into the closet? I don't remember, however, that Diana ever shared a room with Kevin and James. Mark was the one who slept in that mini-bunk I think.

  23. Mom, I know, I don't remember Diana being in there either - I just know that's what my diary said. :>

  24. i have all of my old diaries and everytime I go through them I die a little inside.

    In the 4th grade my older brothers found my not so secret hiding place and went through and annotated all of my entries. They were real gems.

  25. um and i get the whole "I got a conscience about it". I wrote about how much I hated this girl and went back through and did the same thing, crossed out "hate" and wrote "seriously dislike".

  26. You are lucky you still have your diaries. What a great way to reconnect with your childhood you!


    Fight the Fluffy is a cool initiative. I'll let you know when I'm ready to face it...

  27. I laughed, I cried, it was better that Cats! I had to read those out loud, so Derek could share the joy. That was awesome.

  28. Oh, Nicki, I have to tell you - I went through that same phase. I actually wrote about it in my diary - how I read Anne Frank and had decided that I was going to address my diary entries "Dear Melody" from then on. That lasted about two days. Later on, I went back and crossed all of those out. I guess that was WAY too dorky for kid me, tee hee

  29. Sue,
    I slept on the filing cabinet bed. You had a 'real' bed. James & Kevin had 'real' beds. everyone had 'real' beds, everyone except.... :(

    "someone" was always pooping in there. In your diary it was never you. How convenient.

  30. You are so brave to share secrets from your childhood diary. I get embarrased just reading mine all by myself!

  31. I lost my 8-14 year old diary while on a roadtrip between Connecticut and Utah. I am very sad because that journal would have been HILARIOUS to read now.

    Here's my view on dispositions, you must have been watching Mary Poppins.

    The standing tall tapes, HAHAHA

  32. Hi - I just found your blog and quickly realized that I should comment. :)
    I love your old diary entries. I remember days just like those. Isn't it amazing how much our perspectives have changed since then? The Pig Latin is hilarious and reminds me of what a dork I was too - I love it.

  33. My favorite part of this...
    "I have been sick for almost a week. Part of the time I faked it, but now I’m not faking."

    We are soul sisters.

  34. Part of the time I faked it, but now I’m not faking.

  35. Oh, those 5th grade loves......

  36. You had a funny sense of humor and a fantastic ability to write, even when you were little! I love it! I wish I'd kept a journal to look back on. Maybe I'll encourage that for my children. ROFL, that was great.

  37. This is the most hilarious thing I have read in ages! I am soooo copying this idea! (will you kill me if I do?) I have ALL of my diaries upstairs under lock and key. Oh man, how embarrassing, but how funny!

  38. Very funny! I love old journals. Except mine tend to embarrass me.

  39. JS - go for it, I would love to read it :>

  40. "that was just a 5th grade crush. this is one sided LOVE!!" Oh, sue, you crack me up. And believe me I needed it.

  41. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Oh the memories! I'll have to dig out my journals from 5th grade, but I'm pretty sure they don't have anything as gemworthy as yours.

  42. i love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!