Saturday, September 15, 2007

Partners in Crimes Against Comedy

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Abby: "Knock-knock."
Mom: "Who's there?"
Abby: "Poopy banana circle lovie"
Mom: "Poopy banana circle lovie who?"
Abby: "Poopy poopy poopy poopy poopy!"
Mom: (courtesy laugh)
Carter: (laughs so hard he falls on the floor)

Abby: "Knock-knock"
Mom: "Who's there?"
Abby: "Boo"
Mom: (feeling hopeful this will result in an actual knock-knock joke) "Boo-who?"
Abby: "Oh boy, don't say I didn't tell you hello today.....
Mom & Carter: "???"
Abby: (thinks hard) "........Pee pee poo poo POO!"
Carter: (rolls around laughing hysterically, dies)
Mom: "..."

Abby: "Knock-Knock".........

Repeat 6,000 times. Help.


  1. Gotta love the endless round of knock knock jokes! They never quite have real endings do they? Too funny! LOVE that picture!

  2. haha! Bodily function humor is always a winner with them. it's hilarious that Emma knew to throw in some poo & pee talk when the joke didn't go over well.

  3. Sue: Knock knock.
    World: Who's there?
    Sue: Kill me now please.

  4. chanel3:50 PM

    poo..pooopoooo..get it? poopoo!
    HA! Good stuff!
    contact last comic standing!

  5. From dirty diapers to dirty jokes! At least the jokes are free.